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Nevemene: unrest in the ghetto


Nevemene doesn't like it away from the KG, but feels the chadisconeros has subsided and a clear winnner is emerging in Otrex. She also thinks someone is manipulating the Fellowship of Innkeepers based on the last minutes from the last meeting. Particularly using the cartways for herds of beetles. Nevemene Voices her opinion on the current state of the guards invading the ghetto. Player's discover that the council voted it in.
Renai finds out info for the players and brings it to the bar. She brings the records of the vote.  
Army Sir Jorun Haclav
Melancha Vendemic
Selena Harbeck
Ondli Firedrake
Wintesla Marack

Kekolina of the Derry Mine
Radovar Streck
Myzi I
Halsen Hrovitz
Lord Mayor Constantia Olleck

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