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A clan of Botharen itinerants takes up shelter amid the steel ruins of great Dahulia, huddling against the cold of winter's night. If they don't reach a village with a radio soon, they will freeze in the cold, and their knowledge of a Crimsonbluff plot to sack the great city of Ethalin will die with them.   In the Dibuni Isles, a band of Prirroyan explorers hacks through the jungle. They comb the ruins of countless ancient civilizations in search of a fabled artifact that could cure the Bloodplague sweeping their home.   Passions echo loudly in the halls of Riverbend as Vertimari parliamentarians clash over tax hikes, the issues of colonialism... and a suspected conspiracy in the government that could extinguish democracy.   A lone Jamazha warrior runs in a soaking sweat, spurred through the desert by worry for their home. They collapse at the gates of Sakhiyar, gasping out their grave tidings. War is coming.   Steeped in deep mystery, bloody history, and magics both trivial and sublime, the world of Minrevien has seen countless eras come and go, and watched empire after empire rise and fall. Faerie and beastfolk monuments, ruined castles, wrecked skyscrapers, and crumbling tombs of kings dot the landscape, weaving a vast tapestry of history both recorded and forgotten.   The vast and diverse land of Candilat is the heart of Minrevien, darkened by centuries of sorrow and oppression and brightened by rich culture and fantastical beauty. Its history is woven of a million shades of grey, spun by intricate intrigue, epic heroism, and mistakes that can never be set right. Not every problem has a just, simple solution. The only thing mortals truly share in common is a tragically flawed nature. Greed, power-lust, and oppression sully the pages of history- but the deeds of heroes have the power to set right the world's many injustices.  
The Great Troubles
Less than a lifetime ago, the entire continent was plunged into war and chaos. Every nation cast their lot with the Crown Powers or the Coalition Powers- monarchy or democracy, tyranny or liberty- battling it out in a bloody, increasingly pointless stalemate.   Both sides became corrupted by hate and tribalism, but the Coalition Powers managed to hang onto their soul with the aid of many great heroes. Finally, as the tide seemed to turn towards the right side, a demonic horde led by an apocalypse cult of despairing nihilists swept across the land. They had manipulated the flawed nature of mortalkind to turn their sights away from this impending doom with a catastrophic war.   Only by the skin of their teeth did the peoples of Candilat manage to turn back the invasion, hundreds of thousands more lives sacrificed in the name of existence. A tenuous peace was forged from the chaos and anarchy left in the wake of the war, and this time has come to be known as the Great Troubles.  
Age of Discovery
The Great Troubles have reshaped the face of Candilat. The many nations are now at peace, turning their sights outwards for land, opportunity, and the resources to rebuild. Explorers ply the sea in search of new lands. Colonists embark to forge a better life. Rulers of tiny Candilatian nations control vast swathes of lands beyond the continent. Indigenous halflings grapple with how to greet the intruders into their lands. The world may be at peace for the time being, but new conflicts- new hatreds- are just beginning.  
Sprawling Intrigue
Nations compete over land, influence, resources, and ancient knowledge, tangled together in rivalries and partnerships, sudden betrayals and unexpected alliances. They fight over culture and religion, clashing both on the battlefield and at the negotiating table. Following the Great Troubles, there has been a long peace, but peace does not mean the absence of conflict. Adventurers might be hired as spies, diplomats, assassins, scouts- or, gods forbid, soldiers.  
Shades of Grey
No nation or even individual in Candilat can be considered wholly evil or wholly good. Governments and leaders do not always reflect the will and morals of their people, and many problems have no clean solution. Royal dynasties descended from angels have flaws, foibles, and bad apples. Demonic cultists looking to bring on the apocalypse have their own personality and motivations. No creature save for an angel or a demon can be assumed to be evil or good, and all must be judged on their actions.  
Magic is Common, Magical Power is Rare
Daily life on the continent of Candilat brings every commoner into contact with magic: medicinal concoctions, ever-burning lanterns, magical radios, self-cleaning clothes, talking dolls, frivolous trinkets, and on and on. But despite this, powerful magic is exceptionally rare. Monsters are truly rare and terrifying, and true mages spark wonder wherever they go. Magical weapons cannot be bought in any city, but rather must be sought out in ancient ruins and the great institutions of magic.