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Shield of Struggles

The Shield of Struggles is one of four sacred weapons, although it itself cannot be used as a weapon. The shield is white with a light gray border around it. Within it is a red cross covered by the golden emblem of Mojang's logo. The Shield of Struggles was crafted by Notch himself, who gave it to William in the distant past. In the Legacy Timeline, it remains his shield and his alone, although he does lend it to Steven before he takes on Entity 303. In the Struggle Timeline, it has a larger role and is given to Sarah by the fully-aged William on his deathbed. Sarah uses it on her journey to stop Skulrein, eventually ending up in the server of Minecraftia before obtaining the Sword of Heroes and taking on Primal King Herobrine, defeating him. The shield eventually returns on Sarah's second visit inside the virtual world, where she has it while she goes on her journey to stop The Corrupted. The confirmed enchantments for the Shield of Struggles are as follows: Protection, Unbreaking, Mending, Thorns.   The process from which other heroes gain the Shield of Struggles is currently unknown.   In a later part of the Struggle Timeline, the Sword of Heroes is attacked by Brine's virus, greatly reducing its power to that of a standard diamond sword. In order for the blade to return to its full potential, it must be in the close presence of the Shield of Struggles.
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