HMDS Eliose Redstream

HMDS Eliose Redstream is the current flagship for the Imperial Dercian navy.   The ship is a subclass of of the new and bigger class coming into the navy in the last few years, the Imperial class, compared to its half-sisters, Eliose Redstream is outfitted with a heavier armament.   The HMDS Eliose Redstream is named after Eliose Redstream a privateer during the The war of Western expansion that earned a lot fame and became a sort of unofficial hero for the empire. The naming of the ship actually caused a minor diplomatic incident between the Empire of Dercia and the Principality of Clifia when Clifia complained that the empire was mocking them by naming their flagship after what Clifia called nothing more than a pirate, the High sea-lord of the imperial navy answer to the claim earned them and the navy much popularity among the civilian population.  
It says more about the Clifian navy than it does about Eliose Redstream if your navy could be bested by what you call a simple pirate.
  The ship have become a symbol of the imperial might at sea every time the ship together with its escort group makes a port visit in some of the other nations.


The ship's propulsion consists of a mixture of sail and ores.

Weapons & Armament

While most of the ships in the imperial class have an armament consisting of 2 ship-based balistas together with archers and or magic users among the marines onboard    The HMDS Eliose Redstream in the effect of it being the flagship of the navy is equipped with 2 extra balistas for a 4 in total and a larger amount of ranged troops of typically higher levels.

Armor and defense

The armour of the ship consists of hardened wood with important areas like the waterline and the aft of the ship being armoured with extra metal plates.
The Empress.
Well versed in the art of war.
Owning Organization
25.000 platinum
Currently 50 in active service
38m with mast
239 tons empty
3 knots at cruising speed/short bursts of up to 7 over short distances
Complement / Crew
130 rowers and 70 marines
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
100 tons/10 passengers


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