Minecraftia David rescues Natalia, confronts the Ender's Eye, and chases Entity 303 through time
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David rescues Natalia, confronts the Ender's Eye, and chases Entity 303 through time

Life, Achievement/ Win


At the guidance of the Spectral Hero, David and co reach the Temple of Creation where the Ender's Eye cult has Natalia. They discover Entity 303's plan of using Natalia as a sacrifice in order to appease the god of the Void, Null. David confronts them, but is swiftly stopped and forced to watch as Entity 303 uses the Command Block to resurrect Null. While initially angry at being brought to a place it could not escape, Null was appeased by the offer of sacrifice, however Entity 303 used the distraction to forcefully consume Null with help from the Command Block, giving him its power. Eager to carry out his ultimate plan, Entity 303 used the Command Block to open a portal across time and entered it, while in pursuit of David and Emily.   Note: As the events that follow this event take place across different timelines, for the sake of a more simple timeline of David's life all details are contained within the read full story. Keep in mind that it is a long story, as it is currently planned to contain numerous mini-stories following David's journey across time.   David ultimately succeeds in his mission and destroys Entity 303 and Null, at the cost of his life. Emily uses the Command Block to return to their timeline.

David and Emily chased Entity 303 through different eras, first ending up in an era many decades in the future, where they learned that somehow, Lucian had returned, and ruling the world with an iron fist. David encounters Emily the allay in this era, who had survived through the passing of the ages and was ecstatic to see her old master again. The heroes continued to chase Entity 303 while Lucian, upon learning of the time traveling pair, sent his right-hand man, Coven, to confront them. David fights and manages to overcome Coven, allowing the heroes time to confront Entity 303 before he escapes with Coven. Lucian's intentions to use Entity 303 as a superweapon against the rebellion of this era become clear, and David and Emily end up having to join the rebellion in order to have the supporting force David needs to rush Entity 303. After one more fight against Coven, David confronts Entity 303, who uses the now fully-powered Command Block right as David appears to summon and consume the Null of this era, giving him full control and the power of two Nulls. He uses the Command Block to open a new portal through time and enters it, followed close by David and Emily.   The three end up hundreds of years further in the future, in another era where Lucian has mysteriously retained in power despite being so far in the future that no one else from their previous journey was around. This time, the nation of Noano had Lucian as their President, a concept the two only knew existed in their world because it was a system that the Redstone faction had in place in their world. Lucian, soon to find out once again of these familiar time travelers, sent his new apprentice, Azren, to confront them. David fought with what he could, but Azren proved to be too powerful and cunning an opponent for him, and he was defeated by Azren after having his leg severed by the warrior. The two were captured and brought before Lucian. Lucian expressed his desire to turn David into his new apprentice, of which David rejected fiercely. Lucian ended up forcing him to obey him through threats against Emily, turning David into his own mercenary to be used against anyone who would threaten Lucian's rule.   David would do what he could do ensure the job was done for Emily's sake, but also do what he could to ensure his victims would survive, refusing to kill as many people as he could. He was noticed by the people who rebelled against Lucian's rule, seeing his death as a blow to Lucian. And so, during a job, David was challenged by an Illager named Tulis, who held the very sword that David himself had wielded-the Grand Sword. Shocked by this, David struggled against this opponent, who was determined to defeat him. He had to rely on his tools to escape the opponent, badly injured and beaten as he returned to Lucian. Lucian was furious that David could not kill Tulis or at least bring him before him and gave him an ultimatum, presenting one of the rebels David was meant to kill and ordering David to kill him, bringing out Emily to threaten harm to. David, faced with an immediate pressure to make one of the hardest decisions of his life, raised his sword against the rebel, but refused to strike him down, much to the anger of Lucian. Knowing that the girl was the biggest persuasive measure for David, Lucian sent her away and put his focus on trying to break David down even more.   During the following night, a sudden massive-scale attack on the base allowed David and Emily the chance to escape, but David chose to stay, to deal with Lucian. He stood before Lucian and challenged the tyrant to one final battle, of which Lucian was more than happy to accept. The two fought with ferocity, but it was clear that no matter how much David had trained, Lucian had significantly more time to train. David relied on the Spirit of Hope to gain an edge against Lucian, but even so could not overcome him, and was worn out. Just before Lucian could capture him once again, Tulis, the Illager Hero, had appeared to rescue David. Tulis was about to challenge Lucian when Azren appeared, and the two instead fought each other, though Tulis refused to attack the general, eventually wearing him down after voicing his beliefs that the general wasn't as evil as he had been led to believe. David, back in action, attacked Lucian once more but was taken out of the fight quickly before Tulis picked up the fight. As Lucian began to win, David made his way to the Command Block that Lucian had boasted over using, though Lucian caught on to his actions and threw a sword that pinned David's arm against the wall. Lucian would be betrayed by Azren, who used the Command Block to erase Lucian from existence.   