Screaming Cliffside Inn

Where members of the Daktorie Guild may be found socializing.

"If you wish for an Wellspring Inn calmer than World Ends Inn, then I highly recommend Screaming Cliffside Inn, located in the Daktorie District. Yes, the one overseen by the ones who partially dress like Plague Doctors. While they may look intimidating, they are not too bad. And most won't wear the mask while at the Inn anyway. And do not worry about the Wellspring itself. It is literally behind lock and key.  
— Someone recommending the Screaming Cliffside Inn.
The Screaming Cliffside Inn is a two-story building located in the Daktories' District at Varldstan Cericor. It is one main gathering locations in the whole District and is one of few places in Alézun'Teran where one can find a Wellspring.  
— Inns & Taverns in Varldstan Cericor.


The name of the Screaming Cliffside Inn is debatable. Most say it is named after a combination of two factors. One is the countless screams people have given off while falling down the Daktorie Wellspring, and the other is the cliffside that can be found in the Milkn'Roses Realm, which appear to be a quite common realm any unfortunate ends up in.  
— Inns & Taverns in Varldstan Cericor.


The main purpose of the Screaming Cliffside Inn is to function as a place where Daktorians — as well as fellow Cericor Citizens and Travelers — can spend their free time. A place where people can eat good food, drink cold refreshments, mingle and exchange ideas. Where they can play card games, chess or throw darts. Maybe one wishes to read a book or listen to stories told by both strangers and aquentences.
Its secondary purpose is to act as housing for a fair number of the Daktorians, both in regards to its basement and its upper floor, though the latter is mainly reserved for Travelers.  
— Inns & Taverns in Varldstan Cericor.
Things to do at the inn
Throwing Darts
Playing Cardgames.
Reading books.
Drink & Eat.
Talk & Relax.


The Exterior

The exterior of the Screaming Cliffside Innis is built from hard-cut stone slabs with waving dark-green strata patterns. The northern and west side of the Inn is covered in thick vines that showcase beautiful purple-blue flowers when the season is in. At the southern and east sides, four large incense burners — two for each side — hang from the eaves in thick black chains.
Set relatively deep into pointed arches are windows that hold thick, crystalline stained glass that change color palette depending on the surrounding light; if it is dark outside they will have a warm palette and if it is light outside they will have a cold palette.
The double doors framed in a pointed arch are made out of thick dark oak with metal inlays in floral patterns that encircle the sigil of the Daktories Guild that is burnt into the wood: A syringe and a scalple crossed upon an open book, surrounded by a stone circle. Above the doors hangs a sign made out of wrought iron with the name of the inn displayed.  
— Inns & Taverns in Varldstan Cericor.

The Interior

The main hall of the Screaming Cliffside Inn are held up by thin stone pillars and the ceilings are arched ribbed vaults that are painted light grey. The floor is made out of oiled oak that has a soft smokey smell to it and is faintly warm to the touch.
From the ceiling hangs at least one chandelier made from wrought iron where several candles burn, along with several small incense burners that cover the rooms in a faint emerald-shaded smoke that smells of jasmine.  
— Inns & Taverns in Varldstan Cericor.

The Bar

The bar stretches along the entirety of the wall on the east side of the Hall. Several bar-stools are placed alongside it. An axe has been rammed into its wood, and after all, attempts to remove it has ended in failure — several of which ended in injuries — it was left where it was.  
— Inns & Taverns in Varldstan Cericor.

The Hearth

On the west side of the Inn, at the opposite end of the bar, one will find a large hearth that juts out from the wall. One could more or less describe it as a wide closet made out granite, with its double doors ripped off. A gargoyle that resemble a sabertooth dog with batwings and horns is perched on top of it.  
— Inns & Taverns in Varldstan Cericor.


The furniture of the main hall consists of several round tables and chairs. A large bookshelf can be found on the southern end of the main hall, filled to the near brim with books of various sizes. Three sofas and two armchairs can be found in front of the hearth, with a low table between them.  
— Inns & Taverns in Varldstan Cericor.

The Daktories Well

Located at the center of the Screaming Cliffside Inn one will find the well-known Daktories Wellspring. The furniture of the main hall is placed away from it, and it is surrounded by a chained fence and a cage made out of thick wrought iron.
The Wellspring itself looks like an ordinary well that one might find on a street outside of the Inn. It is seemingly made out of square stone slabs that are perpetually coated in a thick layer of frost that irregularly gives off cold steam. At least one Daktorie is always placed on guard duty for it, in case something happens.  
— Inns & Taverns in Varldstan Cericor.

