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The Sanguine is a drink that can only be made in the small town of Crystall on the Causaburn Island south of the Dercian mainland, Its origin story have been lost to the mists of antiquity but its believed to be at least 1500 years old. The records of the Sanguine drink dates back at least 1500 years yet no one is sure if the skills needed to create the drink was brought with merchants from the mainland or it was discovered by the inhabitants them self at some point. The earliest reference there is to Sanguine outside of the Caysaburn Island is from a merchant named Matilda Caskbow who was presenting her local lord with a barrel of Sanguine where she describes the feeling after having tasted the drink as having blessed by the goddess Lliira her self.   The feeling of being blessed by the goddess Lliira does actually have some truth to it, being that unknown to anyone she one day arrived in Crystall disguised as a normal human being to take part in a local festival, during the festival she would try this drink and be so impressed by the taste that she would bless the drink, giving anyone who drank it a sudden rush of inspiration and joy.   Since around the 10th century the drink have been the royal drink of choice for the Dercian royal family.

Manufacturing process

First the Paragrim fruit is collected from the jungle, it is then left in a dark room to ferment where after the fruit is placed into a fruit presser and after the fruit have been pressed the juice is then being slowly filtered through some fine pulver made out of a crushed red crystal, that process needs to be repeated 3 times where after the juice is ready t be put into barrels made out of palm wood where the drink will have to mature for up to a year.   (It can be taken out of the barrels after only 8 months and still be a "Sanguine" but it´s tradition to let it wait a year or even more)


Since around the 10th century the drink have been imported by the Dercian royal family as their drink of choice and as a result it have been the pride and joy for the inhabitants of the island.

Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Current Location
Only available in the town of Crystall on the Causaburn Island in the The Emerald archipelago south of the Dercian mainland.
Base Price
50 gold Bizant
Raw materials & Components
  • Water taken from a special spring near the town. 
  • A Red crystal from a secret crystal cave near the town.
  • Paragrim fruit from the surrounding jungle. 
  • 75 liter iron container
  • Heat source 
  • fruit presser
  • Palm wood barrel for storage 
  • Long paddle (for stirring) 

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Cover image: by MALINKA


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