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Monastery of the Eyes

Monastery of Odin, in this monastery clerics and monks of Odin get trained. Cleric domain: Knowledge, Monk way:Shadow, Open-hand.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of this giant monastery is to train the disicples of Odin, clerics or monks who value the same ideals as Odin. Clerics get trained by studying the holy books of Odin and the other Aesir. They also learn to channel Odin`s power, and train with weapons. Monks get trained by also studying the books of the Aesir and Odin. They meditate for days on end and they workout and train fighting with each other and dummies. They also eat together.


Since it’s it was built Odin filled it with furniture and making it livable. And the stuff they need so they can train.


The architecture is made out of age old stone. It is not beautiful and looks like a maze. The monastery was made with no distractions. The entire complex looks like it’s just popped out of the mountain. The houses are simple rectangular formed and with simple roofs.


This monastery was build in 658, because the Harbringers of Surtr had just burned a lot of his followers on the pyre, they were wiped out by the Gods and their followers after that. But the damage had already been done. Odin set out to find a place where he could build a landmark monastery where he could grow his numbers again. He found a high peak named Sea of the Land, and set out to build a landmark monastery. Odin asked Njord for help with building it. Njord said yes and helped Odin make it. Njord got the water at the bottom of the mountain to fly up, and form the mountain into a monastery.

Alternative Names
Monastery of Odin
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Disciples of Odin

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