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The Shroom Tavern

Boasting a fantastically secluded location, created inside a demiplane owned by a Vashnu Elder called Plotchi, this iconic inn dates back to 1130 S.M. (standard Mirai calendar) and, through its divine connection with Hanna the goddess of Nature, has become the most secure and undefeatable tavern in all the land. The inn’s wide range of services has been used by several important figures such as Benevol the Lonely Knight, Rayner Krau – the Forgotten Mercenary, and even Queen Yena of the Western Siren Tribes, to count a few.

Magnificently decorated throughout with captivating flora, fascinating historical artifacts and a natural, rustic miasma given off by many different types of fungi, The Shroom Tavern’s six floors offer a choice of spaces for war plotting, tax-evading, birthday planning, or any other type of social gathering you would like to take part in. Whether you pop in for a drink and an exchange of information, a quick look at Kiara Swan’s performance, or a relaxed night knowing that no harm can befall you, The Shroom Tavern is the answer.

Also, if one finds the weight of their coins unappealing and is in the mood for some gambling, choose from one of the four Game Rooms that the tavern offers and enjoy winning (or losing) at any game, from Cards or Darts to Seed Shooting and other Luck Games. Settle scores through a just game of fates and aptitude either in the lush, mossy interior or in the misty forest outside if you want a breath of fresh air.

The services of Shroom Tavern are exclusive to those that have offered help to the Vashnu Tribes in their time of need and they, therefore, represent the payment one receives as gratitude. The tavern is fully licensed to protect members, and since all the artillery and means of defense are curated by Master Plotchi himself, it has become an impenetrable fortress and a force no empire wants to come against.

Plotchi – Master of All trades

by AnyaChan
The Shroom Tavern is governed by an elder of the Vashnu tribe, a species of plant humanoids that share genes with the rain forest’s flora and are in great communion with Hanna the Goddess of Nature. The Vashnu are very powerful when it comes to manipulating earth and plants making them feared warriors, almost impossible to defeat even if their numbers aren’t as great as their rivals.
Shroom Tavern has been run by Plotchi, an old, orange cap mushroom humanoid, for more than 350 years.

        He possesses many talents, capable of being anything from a very good divination conduit to an experienced war strategist, while also being driven heavily by a sense of justice and honor. Actually, the entire establishment functions on the condition of truthfulness. The air around the establishment, although carrying a sweet fragrance from all the delicious dishes and brews, is also invaded by tiny spores, which Master Plotchi constantly sheds off, in order to stop any kind of negative thought one may have of murder, lying, or thievery from occurring. Therefore - as Elder Plotchi likes to remind people in his high, squeaky voice - “In this establishment, any game one plays, any bargain one strikes, any threat one hears and any information one finds is indeed truthful.”

         Master Plotchi is always glad to offer his help in any way possible, discriminates no one, and welcomes new members that have helped the Vashnu tribe with open arms and excited squeaks - unless Miss Kiara has asked him to try one of her new brews again, in which case he might welcome members with a dose of knowledge, such as Where does sap come from or 20 Herbs you didn’t know where useful in the wasteland, that one does not need or ask for but is required to listen to none the less.

         On the other hand, breaking Master Plotchi’s rules or, more importantly, bringing harm to anyone under his protection, would turn him into a force of nature no one would dare challenge. This is just one of the many reasons why The Shroom Tavern is an exclusive, sought-after residence.

Zaraddusia seeds - A travel method not many enjoy

Made from Polymer Clay
by AnyaChan
Zaraddusia seeds are created by the Zaraddusia plant, which is an ancient purple flower that only grows in very moist environments and needs a specific mix of minerals in its soil for it to reproduce and create seeds. This plant has been extinct throughout Mirai for centuries now due to people exploiting it for the hallucinogenic juice that can be made by mashing up its petals. But some few specimens were preserved by the Vashnu tribe and for 350 years, Plotchi has been their sole guardian.
Originally, Zaraddusia seeds were found to have the power to teleport one as far as 15 km away from the initial planting point.
          Over the years, Plotchi found out that the seeds hold inside a small amount of magic essence, which allowed him to alter them into teleporting customers to his demiplane and has made them the only method one can use to reach the Shroom Tavern.

Coming into possession of these seeds can be done in two ways:
  •  By receiving them as payment from the Vashnu Tribe for helping them or
  • By buying them off the market – which would mean going through Master Plotchi’s trial as he will try to assess one’s true purpose and capabilities and deciding if he will find you helpful or not and if you are worthy of the services of The Shroom.

                                        - A merchant's note explaining how the seeds can be found

          As time passed and more and more fantastic stories appeared from those that have gone through these trials, it has become an unwritten rule that one should not risk using market seeds unless they have something valuable to offer to Plotchi, whether it be a piece of information, an artifact or simply gold.

