The Architect's Cats

They look for him.

"They were old, for cats. Bosse was 18 years old and Busan, his adoptive mother, was about 20 years. They were like siblings to me in a way: I had known them since I was three years old. But all things must come to an end and all things considered, they had a long — and good — life. And in the end, they were allowed to enter the eternal sleep painlessly.   ... I wish I could say the same for the younger kittens. They did not get to live long lives, nor entered the eternal sleep painlessly.  
— The Architect, to a quiet listener in a bar.


There are few names which brings the Architect to a saddened mood. Busan, Bosse, Irisis, and Vivis are four of them. Origin and Guardian has even seen him cry more then once when he spoke of them. They were four ordinary cats, special only in the fact to have been in the care of the creator of all things. Special enough that he only speaks of them with those that really matter to him — though from time to time he might confuse alone strangers when speaking of them, though this is only known to him — and more than one Divinity have heard rumors of these cats, but far too vague to make any sense of them. Why would a being of such extraordinary universal power allow something he held dear so, that he would allow them to sleep for all eternity?


"Bosse was a male cat and was the more talkative of the two. At least up until the years began to mount up: then he mostly just slept on his cushion. He also tended to lose a lot of his hair and if one were to hold him, one would be covered in red-orange hairs. When he said hello to someone, he would bump his head on the one in question and also do it if he wanted food. Which, let me tell you, he could eat a lot of. And still, he would be easy as a feather.  
— The Architect, to a quiet listener in a bar.


"Busan was the oldest cat — and pet — I have had. She adopted Bosse and during her lifetime, she had taken care of not only other cats but also several of my dogs and even lambs. She was a mother to all. And had the sharpest claws and the loudest purr: one could hear her on the other side of the some, I tell you. She had been there for me ever since I was — I think — three years old. She was in a lot of sense an animal sibling to me, just as Bosse had been. I would even say she helped raise me, in her cat way. In the end, however, I was suspecting that she might have been in pain, at least while breathing. So in the end, I know that it was good for her to enter the eternal sleep...  
— The Architect, to a quiet listener in a bar.


" Irisis was a fighter, you know. The one who got involved in one or another skirmish over territory or the like. She was mostly an outside cat, only going inside to eat the food I had put forth. And if there wasn't any food available, she would yell — loud and clear — until I gave up and gave her what she wanted. I saw her as the one who looked over her more adventurous sister when she was home that is. In her final days, she had gotten into a bit of territorial dispute with her sister, nothing serious, they only had so much room for themselves. Not like my former place where I stayed. She was only a few years old when she died. And not of natural causes, I can tell you that. Same as her sister...  
— The Architect, to a quiet listener in a bar.


" Vivienne — or just Vivis as I called her — was the most adventurous of the two twin sisters. She could disappear for week, before finally returning home. Oh, was I worried about her. I would peer outside the window and look down on the bench below to see if she was sleeping there each morning during her ... vacations. She was so nice and beautiful. Just like her sister, she was a tortoiseshell cat, you know. Like the coloring I mean. Though unlike her sister, who had a black patch over her right eye, her face was — the eyes and nose I mean — were snow white.   She would sometimes lay on a pillow on my work table, purring softly. Now... those times are gone. She was taken from me just like her sister. Near the same forsaken road, almost in the exact same place. The same friendly fellow found her and brought her to me. The deja vú was uncanny. I was paranoid for days. I hated that road for what it had done. I hated those who drove their carriages on it like maniacs. The road does not exist anymore, I saw to that. And the ones responsible for my kittens' deaths? They are enjoying a fate worse than death.  
— The Architect, to a quiet listener in a bar.

The first spectral cats.

Due to the Architect being what he is, his sorrow can cause unexpected things to occur. Four such things are the first spectral cats, as they are called. (And by extension, the Spectral Cats as well).
These four seemingly normal cats behave like all cats do. Maybe the older ones are a bit sleepier, but nothing else. One of the characteristics that reveal that they are no ordinary cats is their tendency to take on a spectral, light green form that gives of dark, glowing smoke. They can appear anywhere and at any time.
They usually follow Guardian around, but can also appear to look for someone, and both Origin and her brother believe that that someone is their father.

Author Notes

This article was made in memory of my two oldest cats: Busan and Bosse. As well as my youngest cats, Irisis and Vivis. Everything except the first spectral cats and a few bits regarding Vivis, are indeed real. And I truly wish all cats could live as long as a human.
Genetic Descendants
Architect. White Sanctum.


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17 Jan, 2020 18:06

Genie: "you have three wishes."   Me: "I wish all pets lived as long as their owners."   Genie: "Okay you get that one for free. you still have three wishes."

17 Jan, 2020 18:11

I love the pictures up top, and the fact that the creator of the known universe is talking to a random guy in a bar about his emotional problems. Having the people who accidentally killed the cats suffer a fate worse than death seems a bit much though.   This might really drive home a common theme among immortal characters, which is the fact that nothing in this world is permanent except them, and naturally over time they just accumulate a long list of friends who've died. Never seen it done with cats, though.

18 Jan, 2020 09:09

Well... Regarding those who were responsible for the two twin-cats deaths, I was in a highly emotional state when I wrote that. [Vivinne had died about an hour or so prior.] I might change it in the future, I'll see.   Yeah. ^-^ Though due to the nature of the Architect, the cats live on. I wish that could have occurred in real life.   Thanks for the comment ^-^

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