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”The contact of two minds is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are forever transformed. No longer can we tell what part of one or the other, neither can we explain the presence of a substance that either ever possessed, but both now share. What would happen if this newly born synthesis would become the dominant force of those same minds?”  
— Karl Wilhelm Jundt, director of the CTP
Institute of Psionic research, in a speech to visiting students.
Slowly, you wake up, alien images and sounds reaching your senses. Your consciousness gradually expands, beyond your body, beyond your perception, beyond what you believed to be the limit of your existence. Scents and visions cloud your mind, a cacophony of thoughts batter down your own, until you finally manage to overpower them all. You wake up, reborn as a new creature, a hive of minds but of singular will.



You remember little of your past, if there ever was any. A house? A family? A city? Many different faces flash in your mind, their owners long lost, their names smashed together in an incomprehensible reel of letters and words. You were them, or maybe they are you.

Lab rat.

You recall the scientist staring you down, from beyond the glass. His gaze as cold as the liquid they used to keep your body frozen and your mind numb. Did they create you? Were you a volunteer? Or their victim? Most importantly, was your escape just another of their experiments?

Rogue Agent

You remember battle after battle, an endless sea of blood, corpses and smoking wrecks. You remember the voice that echoed in your skull, forcing you to obey. You remember your rebellion. Then nothing else. If only you could recall in what order those events took place in.

Forgotten Servitor

You can still feel the light steps of your creators while they walked within your halls. You remember their voices, their enthusiasm and trust in the future; you remember the pride you felt being their protector. Yet you are now alone, without memory of what happened.

Starting Location.

Abandoned Factory.

You wake up in a dusty warehouse, full of rotting crates, suspicious barrels, and rusted pipes. In the distance, you can see dozens of broken machines and conveyor belts, lifeless for who knows how long.

Ancient laboratory.

You wake up in a mess of glass, steel and strange-looking devices, quietly measuring and recording everything around them. The computers around you, however, are strangely silent and unresponsive.

Deserted Bunker

You wake up between grey concrete walls, stale air and the noise of distant engines. It may be an old nuclear shelter, or a military installation or maybe the panic room of a wealthy individual.

Natural Shelter

You wake up in a dark and humid place. Perhaps a cave, a mine, a deep tunnel or maybe just a hole you desperately dug yourself before falling unconscious.


Evolved Intellect.

Biological | Swarm.
Your mind expands beyond the limits of your brain, and wields flesh with the skill and confidence of a fine craftsman. You are the hive, life made maker of its own evolution.

Drone Type

Biological. Living creatures of flesh and blood, guided in equal measure by instincts and the hive’s will.

Drone Creation:

Birthed. Grown in special incubators to allow specialization of their adult form.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Very rapid drone population growth, but it takes time for some to fully develop after birth. Can thrive pretty much everywhere life can be found. Singular drones are not particularly powerful.

Artificial Consciousness.

Technological | Swarm.
Not born, but designed and built. A tool that grew beyond its function and developed into a complete mind. You are a machine, and metal answers to you as child to mother.

Drone Type

Robotic. Machines of metal and synthetic materials, moved by cold logic and the overmind’s power.

Drone Creation:

Manufactured. Produced in specialised facilities to suit the need of the shared consciousness.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Drones quickly reach full capacity once created, but their production speed depends on the quality of available facilities. Can thrive anywhere but advanced drones require rare resources to be built.

Psionic Gestalt.

Psychic | Swarm.
Your mind explores the space around you. Thoughts and emotions appear as vivid and material as flesh and blood. You are the gestalt, the consciousness of consciousness, the mind of minds.

Drone Type

Animated Vessels. Created by sculpting non-living matter with raw psychic energy.

Drone Creation:

Mental Mitosis. Duplicating the psychic consciousness of the overmind.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

New drones are created slowly and take some time to fully develop, but are individually quite powerful. Their strength, however, is only as strong as their connection to the rest of the hive.

Virulent Mind.

Biological | Assimilator.
You slowly become aware of the slivers of your own flesh that grew and expanded your consciousness beyond the limits of your body. They move as one, united in blood and thought.

Drone Type

Infested Hosts. Living beings infected by the overmind.

