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Sankta Amulet

The Sankta Amulet is made up of interlocking sea crystals, representing the 5 elements – Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Aether. Each crystal is embedded in silver casting swirls emulating the Maelstrom, a mysterious whirlpool in the center of the Mistro Sea. When all five crystals are arranged in the correct order, the amulet will reveal the location of the Nautili Isles hidden in the Maelstrom. The amulet was created by an elf named Eirnan Kaya, and given to his orvir daughter so she could always find her way home.   The Nautili Isles are a Sankta Grove of islands arranged in a spiral configuration. Sankta Groves are sacred life-giving forests and home to the Druids. After the Great Calamity destroyed Koritaanka, the Nautili Isles are the last known Sankta Grove on Mira. To this day, no one knows exactly what caused the Great Calamity. After the blast, the Archura Druids of the Nautili Isles felt a disturbance in the Hive and decided it was best for the mother islands to disappear until they could produce another seed.   About 100 years ago Kaya's daughter Munire sailed her ship into the Maelstrom and never returned. Many stories about the Maelstrom began to emerge and tales of ships lost at sea became unsolved mysteries.   In a recent expedition, Adventurers exploring underwater caverns near Mukafka recovered the Sankta Amulet. This Amulet is now on display at the Museum of the Foundation for Natural Exploration (FNE) in Blackbottom, next to Munire Kaya's captain’s journal.   Dr. Pelin Reese, the founder of the FNE, has made it her life’s work to discover the lost Nautili Islands. Most of her contemporaries do not believe in sentient groves and would argue that there is no such thing, stating that the mystical Sankta Groves are just fairytales and children’s stories.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The amulet is made of 5 interlocking pieces. When arranged in the correct order, the amulet will reveal the Nautili Isles to the wearer when they are within sight.


May prove the existance of the Nautili Isles and the sentience of the Sankta Grove.

Illustration by Lauren Bilanko
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable

This item is one of a kind.

Raw materials & Components

Made of Sea Crystals Representing the 5 Elements:

  • Black Tourmaline is Aether
  • Amethyst is Air
  • Ruby is Fire
  • Blue Calcite is Water
  • Amber is Earth

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Cover image: Illustration