Summer Camp 2022 Reading Challenge

I chose these prompts because it was some of the prompts I found most entertaining to write.

Vehicle prompt
Chose this article from Janet because I liked the impressive amount of worldbuilding in the article and it gave an impression of a living world with these vehicles travelling between oases.
So I chose this article from The_Archmagos because having read it, it have me some ideas for my world(s)
This article from Heffé combines the two above in the way that I find it has an impressive amount of worldbuilding and it has given me some ideas for vehicles for myself.  

Military conflict
I chose this article from PanthersEye because, first of all, liked the story it told but it also gave inspiration for future small-scale battles in my world
This article from drunkenpanda951 was chosen because, mostly because I liked the idea of cavalry attacking a dwarven stronghold, and it gave some ideas for future battles.
Simply a great article from WantedHero and a great take on the prompt    

Travel log or other document associated with discovery
SoulLink wrote this in for me an interesting way, and one I think I might be inspired by in future articles.
An article from lia_anna with some great worldbuilding and it gives a good view into the world.
Pookas Kreations wrote this interesting take on a lab journal and it has given some inspiration for my lab journals in the future.  


  In the future, I plan on expanding the world of Mirateia by finally writing about some of the other nations in the world and I hope the 9 articles I have chosen above can help me in that direction.

Cover image: Girl reading books by cow2face (via midjourney)


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