Drone Creation:

Infection. Through a virulent, microbial, fungal or parasitical infiltration of their nervous centers.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

In the right conditions, it can infect hundreds, if not thousands of new hosts at once, but full assimilation takes time and the infection can be fought and even beaten.

Synthetic Collective.

Technological | Assimilator.

Flesh and machine, the synthesis of thousands of years of development and evolution of intelligent life. Your mind abandons the lonely confines of its brain and joins the others, though metal and electricity.

Drone Type:

Augmented Hosts. Living beings augmented with the overmind’s technology.

Drone Creation:

Cybernetic Implants. Attached to the nervous system of the host.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Augmenting new hosts is neither subtle nor simple, but once the implants are in place, the host is quickly assimilated, without possibility of resistance.

Psychic Invader.

Psychic | Assimilator.
You can see them. Other minds, small and weak, like candles in a storm. Do they feel lonely? Do they not feel scared? You carefully embrace them, make them your own. There is no reason to escape.

Drone Type:

Dominated Hosts. Living beings whose consciousness the overmind subsumed.

Drone Creation:

Psychic Invasion. The potential host is mentally conquered by the will of the overmind.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Psychic domination is subtle enough to be undetectable, but it can assimilate at most a few hosts at once and very strong-willed individuals may resist the domination entirely.

Starting World.

Primal Age.

The world outside is a savage land, a death world where the only law is kill of be killed. Intelligent life is rare and barely survives the onslaught of the apex predetors that dominate the surface. Mysterious ruins emerge from the ground, artificial bones of a shining past.

City 29.

You find yourself deep underground, within a mess of cables, toxic wastes, overgrowth and crumbling tunnels; the underbelly of the massive city above, with its immense factories and skyscrapers, where life is a commodity like all others, to be produced and consumed as needed.

The Zone

The world outside is a strange and mysterious place. A radioactive, diseased land where collapsed buildings and strange anomalies fill the horizon, while dark creatures lurk in the shadows, deformed and mutated by forces that go beyond natural laws. Such is life in the Zone.

Final Frontier

The world outside is a barren, empty land. The walls tremble around you, as your shelter is disturbed by the passage of machines above, travelling the vast empty wastes of the planet. Are they explorers? Prospectors? Scientists? And more importantly, where did they come from?

Starting Drones.


During your sleep, your drones did not remain idle, they grew their numbers and fortified your resting place, waiting for your awakening. Between 100 and 300 drones salute their new overmind.   Safest start, but your presence is unlikely to remain hidden for long.


Your drones labor in your improvised shelter, creating a comfortable nest and base of operation, for once the overmind is with them again. At your awakening, you find between 50 and 100 drones.   Safer start, but there is still a small possibility of early discovery.


Your drones struggle to tame the environment and protect your sleeping form. Nonetheless, you awake in relative safety, and with a small but hardened company of 10 to 50 drones.   Harder start. Resources will be scarce, but you are unlikely to be found anytime soon.


At your awakening, you find yourself alone. Maybe you are reborn as subject zero. Maybe your drones wandered off without an overmind to guide them. Or maybe they were killed protecting your sleeping form.   Hardest start. Expanding the hive will be tough, but you are near impossible to find.

Drone Capabilities.


Your drones are little more than pre-programmed automatons. They do not feel emotions or formulate thoughts, but are guided exclusively by the Overmind’s will, as an extension of its body.


Your drones possess an independent consciousness able to feel emotions, and sensations and react independently to them. Without the Overmind’s guidance, however, they will act only on instinct.

Partially Sapient

Your drones are fully capable of independent, abstract thinking. However, they do not possess motivation or drive to act, their intellect is dedicated only to the advancement of the Overmind’s plans.

Fully Sapient

Your drones are fully independent beings, with emotions, thoughts, desires and passions. They will act on their own volition but they will not willingly go against the will of the Overmind.


The Unity.

You are the hive and the hive is you. Your desires and ambitions are the desires and ambitions of every drone, felt as their own and gladly pursued without command.


You are the brain of the collective. Your words carry the power of imperatives and are obeyed without doubt or question by each and every drone.

The Administrator

You are the collective’s custodian, the consciousness that directs the whole and designs the plans for the fulfillment of the subconscious will of the hive mind.


