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"I would not believe everything that that book says if I were you. Its writer was a bit biased against you Visitors. Where did you even find it?  
— The Archivist.


Visitors are humanoid beings that mainly travel within the The Great Archive and search for knowledge. They live to consume as much knowledge as possible, by reading old scrolls, thick books, and strange technological devices. Unsurprisingly, they are some of the most knowledgeable beings in the Omniverse. Outside the Archive and Old Reminiscence, they are a rare sight at the City of Concord and are difficult to identify since they look so average.  
— A study of the Visitors.

A blank slate

The moment a Visitor appears in front of the Archive Gate, they have no recollection of who they are or how they got to Old Reminiscence. They only retain miscellaneous knowledge about an average life in either Mésvéstell and Miand'Més, though it varies a bit from Visitor to Visitor.
But they do not remember individual people or objects or creatures or anything else that might have held great importance to them in a former life.
In conclusion, they are more or less a blank slate.  
— A study of the Visitors.


The majority of Visitors are humans, or at the very least have the appearance of one. Other Visitors take on the appearance of the famous Loerder, or Werewolfs. More rare races include Vampires and Mountain Lords.  
— A study of the Visitors.

Mostly average

They are average in almost every aspect, to a very eerie degree, no matter their apparent race. Average height and weight is the most common one. They usually do have distinct eye- and hair color, along with their skin complexion. Besides that, all who have seen them have noted that they are of average beauty and the sound of their voice is easy to forget.  
— A study of the Visitors.

Original appearance

Their original appearance has been difficult to discover. Most scholars agree that they aren't what race they appear to be, that in truth they are mere shadows of something more real.
It is because of this rather well-known hypothesis many view their true appearance as beings made out of smokey shadows that gives off a purple luminescence.
But it is still unclear what they truly look like, unfortunately. And not even the Visitors themselves appear to know the answer to this question.  
— A study of the Visitors.


Environmental Recognition

Visitors are nearly identical to whatever race they appear like. But they are not entirely the same. Not completely. They have an uncanny ability to recognize environments and make out even the tiniest changes. It is possible they use this ability to navigate throughout the Archive without getting lost.  
— A study of the Visitors.

Affinity Sensation

Visitors appear to have something some call Affinity Sensation. Others call it Following. The reason why is because they appear to follow a trail picked up by a supernatural sensation of theirs.
If they take a particular interest in an author or topic, like for example all historically important individuals during the Aurora Age, they will have an affinity to find works that have either been written by the same author or are containing similar topics.  
— A study of the Visitors.

Appreciation Sensation

Besides their Affinity Sensation, they also have something known as Appreciation Sensation, though some do call it Liking instead. Where Following is only known to the Visitor itself, Liking is something that other Visitors can pick up on.
This ability allows the Visitor to imprint a sensation onto the work they have read. It only triggers if the work is well-liked or highly disliked, and depending on the sensation it radiates, a Visitor could eagerly pick it up or stay far away from it.  
— A study of the Visitors.
Scientific Name
Salut Aut Visindi
Most believe they are from either Miand'Més or Mésvéstell, while others think they are solely from Old Reminiscence, or at the very least a metaphysical plane of existence.
Average Height
Depends on race.
  • Humans
  • 165 centimeters.
  • Werewolfs
  • 175 centimeters.
  • Loerder
  • 180 centimeters.
  • Vampires
  • 170 centimeters.
  • Mountain Lord
  • 190 centimeters.
    Average Weight
    Depends on race.
  • Humans
  • 81 kilograms.
  • Werewolfs
  • 100 kilograms.
  • Loerder
  • 95 kilograms.
  • Vampires
  • 90 kilograms.
  • Mountain Lord
  • 87 kilograms.

    Known Visitors

    Known racial appearances
    The human Visitors are believed to be mainly from Miand'Més, with some being from Mésvéstell .  

    General Info

    Humans are some of the most adaptable mortal races in the Omniverse and exist in every Alteration.   They have an average lifespan of about 75 years and are capable of great innovation, as well as amazing supernatural feats.

    All, or at least the high majority, agree that the Werewolf Visitors are from Miand'Més since Mésvéstell Prime has only recently became acquainted with Werewolfs.  

    General Info

    Werewolves are some of the more peaceful mortal races in the Omniverse, despite their inborn (and infamous) blood rage and affinity for deadly innovation. They only exist in a few Alterations, excluding Miand'Més Prime and (soon) Mésvéstell Prime.   They have an average lifespan of about 110 years and are capable of impressive innovation and supernatural feats.

    Loerde Visitors, also known as Senarti by most others, are mainly believed to come from Mésvéstell Alterations since they are thought to be extinct in Mésvéstell prime.  

    General Info

    Loerder is among the most innovative mortal races that have ever existed, as well as being highly adaptive. They have a great affinity for supernatural feats and have shown themselves to be able to meld technology and magic together with almost eerie efficiency. They only exist in a few Mésvéstell Alterations.   They have an average lifespan of about 230 years and are capable of amazing innovation and supernatural feats.

