Newborn Gold

The Crienia have a tradition where when a newborn child is born, and the child is presented to the rest of the community, the community members will place a coin in the basket where the child is placed; these coins can be of any value.   The tradition can date its roots far back in history, and no one is quite sure when it began or became widespread. Still, due to the tradition being widespread among Crienia , it's generally scholars who study ancient traditions conclude that because of this, the tradition must have begun early in the history of Crienia before they became as widespread as they are today.   Giving the newborn child a coin, it is said, will bring good luck and fortune to the baby in the future and in more practical terms, it's also seen as the community helping the new parents so they can provide food for the child.    The value of the coins each person gives can vary for various reasons, but it is by no means looked down upon only to give a Mark or two if that's the family's only amount spare.   The biggest variation in this tradition is that in some places is only the firstborn child that receives the coin in other places, its every child, although the tradition of giving every child coin does seem to scholars to be the most widespread.


If its a small town, then the entire community will be present, but in larger cities such as Pearlhal or Arborses it's only the close community that partakes in the ceremony.


The event takes place whenever a new child is born, the amount of time between the ceremony and the birth depends on local customs but the most common amount seems to be between a week or two afterwards.
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