David and Emily were now free of Lucian's grasp, and now had support from the rebellion, as well as Tulis, and so David focused back onto his mission, which was finding and defeating Entity 303. He gained a prosthetic leg from the Sapia from this era, and with their help, they found a fountain that welled with power, and found Entity 303 within it, now fused with the Null of this era. He had been waiting for the heroes, gave them the honor of knowing his true name, which was Malrus, and challenged them. David, Emily, and Tulis fought with everything they had, though Malrus was unlike any opponent they had fought before, wielding the dark power of three Nulls. Despite this, Malrus was overcome and weakened significantly by the use of the two Grand Swords and the Hope Bow, and ended up having to open a new portal across time.   The heroes and villain traveled far across time to an era this time in the distant past-this time in an era where Steve, the hero of light, existed. David and Emily once again lost Malrus, but found Steve and his friends after the Grand Sword was able to track a second instance of itself held in Steve's hands. David was surprised to encounter the living mortal form of the man his master was originally. He revealed that there was a dangerous entity they were searching for, of which Steve offered his help as long as the two helped them in defeating Herobrine. David accepted the offer, and the group traveled the land.   At one point, the group clash with Herobrine and battle through his army of mobs, as Steve and David face off against Herobrine himself. Herobrine is able to handle Steve, but finds challenge in facing the experienced warrior that David is, despite him only being two years older than Steve. He is stunned by one of Alex's spectral arrows, and defeated by Steve's sword. Happy to have completed his mission, Steve and his group agree to help the two defeat Malrus. The group travel to the End, to find Malrus having devoured the Null of this era. Malrus, now with the power of four Nulls, used this power to project four versions of himself to fight David, Emily, Steve, Alex, Howard, and Joey. With two sets of the Grand Swords and the Hope Bows, it became clear that Malrus couldn't defeat them, and immediately retreated through another temporal portal. David and Emily bid the group farewell and went through the portal.   They ended up in a new era of the past, taking place seemingly hundreds of years before the previous era they were in, when there was only one kingdom to rule the Overworld. David and Emily realize that Malrus has taken control of the king of Minecraftia, and plans to execute the prince and princess, and so they rush to protect them, being forced to take them away and be labelled as abductors of royalty. With the kingdom hunting them down, David, Emily, and the prince and princess hide in a place where they won't be easily found. The princess ends up falling for David, much to the dismay of Emily, and the love triangle ends up bringing David and Emily even closer. The two-while disguised-attend a party with the prince and princess, hoping that the prospect of the two royalty would bring them to Malrus, and share a romantic dance as David shares some of the burdens he's been forced to carry as the chosen hero. Emily comforts him and reminds him that through all of their struggles, she's still with him and doesn't plan to go anywhere else. This comforts David, but before long they discover the prince and princess are both missing and search for them.   The heroes discover that the royalty were taken by the King's men, and sneak their way to the castle, through the place before they find the prince and princess once again, both of which were very relieved to see them. The two royalty are taken to the King's chambers where it is revealed by the King-possessed by Malrus-that it is through the deaths of all the leaders of Minecraftia that the following despair and fear will allow Null to rise, and cloud the land in darkness. Just as the King's guards attack the two, David and Emily show themselves, as Emily fires a spectral arrow from the Hope Bow at the King. The holy light from the arrow causes the spirit of Malrus to flee from the King in agony, and the King regains his mind and orders his guards to cease their attack. The King commends the bravery of David and Emily, as well as his children for their willingness to put themselves in such danger to save him from the monster that had controlled him. It is through the King that David discovers in the era they exist within does not have an End dimension, and so there was no options left for Malrus to resurrect the Null of this era. They realized that in Malrus's rush to flee the light, he had abandoned the Command Block, and it was finally in the heroes' possession.   As David and Emily left the castle in the night, they were visited by the ghostly visage of Malrus who, with the four Nulls, now towered above them at twice the height he was originally. He commended the clever minds of the two and states that even without the power of the Null from this world, he still had the power he needed to bring an end to the world. Malrus declared his intentions to do exactly that in the next world, but decided that he would give David the honor of having a chance to fight him before he did so. David accepted the challenge eagerly and promised that he would defeat Malrus, whom had departed with a booming laugh.   David slept and through this sleep, he underwent one final battle against the Spectral Hero to demonstrate to the Patron that he had become the true hero the Patron had hoped he became. The battle ended with David choosing to spare the Spectral Hero from a killing blow. Proud of the warrior and the hero that David had become, the Spectral Hero voiced his pride in the young knight, but also revealed a terrible truth. That upon the defeat of the Nulls that would come in the approaching final fight, they would unleash a death curse upon the one who would land the finishing blow. David would have to sacrifice himself to defeat Malrus and the Nulls he held possession of. With this lingering in his mind, the Spectral Hero promised that if David were to complete his mission, he would be immortalized in history as the greatest hero in the Patron's mind.   