    Vampyric Visitors are agreed upon to be mainly from Mésvéstell Prime.  

    General Info

    Vampires, or Venrelians as they are also called, are a subhuman race that was created to serve as perfect soldiers in a future conflict that will ravage Mésvéstell. They are similar to Werewolfs with them being some of the most peaceful mortal races out there, despite their past, and affinity for deadly innovation. They exist in nearly every Mésvéstell Alteration.   They have an average lifespan of about 160 years and are capable of great innovation and moderate supernatural feats.

    Mountain Lords
    Mountain master.jpg
    All agree that Mountain Lord Visitors are mainly from Miand'Més Prime and its Alterations.  

    General Info

    Mountain Lords are considered by some individuals to be the culmination of the Architect's creation when it comes to humanoid races. Whether this is true or not is up for debate.   They are mainly pacifists and can moderately easily combine magic and technology. However, they have during the last couple of millennia stagnated in their technological advancement and affinity.   They exist in every Miand'Més Alteration.

    Pandaren Visitors are mainly from Miand'Més Amur.  

    General Info

    The enigmatic Pandaren are one of the most elusive races in Miand'Més. Hailing from the Island of Bouwou, they are humanoid pandas with a great respect of nature and the mystical energies of the world.   They are mainly pacifists and can moderately easily combine magic and technology, should they wish it. They exist in only two Miand'Més Alterations.
      Common Visitor Equipment
    New Visitor Garb.
    Every Visitor that appears in Old Reminiscence, in front of the Great Archive's gate, are dressed in comfortable white robes that fits the Visitor in question very well.
    Over time, they will resew their garb into something more unique, giving it a different cut and style more fitting of their personality. Many also add accessories to the garb, like rings made out of metal or wood.
    Astral Teleportation Clocks.
    Upon meeting the Archivist for the first time, the Visitors are given peculiar artifacts known as Astral Teleportation Clocks that allow them to revisit certain areas of the Archive instantly. They also function very well outside of the Archive, such as in the City of Concord. So far, they only work with a Visitor's touch and most wear them on their wrists.
    Archive Guide.
    After a short while in the Great Archive, the Visitor might be given a sentient book known as a Archive Guide. It will help give information about the Archive, in regards to the regions and levels and the beings within it.

    After a short time of reading and exploring, Visitors will be approached by the Archivist and be handed a thick, leather-bound tome with empty pages.   Accompanying the Tome is a silver-colored metallic ink pen that never goes dry; it is usually placed at the Tome's spine. The Visitor can in time add accessories to it to give it a unique appearance, in a similar manner to their garb.   It will never run out of empty pages to write on, in the same sense that the pen will never run out of ink. And while its thickness won't change, the written pages will in time disappear and reappear depending if the Visitor needs to read them or not.   The purpose of the Tome is to be used as a notebook and a diary, as well as a sketchbook. Its ability to produce infinite pages also comes in handy at a later stage.

    Book Holster.
    Some time afterward, after some sleeping, the Visitor will awake with a leather belt around their waist. The belt will have a book holster attached to it and the Tome fits in it perfectly.

    Equipment Sack.
    Visitors who have been in the Archive for a great amount of time usually acquire a sack to hold their equipment and mediums of knowledge.

    Visiting Outside
    The City.
    Around 3 out of 10 Visitors travel to places beyond the Great Archive and Old Reminiscence. The most usual location they visit is the City of Concord. After finding it the old fasioned way, Visitors can use their Astral Teleportation Clocks to teleport to and from the city without too many problems.

    Green trading partners.
    In the city, they can trade knowledge only obtainable from the Archive for necessary equipment. The Visitors main trade partners are the city's own native populace; the goblins. They might love shiny objects more than anything else, but they seem to understand the value of knowledge and are more than willing to trade a few books and scrolls in exchange for clothing and other equipment deemed necessary.

    Necessary fabrics.
    One of the most traded types of goods are fabrics of various colors and materials. Visitors will then bring these back to the Archive for proper usage; some will be sewn into their white garb, while others will be used to create additional clothing like mantles and robes.   Other creations will include nightcovers and pillows, as well as hammocks and equipment sacks.   Other Visitors will sometimes find lone fabrics, usually at abandoned Knowledge Camps, which they will take, use and give their own style.

    The Archive Affliction
    Stage 1 — The Visitor.
    Are you sure?
    In stage one (1) the Visitor is affected by a curiosity for knowledge and starts reading whatever they like and finds interesting. Interest in knowledge will steadily grow and it will be harder and harder to put down books and other mediums. At late stage one, books .etc will be wanted to be read in one go by the Visitor. As this goes on, a small itching will begin to be felt over the Visitors body, most prominently over the arms and face.
    Classified Report regarding Stage One of the Archive Affliction.

    The Archivist

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