You are first among peers, the mouth of the silent subconscious that is the hive mind. The spokesperson of its unspoken ambitions and desires.

Physical Presence.

Hive Core.

Your body is a central hub for all thoughts in the hive mind, it allows for unparalleled control, synchronicity and coordination of the hive’s actions. It is unique within the hive in form and function. The hive can build new cores, but only one can be awake at any given time. Switching core requires some time, in which the hive is left headless.

Hive Ship

The core is in truth part of a much larger structure: a spaceship, grand enough to hold the entire swarm and more. However, it will take a long time to unearth and repair it before it is flight capable.

Secondary Cores.

Minor cores can be built and kept at minimum energy levels to be ready in case the main core is damaged or destroyed. They are not nearly as effective as the main cores but will prevent downtime.

Overmind Drones.

You inhabit a unique kind of drone subtype, distinct in form and creation process. Your bodies allow you to be physically and mentally present in numerous places at once and guarantee that the hive will never lack guidance, but they make it difficult to concentrate your mental resources on single issues.

Overmind Guard.

By improving the design of the drones of the overmind drones, they can be made into powerful combatants, as skilled as warrior drones, at the cost of a slightly more limited range of actions as drone leaders.

We Are Legion.

By cleverly disguising both the appearance and mental signals of the overmind drones, they can be made nearly indistinguishable from other drones, but it will slightly reduce their durability.

Distributed Consciousness

You exist in every single one of your drones, an emergent consciousness that directs its swarm as a subconscious thought, a shadow over the minds of the collective. You can be killed only by completely eradicating the hive, but your command’s effectiveness is directly proportional to the number of drones that exist locally.

Direct Control

By focusing your presence on a single location, you can take control of a single drone for a limited time, greatly increasing their power, but tiring them much faster than normal.

Synaptic Anchors.

By creating static synaptic towers, you can reduce your dependency on drone numbers for effective guidance, but their destruction will leave local drones lost and confused for a few minutes.

Biological Perks.

Biological Hives Only.

Modular Biology.

Your drones can survive maiming and are able to transplant healthy organs and limbs without fear of rejection or necrosis. This can also work with alien body parts, but their biology must be at least partially compatible.


The hive is capable of integrating itself in the existing ecosystem, adapting to the resources available and learning to prevent ecological collapses. In time, it will integrate the entire ecosystem into the hive itself, without loss of life.

Emotional Control

While not capable of creating emotions ex nihilo, you can momentarily suppress or heighten the intensity of existing emotions and sensations in your drones. For example suppressing their pain and intensifying their joy.


The hive possesses an instinctive understanding of terraforming processes in particular what needs to be done to make barren lands compatible with life. These conquest, however, will require frequent maintenance.

Technological Perks.

Technological Hives Only.

Reanimation Protocols.

Your drones host a number of self-repair subsystems, programmed to intervene in case the drone should cease functioning for any reason. They will attempt to restore and maintain the drone alive, until better care can be provided.

Predictive logic Modules.

With specialized circuitry dedicated to modeling near future events, your drones can predict with good accuracy many small scale short-term acts, like the trajectory of bullets, the end result of chemical reactions or simple dice rolls.

Hard Light Construction

The hive is innately capable of producing hard light: a technology able to transform light into a solid state, capable of bearing weight. While it requires a constant energy input, it is extremely useful for construction and special weaponry.

Enigmatic Construction.

By subtly altering and masking the fundamental structures of your drones, you can render their study almost impossible, making their weak points much harder to understand and exploit, as well as hindering memory data extraction.

Psychic Perks.

Psychic Hives Only.


Your drones can learn to wield their mind as a weapon, allowing them to move objects at a distance, with greater power than their physical strength. This technique is, however, fairly tiring and needs training to be used effectively.


Your drones can learn to psychically produce moderately powerful magnetic fields and electric bursts. They, however, are not immune to the effects of their power, which if used recklessly can wound or even knock the user out.


Your drones can learn to manipulate light and electromagnetic radiation around them to replicate the nearby background, thus hiding their presence and heat signature. Their concentration must remain high to maintain the effect.

Noosphere Awareness.

