Diary of Ira Astalles second entry

5th of Diu iath in the month of Fira 1285

  I'm still not sure what number of entries this one is, and I can't exactly go and count the previous ones because I forgot them back in my room (Don't you dare go in there Eza)   Been some time since my last entry, so what, dear diary, has happened since the last entry? Well, three major things have happened since then, but the most important one is, and this reminds me that I will have to pay a visit to the temple in the city soon to thank Mara for what she did, so what did she do you may ask? She brought my Azran back from the dead after I thought I had lost him forever, but she brought him back. While I'm thankful for what she did, I think I will ask her why she did it, and Azran didn't sound too sure about her reasons, so I'm going to ask her; I hope she will answer.   The second thing that happened, and I can't believe I waited this long for it to happen; it's not like I didn't have the option to do it earlier, but I guess I was just too worried that I would never see him again and that I wanted him to know how I feel about him, but yes I finally kissed Azran, did it after he had returned.   The last thing is also the reason I forgot my other entries back in my room (You are still not allowed to go in there, Eza!) because I'm currently in the small city of Nicia in the barony of Nacaeus which my father gave to Azran with the official reason being that the Duke in this province should not be allowed to have this land as well otherwise he would be too powerful. Hence, my father gave it to Azran because Azran would be loyal to the crown more than another noble who might already have landed somewhere else. But I did manage to get out of him once we were alone. The other main reason he did it was if Azran and I were to continue our new "relationship." Azran would have to be a noble, and the only rank he could give without other nobles asking too many questions was the barony that had recently returned to the crown.   Speaking or rather writing (duh, Ira) about it, what surprised me most was how accepting my family were of our "relationship", or at least those that matter to me. I still don't get Osril , and his problem is. But my mother seemed to like him or at least compared to some of the other suiters that have tried winning my hand. I knew Eza would end up liking him; she has always taken a liking to the Imperial Guard, the one that surprised me most was my father as not only did he seem to accept it but he also gave Azran the title so other people would find it easier to accept, not to mention the meeting Azran told me they had before we left for our journey, were Azran was asked to make sure I was safe.   I guess I should stop here and go to bed, it is getting a bit late, and I have to get up early tomorrow so I can begin to find out how this city and barony run. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I look forward to it.


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