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Mindosza, Age of Dawnbreakers

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Age of Dawnbreakers is set in Mindosza , a Post Apocalyptic Fantasy World whose Denizens strive to reclaim its lost and sometimes forgotten Land, Knowledge and Treasure. Traces of long forgotten Civilizations, Technology and Gods are there to be found by the brave and the bold. It is a Setting of High Fantasy and Magic, with a dash of Steam-, and Clockwork-Punk and Horror Elements, in it's own pulp fiction blend of "Post Apocalyptic Fantasypunk". It is the Setting of our Westmarches-Style Pathfinder 2e Campaign.

Most of the Worldbuilding done here is done so in a system agnostic way, as this world not only functions as a setting for Pen & Paper RPG, but also for a book i am writing. However, whenever there are systems specific to Pathfinder 2E, they will be noted with (PF2E).

Struggling to make ends meet, the denizens go about reclaiming the Land in several different ways. Some seek to rebuild old technology, whatever the cost, to improve their Quality of life once more, while others want to reclaim whatever philosophy, culture and knowledge there once was, to better understand their own past. Others yet seek absolution by shunning all that was lost, since it clearly led to their demise, and instead choosing to venture out to heal the land and plant new seeds of hope.

The Denizens are Part of multiple Realms, each looking to face their challenges in different ways. Therefore, these groups are separated not only by their history but most importantly, by their beliefs. Each having access to magic and wondrous inventions, but achieving these in different manners. It is reasonable to think of these Groups as countries in the way they think of each other, despite the fact that there are hardly any proper claims to land or territory. When it comes to important strategic resources or choke points, they might clash but without any armies to speak of, conflict looks a lot different than it would have ages ago.

(PF2E) The Magic, Astronomy and Monsters such as Horrors work slightly differently from the general Setup of Pathfinder, since there is only the Astral Plane, not many different planes and monsters that would be categorized as fiends will likely fall under the description of horrors. While there are Deities, there is no concept of Heaven or Hell on Mindosza, therefore these rules will be altered in game. Most likely this will not have a huge - or any - gameplay implications, however. Just a heads up. (/PF2E)