Reign of the monarchs of Dercia

Life Name Reign Main title Other titles Notable knowledge
-136-214 Felix Astalles 63-214 King of Pearlhal Consul The first king of the second kingdom
47-344 Valerius Astalles 214-344 King of Dercia King of Pearlhal
242-562 Marcellus Astalles 344-562 King of Dercia King of Pearlhal
300-621 Ramona Astalles 562-745 Queen of Dercia Queen of Pealhal
523-867 Calder Astalles 745-867 King of Dercia King of Pearlhal
750-990 Malthin Astalles 867-990 King of Dercia King of Pearlhal
902-1126 Eza Astalles 990-1126 Queen of Dercia Queen of Pealhal
974-1145 Krea Astalles 1126-1145 First empress of Dercia
Creator of the empire
Queen of Pealhal
Created the Dercian Empire and brought an end to the War of Western expansion
1117-1155 Cedana Astalles 1145-1155* Rebel
Rebel queen
Queen of Pealhal
*Claimed the throne in 1145 and was in control of it for 2 years but was never
recognized as empress
835-1155 Elenora Astalles 1154-1155 Empress of Dercia Queen of Pealhal
955-1155 Zane Astalles 1155-1155 Emperor of Dercia
The Dragon from the west
King of Pearlhal
955-today Malthin II Astalles 1155-today Emperor of Dercia
Bringer of peace
King of Pearlhal
Was vital to ending both the 1100-1125 war with Clifia and the Decade of 5 emperors that followed 20 years later
Ira Valeria Astalles
Pretender Crown princess
Mara´s chosen
Princess of Pearlhal
Have been blessed by the goddess Mara

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