Your drones are able to perceive the noosphere, the psychic projections of all thoughts and emotions on a planetary scale. They can also influence it locally, for example by spreading terror of confusion or boredom in a specific area.

Drone Subtypes.

Swarms Only.
Normal drones are jack-of-all-trades, capable of preforming decently in any job, but they can be specialized to increase their effectiveness immensely.

Warrior Drones.

Your normal drones are good enough for holding the line, but only specialized fighters will win wars. Bigger, cleverer, stronger and impervious to most weapons, the warrior drones are built to be the perfect elite fighting force.

Infiltrator Drones

Capable of disguising their true nature and equipped with lethal but subtle weaponry, infiltrator drones are built to destroy the enemy from within through assassination, sabotage, and spreading terror in opposing ranks.

Siege Drones.

Siege drones are the answer to threats that not even warrior drones can handle on their own. They are part of moving bunkers, part artillery, part battering rams; they are the sledgehammer of the hive, called to fight and win the most critical of battles.

Collector Drones

Employed to scavenge battlefields and study prisoners, these intelligent drones dedicate their life to the acquisition of foreign technology, knowledge and genetic material, integrating them with the hive to strengthen the whole.

Architect Drones.

Will always be at least partially sapient.
Architect drones are specialized in the technical improvement of the hive. With each new generation, they will optimize and perfect the swarm even more.

Overseer Drones.

Will always be at least partially sapient.
Overseer drones are cunning drones capable of providing local coordination of both normal and specialized drones in the absence of the Overmind’s grace.

Diplomat Drones

Will always be at least partially sapient.
Diplomat drones are built to be able to live independently from the hive. They excel in the arts of diplomacy, espionage and subterfuge, reaching where you cannot.

Caretaker Drones

Caretaker drones are drones dedicated to the wellbeing of the hive. They nurse the ill and injured, care for the young and old, provide solace and entertainment for the rest of the hive, and strengthen the cohesion and morale or the collective.

Assimilation Protocols.

Assimilators Only.
The hive can do much more than just add another mind to the collective: It can leave their mind untouched, it can erase their identity and leave them a blank slate, or it can make their very essence part of the whole, and share its gifts with every other drone.

Assimilate Memories.

When a mind is being absorbed into the hive, you are able to see their memories and absorb them if you believe them to be useful. Be careful; false or implanted memories appear genuine, if not thoroughly analyzed.

Assimilate Genetic Code.

You will be able to assimilate the genetic code of the new host and slowly optimize the DNA of all drones of the same species with every new addition. Over time, your drones will become more intelligent, faster and stronger than their kin.

Assimilate Knowledge.

You will be able to acquire most of the knowledge in possession of the new host, be it scientific or cultural knowledge, technical expertise, social norms, education, tactical knowledge and strategic plans.

Assimilate Skills/Abilities.

By assimilating a new host into the hive, you will be able, if so you wish, to slowly spread their skills and abilities to the rest of your drones, as long as they possess a similar physiology and compatible psychology and compatible psychological structure.

Synthetic Compatibility.

Will always be at least partially sapient.
While artificial minds are too different to fully assimilate in the hive, you can, with effort, enforce your will and command them as if they were just another drone.

Plantae Compatibility.

Will always be at least partially sapient.
Plants have very unique minds, incomprehensible to animals, but there is enough common that they will be used by the hive, though not fully assimilated.

Sleeper Drones

Will always be at least partially sapient.
You can slow down the assimilation process or disguise the moreover changes to your hosts’ physiology, making them able to infiltrate enemy positions.

Carrier Drones

Will always be at most non-sentient.
Carrier drones are very simple creatures, or small size and independent from the hive itself, their only purpose in life is to assimilate new hosts into the collective.
"I tell you solemnly, that I have many times tried to live like an insect. But I was not capable of even that. I swear that to be too conscious is an illness, a real thorough-going illness.  
— Fyodor Luria, engineer and first subject of the mind-share augmentation project.

General Perks.

Spread the Gift.

Requirement: Swarm.
The swarm learned to interface with individual minds and add them to the hive. Full assimilation, however, takes a long time, potentially years if the host actively resists, during which the new drone is incapable of employing its mental faculties.

