Minecraftia David is attacked and turned into a spider by George
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David is attacked and turned into a spider by George

Life, Failure / Mishap


George the Dark Knight, a former member of Joseph's team of explorers, believes that Joseph's children would disrupt his plans of reviving the enderdragon. In reaction, he deceives David and Natalia  in order for them to get close to a Structure Block, and then betrays them, transforming David into a spider and sealing them both in an obsidian prison. Eventually, the two escape and look for a member of their father's old crew to help them take George on.

David and Natalia encountered a knight named George, who had introduced himself as a good friend to their dad before the war. He spoke of the power of the Command Block, a machine capable of manipulating reality to do whatever its controller desired. He revealed that in order to use it, four Structure Blocks were required. George already had one, and he was looking for help to gather the others. David was eager to help, while Natalia was more cautious.   Eventually when the three reached a second, George used the block to transform David into a spider and imprisoned him and his sister in an obsidian chamber. David, now trapped in the body of an arachnid, was forced to learn to control his new body. Once the group broke out, they set out in an effort to find and stop this evil fiend from collecting the four Structure Blocks, encountering a couple members of Joseph's old team, the Star Squad, who had slain the Enderdragon decades ago in the process.   The team located a great monument called the Tower of the Aether, found George and fought against him. David, now used to moving around with his unnaturally-attained body, managed to work with his friends and confronted him, but not before George used the power of the four Structure Blocks to create a new Command Block. Wielding its power, he attempted to use it to spawn an enderdragon for himself to defeat, but ended up being transformed into an enderdragon himself. It was then that Natalia swiped the Command Block just before George could change himself back. The group fought with everything they could to keep George at bay, and they eventually managed to wear him down. They used the power of the Command Block to have David regain his true form. The Tower of the Aether began to shudder violently, and George revealed that the disappearance of the Structure Blocks would lead to the collapse of the tower, as its wellbeing was tied to the machines.   George mocked the heroes at the prospect of their impending deaths. In a fit of anger, Natalia struck the corrupted dragon-knight, killing him, as the tower began to crumble. TNT traps ignited and began to blast the tower apart as they began to climb down the tower. David, filled with a desire to keep his sister away from him for her own safety, used a pair of elytras to flee. Once David had landed, he was far separated from his sister, although his allay would soon catch up with him. David began traveling across the surface of the world, searching for his purpose while struggling with his own inner demons.

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