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The Treaty of the Two Sides

To whom it may concern,   I am writing to you to inform you of the truce that has been called between the North and South of Middle Earth. You should have already been made aware of this truce, but in case of an unfortunate circumstance such as death or interception, I am writing this letter to you personally.    The war between the North and the South was rough and had a considerable impact on the trade of all regions, leaving us with food shortages, droughts and extreme poverty, even in our richest areas. We have since come into agreement with the leaders of the South to ceasefire and diplomatically resolve our issues.    Our terms are these:   A considerable demilitarization from both the North and South, we cannot risk one side attacking the other again. The unification of the North and the South, for far too long we have been divided and it has not benefit anyone involved. This way, we can ensure that we are one nation, meaning we will be stronger in the unfortunate case of foreign invaders or crusades. And finally, a retreat of all South soldiers in northern territory, the morale of the North is poor as it is, this doesn't need to be exacerbated by the presence of what citizens see to be "enemy soldiers".   We hope these demands are suitable, however, if not, we will not hesitate to use force, these terms will ensure the safety of the citizens of both the North and the South, so agreeing to them would benefit both of us. Working together is the only way we can pull ourselves out of this deadly war, so lets try to be diplomatic.   Yours faithfully and always,   The Strong King Of the North.
Treaty, Diplomatic

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