What is on the menu:

"I could kill for some panncakes right now...  
— Inn Resident, after seeing someone else
receiving panncakes with strawberry jam and whipped cream.
The food menu of the Screaming Cliffside Inn is quite versatile, and offer a wide variety of options. From sweet, to spice. Most of the ingredients come from the Valley of Cericor, and a few locations within Cericor itself.
While there are options that available around the day, some are more local to certain time periods, such as breakfast or lunch.  
— Inns & Taverns in Varldstan Cericor.
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
Sourdough bread. Crispbread. Loaf. Pancakes.
Oatmeal. Semolina pudding.
Lunch & Dinner.
Fried / boiled potatoes. Pizza. Steak. Meat soup. Black pudding.
Vegetable soup. The Scremaing Stew. Meat pies. Vegetable pies.
Dessert & Festival.
Cheese cake. Honey Cake. Blueberry Pie. Apple Pie. Currant Pie.
Muffins. Cookies. Jelly rolls. Cinnamon rolls. Cupcakes.
Various Drinks
Beer. Mead. Milk. Apple juice. Orange juice.
Coffe. Tea. Water. Wine.
Various Teas
St. John's wort. Water avens. Mentha. Dried mead wort.
Various jams & marmalades.
Lingonberry jam. Blueberry jam. Stawberry jam.
Orange marmelade. Mango marmelade.
Various meats. Including minced, steaks & sausages.
Mutton. Hare. Deer. Horse. Cow. Pig.


The Innkeeper herself

"It is not too often folk from outside the Guild comes and visit us here. I guess the word about the Wellspring found its way to you? ...Thought so.
Me? Nah, I am not interesting. Just a simple Loerder who found herself a good community with idiots who need to be overseen in a Inn that houses a strange well.  
— A smiling Samona Heartice, towards a newcomer.
Samona Heartice is the current Innkeeper and subsequent owner of Screaming Cliffside Inn and has been for about seven years, after her predecessor stepped down due to old age.
Being a Loerder, she is quite a sight to behold, what with her being nearly two meters tall, covered in snow-white fine scales, and showcasing two red-shaded curled horns that protrude from her forehead.
Most regulars would describe her as serious but with a heart of gold. She is more than capable of throwing out any troublemakers on her own but prefers to settle things with words if doable.  
— Inns & Taverns in Varldstan Cericor.

The Bouncer

"Hm...? If you want to talk, there are plenty of folks here who would be more than happy to accommodate you. Unless it has anything to do with trouble.  
— Hedre Vesper, towards a (slightly drunk, intimidated and aroused) newcomer.
Hedre Vesper is the Bouncer of the Screaming Cliffside Inn. An imposing Battlebred who became a member of the Daktories' Guild some twenty-seven years ago, he is someone who most newcomers — at least those who are not too drunk — stay clear of. And if someone is trouble, one may receive a headache-inducing smack to the head, followed by being carried out of the Inn like a sack of potatoes.  
— Inns & Taverns in Varldstan Cericor.

The Entertainer

"It appears you are in something of a sour mood, my dear? Have you been biting into too many lemons lately?  
— Fredrik Jameson, flirting with a tired Samona Heartice.
Fredrik Jameson is the main source of musical and telltale entertainment at the Screaming Cliffside Inn, though he is not the only source of it.
A ordinary Human who was born in Varldstan Cericor proper, he joined the Daktories' Guild about thirteen years ago after having reached a low point in his life. Some wonder if that is why he is usually seen with a charming smile on his lips and always has a joke or bad pun ready to ease any tension or a sour moment.  
— Inns & Taverns in Varldstan Cericor.
Once I saw it
A sailboat drifting
Downstream and alone
On the coiling river westward
Towards the City of Donmero   Along the riverbed I walked
Embraced by Dawns Shadows
While a lonely sailboat drifted
Downstream and alone
  None knew why
On the coiling river downstream
Towards the City of Donmero
A lonely sailboat drifted
  As shadows along the riverside
Were vanquished by Dawn
I stopped and sighed
While a lonely sailboat drifted
Towards the City of Donmaro
— Fredrik Jameson, singing The Lonely Sailboat.

The Cook

"Dun di di da dhun .. mhm mm ... an la la  
— Cindy Alila, humming to a melody while working with a stew.
Cindy Alila is the overseer of both the Inn's kitchen and its staff. Its her duty to make sure that all who visit Screaming Cliffside Inn are given proper food and drink, should they desire. A Battlebred born within the confines of Varldstan Cericor, Cindy became a member of the Daktories' Guild some twenty-one years ago, and has stayed at the Inn for a majority of that time.  
— Inns & Taverns in Varldstan Cericor.

The Maid

"Please. Behave.  
— Brigitte Hammar, towards a loud customer.
Brigitte Hammar is the Head Servant of the Serving Staff that work at the Screaming Cliffside Inn. Its under her watch and care that the Inn's visitors and occupants are looked after to the best of her ability. A relatively young Vampire who became part of the Daktories' Guild some twenty years ago, she knows how to deal with those who wish to abuse her hospitality and shows it with the visible jagged knives she has attached to her waist.  
— Inns & Taverns in Varldstan Cericor.
Alternative Names
The Inn with the Well.
The Plague Doctors Inn.
The Incense Inn.
The Inn with the dog-bat gargoyle.
Samona's Inn.
Parent Location
Daktorie District.
Owning Organization
Daktories' Guild.
Characters in Location


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