David awoke, and they used the Command Block to create a portal to follow Malrus-this time once again to the distant past, to an era in which the world was in its infancy. The world of Minecraftia was now a plot of land hovering over an endless but clear Void. They stood before Malrus, who looked out beyond the Void. He explained that the reason it was clear was because they were in an era before any kind of life had existed, and that Null was a product of all the negative emotions that life forms produced. Because there was no life, there was no darkness, so there was no Null. Malrus explained to David that he was originally a virus that was injected into the video game they all reside within, a virus that was created with one mission: to destroy the game. He pointed out the similarity between himself and David, how the two were simply 'following their programming,' of which David vehemently denied. Malrus explained to David how he had initially tried to destroy the world when he first walked the Overworld, but only had the power of one Null to use, and that he was ultimately destroyed and sealed by the spirit housed within the Grand Sword, the spirit of Herobrine. Malrus then vowed to David that when the hero fell, he would use his power to annihilate the world where they stood, which would bring an absolute end to all worlds that came to be. David reaffirmed his promise to destroy Malrus. Emily stood by David, her Hope Bow ready, as David charged the virus. An intense battle ensued, with Malrus using the powers his Nulls granted him in full effect against David, while Emily shot him with spectral arrows to stun the menace. Several well-aimed arrows and devastating blows from the Grand Sword later, Malrus was knocked down, and David lunged to land a finishing strike onto his chest, bringing an end to the villain. Malrus stood and praised David's strength and perseverance, and complimented his power as a human groomed by a god to achieve his task, but promised him that this would not be the end of his plan to destroy the world. As Malrus perished, he unleashed the four Nulls, who were fused together into a single massive bestial form and were now ecstatic to no longer be under the control of Entity 303, and sought to bring chaos to this infant world. David attempted to attack them, but was blasted away from their attack and knocked unconscious.   In the dream world, David encountered the spirit of his father, who expressed his pride in his son having surpassed him. Joseph gave him his strength and encouraged his son and to use his power with the Grand Sword. David, happy to know that his father was rooting him on, awoke and pushed himself out of the rubble. He grabbed and threw an axe at the Nulls' tail, causing the evil gods to roar in pain as he drew his sword and shield. David shouted his final words of determination against the Nulls as he and Emily stood against them. David rushed at the Nulls against overwhelming odds, and Emily would use the Hope Bow to hit the Nulls' weak spots in order to leave them open to David's continuous attacks. When the Nulls would attempt to crush David, he dug into the ground and would attempt to stab their hand, until the Nulls grabbed ahold of his shield and crushed it. David would jump onto the back of the Nulls and be attacked by their tendrils of dark energy, of which he would sever many of until he was grabbed by one and rescued by Emily's spectral arrows.   This continued until the Nulls ran out of steam and collapsed to the ground. Emily took the moment to celebrate their victory, but the fall was a ruse for the Nulls to charge at Emily. David realized this and immediately ran to protect her, utilizing the power of the Spirit of Hope to give him strength as he stabbed the Grand Sword into the head of the Nulls. It was a great struggle of which David had to endure not only physically, but also on a spiritual level, as he was forced into a final confrontation with the inner demons that had haunted him for so many years. Emily, once over her shock, rushed to help David, helping David by pushing the Grand Sword with him deeper into the head of the Nulls. She felt the Spirit of Hope's power coursing through her body, and voiced words of encouragement. David noticed the spirit of his father help them push the Grand Sword, and right when they were about to finish the Nulls, David remember his master's words about the death curse of the Nulls, and shoved Emily away as he yelled and buried the Grand Sword up to its guard into the head of the Nulls. The Nulls yelled in pain before exploding into nothingness.   Emily and David were happy now that they had finally defeated Malrus and the Nulls, but Emily was quick to see something was wrong with David. David lost the strength to stand and had to rest against a wall. She asked what was wrong and it was then that David told her the truth of how the one who landed the finishing blow onto the Nulls would perish. Realizing that was the reason for him pushing her, she was horrified to know that David was now dying before her, and began to cry. David told her that she had made this journey 'fun' for him, just as their journeys as children had been for her, and thanked her for being there for him, apologizing that he could not be with her to the end. With Emily holding onto him with her eyes full of tears, he promised her that whatever happened to him, he would always cherish the times he shared with her, and then faded from existence. With much sadness, Emily used the Command Block to return to her own world without David.   David's spirit would meet with Searhia and Constros, the goddess of the seas and storms and the Life-Giver respectively, where they would recite the End Poem to him, allowing his spirit to be at peace in his final moments.

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