There are four types of Zaraddusia seeds:

Common: easily recognizable by their bright red color and yellow spots. The top and small leaf should be green with barely noticeable yellow streaks.
    These seeds offer the nastiest, slowest, and most gruesome travel to The Shroom Tavern and they are also the ones that are the easiest to find on the market. Once arrived at the tavern, one will be in dire need of the vomiting bucket (placed at everyone’s disposal near the portal door by Kiara), and of a strong brew that will settle their churned insides.

Blister: it has a muddy color with small red streaks in it. The top and small leaf are also green with yellow streaks.
    The Blister seeds are known for their unusual tendency to create rashes wherever skin is exposed, and for the itchiness that persists for about 20 minutes after one’s arrival at the tavern. The vomiting is less frequent with these, and even if it does occur, it’s mild at best.

Chroma: The seed itself is made of red and grass green swirls. The top usually has two leaves and they are green with yellow streaks.
    This seed offers much leaner travel towards The Shroom Tavern, but the high amount of flashing, colorful lights might leave one temporarily unable to see much. There is no nausea associated with this travel and the blindness effect should wear off after about 10 minutes.

Exclusive: The seed is different from the rest, the body having a rich green color with yellow streaks, while the top and leaf are usually bright red.
       The exclusive seeds are the best way to travel to the tavern since they offer a smooth, calm, and fast way there without any worries for side effects. These are only offered to select members by Plotchi himself.


Kiara and the Merry Shroomies

by AnyaChan
The Shroom Tavern is gracefully complemented by the famous performer Kiara Swan, a water Aedirn, who has offered her talents to Plotchi some 250 moons ago, and since then this has been the only establishment where she has performed. When she is not stepping on mystical purple clouds and dangling like a monkey from every vine or floating lily pad around the tavern, she brews all the amazing drinks that the tavern provides to thirsty customers and even cooks most of the delicious meals. Her signature dish, the blue pumpkin pie is actually a good enough reason for many customers to stop by the tavern once in a while.

She also uses the help and talent of the Shroomies that usually serve tables and help customers, to put up shows and performances for the guests, or to entertain a rather slow night in the game rooms. She likes to sleep all over the tavern, even though she also has a comfortable room of her own, and she can most of the time be seen trying out Plotchi’s patience by asking him to taste many of her experiments or training outside in the woods with all the Shroomies gathered around her. She definitely is the life and sound of the tavern and she always manages to turn a frown upside-down.

A Great Fortress

      “The woman stepped confidently into the tavern and made her way to the Glow Vine illuminated bar, where Miss Kiara was undisturbed from mixing up another delicious brew as everyone else fell silent. She didn’t manage to say a word before the creak of a chair was heard and a velvet, royal voice spoke loudly.

       ‘How dare you show your face here?’

       The woman opened her mouth to probably give a snide answer, but she stopped herself as she saw Master Plotchi, the innkeeper, approaching the well-dressed gentleman.

        ‘Now, now. There is no need to get angry. She is a welcomed guest.’ The Elder’s squeaky voice, although calm, put everyone on edge.

        ‘You do know I respect you, Master Plotchi, but I have to disagree with your choice of guests. I, as Lord of –‘

        ‘You can be the Lord of whatever country you wish,’ the Elder said in a menacing voice that, although still similar to a strangled rat’s, made everyone unconsciously take a small step back. ‘No one touches this woman in my establishment. My house, my rules. Got it Shroomzie?’

          Kiara huffed as she had to gather her flasks and pints to make room for the thorny roots that started spreading throughout the tavern. The many pots with wide green leaves that usually represented beautiful decorations, started moving as the mandrakes within sprang out and encircled the Lord. The shimmering green cloud that usually hung high on the tavern’s ceiling was also slowly descending, giving the tavern an eerie green glow.

          The lord must have also noticed all this because he chose to only nod slightly and sit back down at his table, not even staring at the woman who was smugly grinning at the bar. “

          Throughout its 350 years of existence, no one witnessed the full potential of The Shroom Tavern’s defenses. Disregarding Master Plotchi and Kiara, who are also very powerful individuals, the tavern itself is a living organism capable of sensing danger and protecting itself if needed.

           Built into the roots of a Grand Jequa Tree that has been sitting on a magic node for more than a thousand years, and presumed to be the birthplace of Hanna the Goddess of Nature, The Shroom Tavern is an indestructible, impossible fortress that Master Plotchi has planned and constructed by himself. No one knows exactly how he was able to move the tree from its original location and into his demiplane, but he managed to do so and has since dedicated his life to the welfare of the Goddess, the tree, the Vashnu tribe, and all those in need of Justice through his establishment.

        The Jequa Tree’s bark is fire resistant and can grow over the door and windows if needed, entrapping everyone inside the tree’s massive trunk. Once inside, the walls thicken and they become impossible to break from the outside. Also, while within, the tavern is capable of changing the shape and position of rooms as Plotchi wills it to, making it an impossible maze for those that become trapped within.
Seeing that all teleportation channels are made through the Zaraddusia seeds and lead to the outside of the establishment, it is impossible to make a surprise appearance on the premises. Also, the outside is entirely controlled by Plotchi - since it’s his demiplane - so he knows every insect that moves out there and is capable of manipulating the surroundings as he pleases.

