Muslover tea

Muslover tea is grown in the barony of Nacaeus; its a relatively unknown tea sort being only used by the locals and the only outsiders that might drink it being merchants travelling through the area.   The plant that the tea is made from comes in two variants, a wild one and a cultivated one. When it comes to size and looks, the two plants look similar. It's on the taste of the leaves that one can taste the difference, with the wild being much more intense in taste than the cultivated one. The wild one will also grow into a small tree, as the cultivated one is kept at a low height for easy picking.  
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History & Usage


The┬áMuslover tea has long been a tea made by the locals in the province, where at some point in their history would begin to cultivate some of these tea plants and keep them at a height that would allow for easy picking of the leaves that the people used to make tea out of.   Over the years, small tea farms would spring up around the province, producing and selling the tea on the local markets; the farms would never produce enough for the tea to be exported.

Everyday use

Muslover tea is commonly used as a drink to calm the nerves of people, but it can also be served as a regular tea for guests.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

The tea leaves, after use, can be thrown onto the field and ploughed into the earth, where it will help produce more fertile soil for the harvests of other plants, as there are never many tea leaves, even in a large household or village, this practice is mainly used on the small gardens where people grow vegetables.



The tea leaves are best stored in a dark and dry room.
Relativly common in Nacaeus
Light brown

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Starfarer Theta
30 Dec, 2022 21:53

Not one to turn down new experiences, for reasons I can get into later, I was happy to try Muslover tea. The taste is stronger than expected, but quite good. I am also feeling calmer than I did earlier in the day. The tea must have properties that calm the nerves making it a relaxant. I'm going to see if I can get a back of the stuff to enjoy as I continue my travels. - Nemo, World Traveler