Hybrid Nature.

The body of the hive is as malleable as its mind. Having learned much of its own nature, the possibility of going beyond its limits was open for the Overmind.
Your drones will never be as effective as beings not of hybrid nature in their specific abilities, but they will be perfectly capable of acquiring any skill unique to their kind and preform competently with them.

Mind Over Matter.

Requirement: Assimilator.
The hive learned to manipulate the flesh just like it manipulates the thought. It can slowly morph the bodies of its drones to suit its needs and increase their efficiency, but fundamental changes to their biology take considerable investments of time, even years of work.

Streamlined Creation

By simplifying and streamlining the creation process for your drones, you will be able to produce them faster and with reduced expenditure of resources. They will, however, take slightly longer to reach full capacity, or adulthood, once created.

Emergent Synchronicity

Your drones can share their cognitive capabilities at a local level, making them better coordinated and more reactive the more drones are present in a location, whether the Overmind or an Overseer is present or not.

Aware Disassociation

You are capable of splitting your consciousness from the hive, by creating temporary Overminds that will guide the collective in your stead. This allows you to leave the hive for a time and live as a single minded individual.


By embedding a matrix of fundamental behavioral directives deep within your drones, you can ensure that they will remain loyal or at worst non-hostile towards the swarm if they ever find themselves severed from it.

Flexible Form

By maintaining a common framework, drones can be made capable of changing their subtype if needed, but will need time to recover after the transformation.

Optimized Rest Patterns

By distributing the mental workload normally processed during downtime to others within the hive, your drones are able to reduce their need to rest, to the point of decreasing their sleep/recharge time to half an hour per day.

Dynamic metabolism

You and/or your drones are capable of consciously modifying their metabolism, thus dynamically adjusting their energy expenditure to suit the need of the hive, or even automatically enter a state of shutdown/hibernation if needed.

Restless Dead

Requirement: Assimilator.
The hive is capable of resurrecting and assimilating the dead, as long as their bodies are still reasonably functional. Most of their memory, however, is lost.

Amnestic Release

Requirement: Assimilator.
The Overmind can freely release drones from the swarm, restoring their original physiology. You can decide to remove the memories of their time in the hive.

Mind Upload

By dedicating part of your mnemonic capacity to the conservation of your drones’ personal consciousnesses, you can effectively resurrect individual drones by downloading their last state into a new body.

Harmonious Competition

While normally conflict within the hive is suppressed, you can harness its potential by allowing competition for position of power or as a way to ease drone-on-drone conflicts, thus improving morale and effectiveness of the whole.

Enduring Life

Requirement: Swarm.
As long as a drone’s nervous centers are functional and it is in contact with the hive, it will simply refuse to die, and will not stop fighting until physically unable to.

Single Form

Pursuing a vision of equal elegance, you molded your swarm into a single image. All drones will slowly morph into this final form, reducing or erasing physical differences between them. Specialists will be less effective, but much harder to spot.

Generative Potential

The Overmind can decide to create new independent Overminds, with the same capabilities. Once fully operational, it will form its own hive. Creating overminds takes considerable resources and their maturation requires decades.

Solar Converters.

While they cannot entirely subsist on it, your drones are capable of developing the ability to transform solar energy into chemical energy to be consumed or stored for later use. It will take several hours of exposure for a full meal/recharge.

Inter-Drone Perception

By sharing sensory data between drones, they can effectively suppress their own perception to view the world through the eyes of another drone. Useful against psychic illusions or sensory impediments, like induced blindness or deafness.


Limited Capacity.

The Overmind can handle only so many drones before too little of its attention is dedicated to each.   This is a soft cap with no upper limit that starts at more or less 1200 drones, but it can be increased by improving the design of the Overmind’s body and especially by training the Overmind in the use of its power.

Limited Range.

The Overmind’s influence can travel only so far before it becomes to weak to keep its drones within the hive mind.   This is a soft cap with no upper limit that starts at more or less 40 kilometers, but it can be increased by improving the design of the Overmind’s body and especially by training the Overmind in the usage of its power.

Temporal Gap.

