Gender-Bend Formula


Gender-Bend Formula — also known as Formula 63 — is an extremely rare and highly magically potent consumable in a primarily liquid state. It is officially still in a prototypic state and cannot be found on the local market. In fact, it is illegal to create, sell and be in possession of the formula, with the punishment either being prison or heavy fines.  
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The creator of the Gender-Bend Formula is agreed to be an insane individual known by the name Ceasar Madijo, who reportedly was a reclusive member of Phasma Ecto.
His reasons for creating the formula died with him, after his research lab was raided by unknown assailants in 6301 AV. Oddily enough, they left a majority of his equipment and imprisoned subjects to be found by the law authorities.  
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Consuming the formula will alter one's physiology into that of one's opposite sex. If one is male, one will turn female and vice versa. Not only on a physical level but also metaphysically. Both body and soul.  
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Metaphysical properties

It is also believed that it brings with it more significant metaphysical changes, which affect both the Fabric of Reality and Time. Essentially, it is theorized that it turns one into a variant of oneself that is of the opposite sex and makes the physical body assume an appearance that one would most likely have up till that moment of consuming the formula.  
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Experimental notes

It appears that muscle mass does not transfer from the original form to the altered one. Fortunately, the body consistently assumes a form one would have from living a life of average exertion.
The effects of Formula 63 wear off approximately three hours after consumption. There appear to be no notable long-lasting side-effects of the subject. To confirm this, further testing is required.  
— Excerpt from the personal log-book of Ceasar Madijo.


The Gender-Bend Formula has several possible side effects, some of which are more severe than others. Some last for only a few days, while others are permanent. These are determined by both the consumer, and how well the creation process of the formula was.  
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Personality dissonance

Personality dissonance is relatively common among consumers. Usually, the dissonance is not too stark and noticeable, but some outliers have been documented. It is not known exactly what causes this dissonance; it can either be from the shock of having one's body being altered to such a major extent or be an echo of one's possible alternate variant.
It usually lingers for only a few days after the potion has worn off, though some consumers have noted life-long changes.  
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Arguably one of the most common side-effects of the formula concerns headache. It can range from mild, to excessive. It usually only lasts for about an hour after the consumption of the formula but can come and go in waves thereafter.  
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Physical pain

Physical pain is another one of the most common side-effects of the formula. It usually concerns muscle pain in the chest and groin area but can affect any part of the body. The pain can range from mild to nigh-incapacitating and can vary over the formula's duration. It will last for a few days after the effects have ceased, and usually, be akin to exertion pain.  
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Temporary sterility

Temporary sterility is one of the more major common side-effects of the formula. Over the course of the duration of its effects, the consumer is sterile. This is primarily notable with females who become males, though there is no reason to belive it does not extend to males to females.
This sterility wears off after roughly a couple of months, though the fear of permanent sterility has made many who know of the formula, hesitant to take it.  
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Possibly lethality

The formula has a relativly high possibility of being lethal to those who consume it. This usually happens shortly after, or immediatly after consumption. If it is the former, it occurs mid-transformation and appears to be extremely painful. No matter how long it takes, the deceased will bleed from both mouth, nose and ears, and their skin will turn paper-white and the color of their eyes will blacken.  
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Transformation process

The transformation process of the Gender-Bend Formula has been compared to body horror, and has been described as being extremely painful to experience. As if you recive the mother of all muscle-cramps, and with each bone growing or recessing, and resetting itself. The same goes for internal and external organs.  
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Caesar Madijo.
Alternate Names
Formula 63.
Sex Change Formula.
15 Hours.
Blueberry Vanilla.


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