The inside also benefits from defenses like thorny roots that spring out from underneath floorboards if they feel a threat, mandrakes that turn into little bodyguards capable of releasing a powerful cry that might make one’s ears bleed and certainly make one lose consciousness, and Shroomies, that are usually so cute and fragile as they carry around dishes and bring drinks to customers but can also blow poisonous bubbles and attack with acid ink. Some witnesses mentioned the appearance of wooden firearms that would rapidly shoot seeds and supposedly turn the victim into a Zaraddusia plant.
Inspired from Andre McIntosh on DeviantArt
by AnyaChan

The ceiling of the tavern, although beautifully mimicking a starry green sky, is also a weapon of Master Plotchi’s creation, consisting of toxic miasma that would give enemies hallucinations while slowly eating them until they become nothing more than a pile of bones.

         Although to reach any of the scenarios in which any such weapon is needed, one must first have a great balanced mind and psychic shielding capabilities to surpass the Elder’s spores. Master Plotchi is constantly shedding miasmic spores, so tiny that the naked eye can’t see them but so powerful that your nose starts itching when you first inhale them. Those particles represent Master Plotchi’s insurance policy that no one will try to break his rules in some way.
       These are but a few of The Shroom Tavern’s defenses, but people have come to prefer the establishment keeping its neutral alliance rather than finding out what its full potential is.  

Famous Dishes and Drinks from The Shroom Tavern

Honey Glazed Roots
Venus Trap Grilled Strips
Mini baked Red Eggplant
Baked grains with Blueberry Sauce
Yam & Bark Spicy Salad
Glazed Vegetables with Salty Bean Paste
Beer Battered Onion Rings
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Berrystream Wine
Dark Thyme Tea
Plotchi’s Shroom wine
Blue Pumpkin Pie
Sweet Essence Ale
Spicy Flower Ale
Plotchi’s Garden – Cocktail
Kiara’s Feisty Spirit – Drink
Coconut Curry with cauliflower and green beans
Fantasy Berry Delight
Fresh raspberries and strawberries mashed with honey and sap Sap Sala 
Tomato avocado beans, roots and sap  
Made in Minecraft
by AnyaChan
dMotto: All spores are welcome!
dLocation: Demiplane owned by Plotchi, the Innkeeper.
dInnkeeper: Master Plotchi of the Vashnu Tribe
dBrewmaster: Kiara Swan
dRegular performer: Kiara Swan and her band of Merry Shroomies
dTrademark dish: Blue Pumpkin Pie
(Made from locally grown blue pumpkins)
dTrademark brew: Plotchi’s Garden Cocktail (Made from carrots, tomatoes, and parsley with a drop of honey for sweetness and a branch of thyme for a spicy kick)

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Mar 31, 2022 15:57 by Kaleidechse

Wow, this is a great article! Master Plotchi is a character exactly to my taste - adorable on the surface, yet powerful and menacing when you don't behave. I really like the humor in your writing, like listing "war plotting, tax-evading, birthday planning" as equally supported activities, or the difference between Master Plotchi's normal greeting and the one a visitor gets when he had to try out one of Kiara's new creations.   The different types of Zaraddusia seeds sound fascinating, and the whole idea of a magical invitation-only neutral ground is really charming. The atmosphere of this tavern is nicely balanced - cozy and welcoming enough to be worth the nasty travel side-effects, and at the same time creepy enough to remind people what a bad idea it would be to start a fight. The dishes and drinks sound really tasty, too!   Finally, your art looks really lovely (that shroomie is so incredibly cute!), and the layout is structured really well. Awesome work, overall!

Creator of the Kaleidoscope System and the planet Miragia.
Apr 2, 2022 22:20

Thank you so much for your comment!^^ I'm happy that you like the concept of Master Plotchi since I would like to develop him more and offer a bit of depth and maybe an interesting backstory to the character in the future. ^^

Apr 2, 2022 19:52

Amazing article! I love the setting, and the details (especially since I am a huge fan of anything fungus-based (: ) Also the fact that you used Minecraft to visualize a part of the tavern is such a cool idea.   Master Plotchi seems like a really interesting character, adorable and mysterious at the same time, a perfect combination which makes me wanna read more about him and his establishment. But besides the humurous factor, the whole tavern gives off such a strong atmosphere. To imagine all these rooms inside a majestic tree, glowing vines hanging everywhere, little mushrooms running around to serve you - wow!

Apr 2, 2022 22:25

I'm happy you enjoyed reading about my tavern. I plan to make it an important part of my future story and also to offer more insight into what the tavern can actually offer. I had so much fun creating it and it's really helpful and appreciated when people show interest. Thank you so much^^ P.S. I felt that no online map creator offered an ideal atmosphere of a natural, mossy tavern so Minecraft was all I could think of. Thanks for commenting about it. I wasn't sure if it was a good idea:)