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Blank Spaces

Well you could just travel through one of the wannago places, right? The whole trip from the World Ends Inn to this café would then take, what, an hour? Perhaps one and a half, give or take?  
Odin Mountain-Eye, talking with Evelyn Arcasai about the Blank Spaces using slang.
Blank Spaces is a colloquial term for specific landmarks within Varldstan Cericor that appear to exist slightly outside of space and time. Essentially, it is believed that these landmarks exist roughly at the same distance away from any other locations within Cericor. The only thing that appears required for this Blank Space Effect to activate, is that you have them as a firm destination in mind, allowing you to arrive there within an hour at a leisurely walk. Faster so if one is going at a quicker pace.
The current official record of which one has managed to get from the Cercior City Gates to the Cericor Palace is roughly 18 minutes and 27 seconds of running through the streets, and 16 minutes and 58 seconds if one traverses across the rooftops. It is important to note that this is a trip that will usually take about 3 hours to complete if one merely wanders in a loose direction towards the Palace.  
— Guide to the Varldstan Cericor.

Wandering towards Blank Spaces

Those who wander towards these Blank Spaces do not appear to walk faster than others. Instead, they vanish from sight as they round a street corner; those who shadow them unable to find them as they themselves round the exact same corner seconds later. Unbeknownst to new arrivals, these people will have teleported seamlessly unto another street corner some blocks away, , affected by the Blank Space Effect.
This experience is not felt by the person in question: For them it will simply feel as if they merely rounded a street corner, or if one is taking a more parkour path, as if one has merely landed on another rooftop. Some — especially newcomers — may experience that their surroundings get slightly out of focus for a few seconds.
It is incredibly difficult to perceive a Blank Space Affected Teleportation, as it is enveloped by something known as a Blank Spot Probability Effect that obscures the affected individual from the sight of others at the time of their appearance or disappearance. Usually, a mere instinctual blinking of the spectator will be enough or some a momentary passerby.
It is rumored that if one manages to see the transition, it will appear as if the person fizzles away out of existence. Or one becomes so stunned and mentally distraught that one's brain simply restarts over the course of a few thousand of a millisecond; causing one to experience something close to Deja Vú.  
— Guide to the Varldstan Cericor.

Blank Space Passages

Over millennia, certain passageways have solidified their connection between two or more Blank Spaces. These Blank Space Passages as they are called are broader and more decorative than your average street in a Cericor District.
But rather than existing as a solid line that cuts across the entirety of Cericor, these are more akin to a dotted line. Stretches of the passages that people with a firm destination in mind, appear and disappear on.  
— Guide to the Varldstan Cericor.

Requierments for Blank Spaces

It is still not exactly clear what requirements are needed for a landmark to become a Blank Space, despite millennia of research into the subject. Some are more accepted than others, even if they are mere theories still.
  • Being a significant landmark that is important to Varldstan Cericor as a whole is a given. Locations such as the Cericor Palace and the Cericor Hospital are both Blank Spaces, for example.
  • Another possible requirement is that the landmark is located within a Cericor District, as these are inherently connected with each other in a way that goes deeper than what is physically perceivable.
— Guide to the Varldstan Cericor.
Alternate names
Wannago Places.
The shortcuts.
Known Blank Spaces
Cericor Hospital.
Cericor Brothel.
Cericor Palace.
Lesser Blank Spaces
Cericor Bazaars.
Cericor Crossroads.
Cericor High Road.
Affected by
Blank Space Effect.
Blind Spot Effect.


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