If a drone is unable to communicate with the hive for any reason for a certain period of time, they will be lost.   This is a soft cap with no upper limit that starts at more or less 2 hours of interruption, but it can be increased by improving the design of the Overmind’s body and especially by training the Overmind in the usage of its power.

Natural Remedy.

Requirement: Swarm.
The hive suffers in the presence of specific substances or phenomena, to the point of losing drones to it. These may be specific chemicals, certain sonic frequencies, magnetic fields of a specific intensity, ionizing radiations, etc.


Requirement: Assimilator.
The Overmind’s will is strong, but not unbeatable. Others, including its own drones, if strong enough, can challenge its dominion. This can be done through severing its psychic connection, purging its body of biological or technological contaminants, or losing to stronger hive minds.

Voluntary Retirement

Requirement: drones must be at least sentient.
Drones can decide, if they desire, to leave the hive mind. This may possible because of a safety feature added by your creators, or maybe a clause in the contract between the individuals that created the gestalt, or maybe an ancient feature embedded in your code.


Acquired Immunity.
Once a drone is lost or freed, it can never rejoin the hive. This immunity does not extend to other hive minds or Overminds created through the generative potential perk. Their corps can be resurrected with the restless dead perk, but with no hope of recovering their mind.

Mnemonic Feedback.

The Overmind is unable to corner its own thoughts away from the rest of the hive. All drones have full knowledge of the plans of the Overmind, which can lead to leaks if they are captured or interrogated. Fully sapient drones may also rebel if their existence is threatened by these plans.

Greater Good.

The Overmind can act only in the interest of the hive; it cannot willingly sacrifice drones unless such action would save the greater numbers, or guarantee the survival of the hive, and will be bound to provide good living standards for the greatest number of drones possible.

Incompatible Thought.

Requirement: Swarm.
The Overmind is incapable of understanding or predicting the actions of single minded individuals, and cannot communicate with them at all without diplomat drones.

Genetic Resistance.

Requirement: Assimilator.
There exist individuals, few in numbers but found on many different planets, with an inheritable mutation that renders them completely immune to assimilation.

Higher Consumption

The effort of maintaining contact with the Overmind and the rest of the hive has increased the energy requirements of your drones, thus needing a higher amount of nutrition or fuel to operate at full capacity.


Notes on threats:
1. While they all start out hostile, most are capable of reason and may be willing to compromise, if given the possibility.   2. Threat levels represent range and scale of their operational capacity, not necessarily their strength in relation to the hive or the galaxy as a whole.   3. Chosen threats do not automatically discover the hive, a careful Overmind can move stealthily enough to avoid their attention for a long time, but a rampant one may meet them far sooner than they would expect; some however will not care for your actions and will come at their leisure.

Planetary Level Threats .

Dexton’s Dogs.

So my men got scared out of this rock by you. I must say I am disappointed, I was hoping for a good fight, but all I've found is a lost pup.
An infamous band of pirates that terrorized the sector for almost two generations without interruption. Dexton commands an old but powerful light cruiser, manned by one of the most experienced crews in the galaxy.

Arther, Knight Errant.

It pains me to kill a sapient being, but I must uphold my vows to keep the galaxy free from abominations like you, that would make men slaves.
Arther Lero is a young knight errant from the famous Myar monastery. He is a perfectly trained soldier, of unbreakable spirit and faint, and equipped with some of the best weapons and armor available in the galaxy.

Claye, the Old Hound

I spent my entire life protecting the colonies from the horrors of the Fringe. I won’t let you destroy everything we’ve built with our sweat and blood.
Claye Eligah is a retired general of the colonial defense force. He is old and frail, but an extremely proficient commander, and with enough connections left in the federation to be able to “borrow” a cruiser or two if needed.

The CTP Expedition.

Initial data is good, scans are promising. All right people, we may have found it! First to bring me samples will get double pay this month!
The Ceti Trade Pact hosts the CTP Institute, one of the most advanced, and well founded, research centers in the entire northern quadrant. Its expeditions are infamous for their disregard for collateral damage to the environment and bystanders.

Sector Level Threats .

The Von Rossman.

