Sea of Bones

The sea of Bones is located south of Lia island, home of the Rodesse people.   The sea was initially called by another name, but that name has long been forgotten by the common people living along its coast. To them, it's known as the sea of bones from a naval battle that took place in the area a few hundred years earlier when the three navies of the Empire of Dercia, Principality of Clifia and Kingdom of Kistals, met in what some believe to be the largest naval battle in northern Mirateia if not the entire continent.   It's said that all sides at least fielded a combined number of ships close to 600, if not higher, All with 100-200 men onboard and that the battle lasted for several days, with each side retreating in the evening only to meet up the next day and fight again, after several days of battle, the Dercian navy retreated and handed the field to the navies from Clifia and Kistals. Still, with all sides having lost most of their fleet, all sides retreated.    The sea soon after became known as the sea of bones as the number of deaths is believed to have covered the sea bottom in bones and shipwrecks.   Today, the sea is a busy area with many trade routes running through it, connecting the trading towns along its coast with towns further away.

Localized Phenomena

Sometimes there will appear a gigantic ring of waves with its origin in the centre of the sea. So far no one knows what or who creates these waves, but they have been known to sink unlucky ships.


Although they are rare, tropical storms occasionally form in the Sea, typically when the seasons change from dry to rainy and back again.


Between the fall of the Ancient Empire and before the formation of the Principality of Clifia and the Kingdom of Kistals, the area was home to several small kingdoms and chiefdoms that all tried to become the dominant power in their local area.   And after the area was conquered by the two new states, the area now controlled by Kistals maintained a degree of autonomy due to the kingdom's construction of a loose confederation.
200 meters at its deepest.

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