"You do know of the Kalhter Mountains, yes? Infamous for being a hunting ground for the cursed Wendigos. Nasty things those are, I would say. And damn difficult to put down unless you have the right tools. Luckily for you, Goëtia has it much easier when it comes to going up against them, due to our abstruse capabilities.  
— Vera, a member of the Visinian Society.


Wendigos are without a doubt one of the most feared monsters in our lands. Rumored to be nigh-impossible to kill, they stalk dark forests and snowy mountainous regions in their eternal hunt for flesh and soul. Death envelops them like an ethereal cloak that is being dragged across the ground behind them; sickening the soil with every step they take. Wendigos leave few to no survivors and those who do manage to live to tell the tale never mentally recover and are usually shunned by society due to being considered tainted.  
— Levi Caligue's Beastiary.

Geographic Distribution

Wendigos are believed to exclusively roam the heavy forested and mountainous wilderness of north-western Aréerien, though some old crumbling documents found within the Library of Emica, hint that there were specimens that once walked the continents of Fausun and Volarphal as well.
Due to the legends and myths that have been spread about it, many all across the world fear that they might crop up near their settlements. The tales told by parents to keep their children in bed and behave have not helped do quell these fears.  
— Levi Caligue's Beastiary.


The origin of Wendigos is a highly debated topic among scholars. Due to their peculiar nature, they are reminiscent of both Draugr and Raw Vesen. This brings forth the question: Are they a natural occurrence or an artificial creation? Or perhaps something in between? How the latter would be possible, however, no one is entirely sure.
Some say Wendigos are the twisted creation of a Bokor that lived millennia ago, similar to how the Lyrabock was created by Marco Tassis around 1000 PD. Though some have noted that they might have more in common with the mythical Krauskyskull.
And then there are those who say that they are incredibly rare but as natural as Ghosts, caused by an abstruse metaphysical abnormality. Most do not enjoy this idea though, as it could mean that there would be a possibility of new Wendigos to appear and terrorize our lands.  
— Levi Caligue's Beastiary.


Incorporeal Form

The Wendigo is capable of taking on a corporeal form, one that takes on the appearance of blackened smoke that allows it to go through cracks as thin as a leaf.   There are some reports that claim they are also capable of phasing through physical matter, similar to Ghosts; one theory for how this is possible is that they alter their essence frequency to align with the Twilight Realm. However, they appear incapable of utilizing short distance teleportation, like Raw Vesen and other Draugr Creation, though the reason why is currently unknown.   They most often use this capability defensively, to evade physical harm and retreat quickly from battles where it is severely outnumbered or is up against experienced and dangerous opponents; the latter often being Ilyons or Bokor.
They do not stay incorporeal for long, however; only a few minutes at most usually.  
— Levi Caligue's Beastiary.


If the Wendigo's physical body is destroyed, or if it is forced to stay incorporeal for too long, it will attempt to possess the living. Their kind appears to prefer humans, along with vampires but there does exist some questionable witness reports of them also possessing animals, such as bears, horses, and even dragons.   As they possess something or someone, they will begin to feast upon the esoteric energies of one's soul. This will inevitably kill the vessel in question and cause their bodies to turn into abominable monstrosities, though there exist conflicting reports regarding how long this process takes: Some declare that it is a question of days, while others mention several years. It is hinted at that it depends on the strength of the Wendigo spirit and the durability of the soul. This, of course, is merely theory.   The possessed individual will receive a ravenous appetite for fresh flesh and blood, most often that of their own kind, and they become more reclusive and do their best to avoid direct sunlight. They also receive supernatural strength and speed, as well as an improved sense of smell; these are said to gradually increase with time.  
— Levi Caligue's Beastiary.

Impechable camuflauge

The impeccable camouflage of the Wendigos are strangely similar to that of the Raw Vesen and Trolls. Their skin appears to take on the characteristics of their surroundings, such as tree bark, moss, stone, or even ice.
How exactly has this trait been replicated? And why is it not present in other known Draugr Creations? Is it the result of a metaphysical mutation or something else? Nothing but guesses has been made so far.
Nevertheless, this trait makes each specimen unique in appearance and easily distinguished. But also much more difficult to make out in their native regions.  
— Levi Caligue's Beastiary.

Diary Excerpt

The following information was written down in a water-damaged and bloodstained diary, found on a brutally slaughtered- and half-eaten woman in mercenary attire, in close proximity to two other mercenaries in similar condition.
Theorized to have been an Ilyon due to her equipment and other notes, as well as a member of the Visinian Society.  
— Archivist Notes.
~ We found confirmation today that Niek has reached an advanced stage of the transformation process. A slaughtered, half-eaten bear, and one the stones and trees around it, we also found deep claw marks. It had all happened recently too. Jeremiha guessed that the corpse was only a few days old.   When Simone saw it all she looked devastated and collapsed on the ground, crying. Niek is most likely dead, maybe even for several months now. I am not sure what Simone expected what we would do once we found him. He was a dead-man walking the moment he became possessed by the Wendigo; his body a mere vessel for it while it recuperated and regaining its strength. Now, at least, we won't have any qualms about destroying the body.  
14th day of the month Marosam, in the year of 1607.
— Prophet's Dynasty.
— from Kesia Granat's journal.
~ I think I saw him tonight. Niek. Or what once was Niek. It stalked near the lake, only illuminated by the moonlight. It was difficult to make out. Its camouflage had already begun to take on the characteristics of the forest, and its form was all fuzzy and diffused when I looked upon it with Planesight.
I am fairly [indiscerable]  
— from Kesia Granat's journal.
The rest of the following pages are too damaged
for anyone to make out what has been written.
Alternate Universe.
Wendigos don't exist within Mésvéstell Prime — excluding those that are also known as Trolls — but in an alternate version of Mésvéstell called Mésvéstell Jota: Or Mésvéstell 1716-High 0422-Low if you want to be more academically.
Alternate Name(s)
Draugr Type
Unknown. The evidence point to a possible melding of both Amalgam Draugr and Necrotic Draugr.
Existing numbers
Uncertain. At least a dozen examples have been observed within the last century. It is a number that has slowly been decreasing.
Intelligence level
Uncertain. It has showcased both Sapient and Sentient characteristics. Sometimes deceptive and tactical and other times brutal and animalistic.
Hunting grounds / Places of liking
Mountainous and Forested regions.
Scientific Name
Cori Wandr
Believed to be able to reach at least 900 years.


A person who can manipulate the primal forces of life and death. They can create spells and runes with souls. They are the only ones of the Göetia that are able to create sentient, artificial constructs, and Undead.


Eärann is the infinite realm of Echoes and Phantoms. A world in black and white, where life and death are heavily intertwined and yet separated. Beings of immense age wander through its mist and moves through its unbelievable many Time-Layers.
It is a vague echo of Mésvéstell. And a constant reminder of what fate ultimately awaits it.  


Eärann's most prominent inhabitants. These are the echoes of the ones that are born, live and die in Mésvéstell. One name for these are Soul Echoes, but usually they are called spirits or phantoms. Usually the Soul Echoes are divide into two categories: Sapient Phantoms & Sentient Phantoms.  


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