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Isautier canal

The Isautier canal was an attempt by the Zadad government to create a canal that could be used to connect the Agrug and the Zugga rivers, in an attempt to cut the travel time down by allowing merchants to use the rivers and the canal instead of going around the peninsula.   The problems with the canal started soon after the first stage of the canal was finished, the canal lost water faster than it could get it and even when the government employed wizards and other magic users to create a layer that should prevent the water from being lost.    what doomed the canal from ever being completed and would make it infamous was when several of the locks that were placed around the canal all within a few hours of each other broke and released a giant wave of water down the canal and flowed over and flooded the nearby town of Bellenau who was destroyed by the water killing 80% of the inhabitants.    At first, shortly after the disaster, the government wanted to rebuild the canal and the locks but when several workers were killed by the locks when they tried to put those back in place.    After this, the government abandoned the canal and left it to ruin after less than 20 years since construction started but the canal was not ready to be forgotten just yet and 25 years after the canal was left to ruin the main lock connecting the canal with the Zugga river burst after a particularly rainy season and flood that created a wave that rolled down the river and destroyed several riverboats and carried of some people that happened to be near the river at that time.  

Purpose / Function

The original purpose of the Isautier canal was to connect two rivers and cut down the travel time for merchants down.


The canal itself was constructed in the traditional style of canal building but with the locks, Zadad wanted to try and save some on the budget and went with an untested design.
Founding Date
Owning Organization

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