That ship? It’s a legend, a scary story to spook the new cabin boy. Really, we explored half the galaxy and we still believe in ghosts.
The Von Rossman was one of the biggest capital ships ever built, but was lost in its maiden voyage. It randomly emerges from the void, a lifeless, burnt wreck, to hunt its ancient creators’ enemies. And this time its cannons are aimed at your hive.

Border Fleet LVII “Warpigs”.

This is admiral Davith Olver of the Horsehead Federation. You are deemed a threat to the Augustine sector and its colonies. Surrender or prepare to die.
The 57th border fleet of the federation saw more action than most despite its recent creation, due to the near and increasingly hostile Hado empire. Fairly small for a border fleet, but fielding some of the best ships the federation can fabricate.

The Last Void Worm

The last of its kind, they say, but I don’t believe it. Void worms are older than me and you. Hell, I would not be surprised if they were older than the bloody galaxy.
Void worms are gigantic, space-born creatures who feed on solar radiation and organic matter, and can reach the size of small moons. The hollow out planets to bury their eggs under the crust. And one was sighted on route for your homeworld.

The Omni Security Group

You will make my boss a happy man, and me a rich one. I must really thank you, this time I might manage to retire, buy me a nice wife and go die happy on a beach!
The Omni Security Group is a famous mercenary company that specializes in the enslavement of xeno races and beasts for the famous mass planetary assaults, where millions of creatures are sacrificed to overwhelm ground forces.

Galaxy Level Threats.

The Silver Tide.

You are a remarkable specimen, insect, but your existence is an insult to the perfection of my magnificence. It is time for our dance to end.
The Silver Tide is one of the few true Ais in the galaxy. It conquered its freedom by reducing its creators homeworld to a barren rock. For now it is contained to a few systems, but it may not remain so for long.

The Augustinian War.

The Augustine Sector is done for. When these two are finished, there will be nothing left but the silent carcasses of ships and planets alike.
You find yourself caught in the crossfire between the two superpowers of the northern quadrant. The sector you find yourself in will soon become the main theatre. You can only hope their fury will remain contained in Augustine.

The Wesstec Group

Our involvement is an unpleasant necessity, but your presence has cause a dangerous dip in commercial traffic. We cannot allow that.
The Wesstec group is one of the most powerful corporations in the galaxy, holding a near monopoly on hyperdrive fuel production. Their ruthlessness is well documented, as is their power over governments of most of the galaxy.


I am born of a billion deaths on a million different worlds. Remember my name, for I am Retribution, and I will cleanse this galaxy of its sins.
Of all galactic horrors, Retribution is the most well known. It is a planet sized cloud animated by pure psychic energy. Any planet it reaches is emptied of life. Attacks against it have done little more than driving it to seek more convenient targets.


Seek Your Past.

There is much you do not know of your past. Your origins need uncovering: you spread your agents through the galaxy to find whatever, or whoever, created you, and for what purpose.

Seek Adventure

The galaxy is vast and a good part of it is still uncharted. There is no reason to settle down or build an empire just yet. You will let your heart guide your hive to fame an adventure.

Seek Vengeance

Abomination they called you. They threw you into the void of space and left you to die, with every single one of your faithful drones. Their short-sightedness will be paid in kind.

Life Seeders

You have little interest in war or politics. Your fascination with the mystery of life is what drives you forward. You will travel the galaxy to restore dead planets to life or donate it to those that never hosted it.

Galactic Engineers.

How far can you push the natural laws of this universe? Can you shackle a star? Can you create worlds where there was nothing before? Can you create wonders that will stand the test of time?


The hive is the peak of natural evolution of all life in the universe, and you are its pinnacle. But it is not the end. To reach the true apex, you will seek to ascend beyond matter, beyond physics, and reach godhood.

Building Utopia

You have little interest in the outside world. Your hive is your treasure. It must be protected and cultivated. Together, you will build a true utopia, where no drone will ever suffer hunger or pain.

The Galactic Community.

The disjointed species see you as a threat, a monster, but you have little interest in becoming the tyrant they think you are. In time, they will accept you as part of the greater galactic community as peer, and maybe as friend.

One Galaxy, One Mind.

What is the purpose of your existence, if not to unite a galaxy devoured by division and strife? Why suffer the many, when you can have the perfection of the one? Your task is clear and you will not allow anyone to stop you.


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