22nd Legion, Shield of the south

The 22nd Legion, known as the shield of the south, is the legion forming the marine corps in the armed forces of Empire of Dercia.   The legion was originally formed to fight on land like all the other legions. Still, during theFirst unification war and laterThe war of Western expansion, the legion was forced into situations where it had to defend its transport ships from enemy boarding actions. Many of the men in the legion were originally from coastal regions. They had been fishermen and sailors before their enrolment in the legion, so being on ships came naturally for them.



The legion has total manpower consisting of 5000 legionaries, with around 1000 people in the supply chain.


The legion is equipped with the standard equipment of the legions consisting of heavy armour, a belt, a backpack and a Medium shield.


Shortswords, unlike other legions who use the longsword, the 22nd uses a shortsword as its better suited to their style of combat.   Javelins and small darts.   Bow and crossbows, while most legions use a mixture of the two long-ranged weapons, the 22nd prefer to use the crossbow.   Magic users


The 22nd legion has the same basic training as all the other legions in the empire, but once the recruits have learned the basics of fighting in a unit, the training that the legion has become famous for over the years begins. The new recruits will learn to master the art of fighting on ships and learn to board enemy ships and defend their own.


Historical loyalties

During the The Decade of 5 Emperors, the legion was loyal to Cedana Astalles and her rebellion. While the emperor and the army have forgiven the legion and reinstated its previous honours and titles, the 9th Legion maintain a dislike for the 22nd legion and have previously denied working with the legion.
279 IC
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Parent Formation
The legion earned its name during the War of western expansion when it for weeks held back a Clifican army that had crossed the sea from the south.


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