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Midnight Kingdoms

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We live in the darkness between the twilight of dusk and dawn.   None remember how or when the Gloom consumed our lands. Knowledge of its appearance and the birth of its brood vanished during the Purge generations ago. As day gives way to the Gloom, the Manifest awaken from our dreams and stalk us from the shadows. The Scourge desecrates Pneuma, blights the land, and afflicts our people. Void Lords command their slaves from Gloom’s infernal edges.   We have come to accept this existence. It is all we have known. We have learned to survive. It has become a part of us.   Comprised of representatives from each territory’s races, the Foundation keeps the lands from succumbing to centuries of despondency and discord. Cities of marble and ivory tower over the lands testament to the Foundation’s power and glory. As the Foundation governs the Order of the Sacrament serves. It protects and binds the cities in civil law. The Order closely keeps track of the Companies - gangs of mercenaries that brave the wilds between the scattered light of the cities.   In darkness we live, we endure, we survive.