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Darkest of night and darkest of days
Take up your light and follow your feet
To the breaking waves
Murmuring river calling from afar
Hear your heart whisper the distant song
Of the stars
Seas to be vanquished wander toward wonder
Bring us to glory, call through the night
Over the rolling thunder
Lanterns aglow lighting the darkest waters
Behold and you’ll see
The lights our sons and daughters
Quietest night but loud o ancient anthem
Take up all courage
Arna olnladen
MidGard, a great and terrible mess of color and cold jumbled and tossed among the sea. Mountains tower over sunken gullies, hills are blanketed by the most beautiful and fragrant flowers, frost eats and bites at moist leaves, people dance and play and some do no such thing. And over this great and wonderful world, stretches the Sky Sea raging and tossing great waves. Sea over Land and earth under sky.
Holsa traveler! Welcome to MidGard.
Will you sail the sky?