Old Reminiscence

Garden of Lost Memories.

"This out here might not seem that interesting but it is more for decoration than anything else. It is better than seeing the empty Void at the very least.  
— The Archivist, when welcoming a Visitor.

A memory of what once was

"What the Lost Garden once was? Something ... quite different. These times it is nothing more than an old memory of a long-since gone-by world; an ancient forested jungle, and a scorching desert. A high mountain range and a grand canyon. A deep dark ocean, as well as a freezing glacier. It is everything and nothing all at once.  
— The Archivist.
Old reminicience desert.jpg

Infinite and ever changing

"Yes, to someone like you, the Garden would be considered infinite in size. It would take more than three lifetimes to travel all around it, at the very least. And that if you are unhindered in your travels. That some locations within the Garden change from time to time in both appearance and position would not make it easier. And then there are the inhabitants...  
— The Archivist.


"It depends on one's definition, dear Visitor. Certain beings would hardly be considered alive to you, while others would think themselves of being more alive than you; I would recommend that you do not stumble upon them, as they would likely attack you without a moment's notice. And the risk of you being killed by their hands would be oh so high.
Yes, some are similar to you: Those who have wandered deep into the Lost Garden and, sadly, has become Lost. Meeting them would surely be an experience, of that I can assure you.  
— The Archivist.

Odd Statues

"Hm. Yes. I should probably mention the Memory Mirages. They are quite difficult to explain so that you could understand it, but what you need to know is that they are similar in appearance to the ordinary stone statues you will find scattered around in the Garden.
Many will be in pristine condition. Many will not. Some will look human. Most will not. And not all of them like to stand still. Therefore, I would suggest that you do not do something that would agitate them.  
— The Archivist.

Ruins of Old Memories

"What else you could find there? More ruins like the ones you saw scattered around you when you first appeared in front of the Great Archive Gate. Some of them have deep underground complexes or are built so high you cannot see its highest tower.
A handful will appear much larger one the inside than on the outside and vice versa; that is an interesting quirk and most likely caused by the energies of the Void Cavern all of this was built in.  
— The Archivist.
Old reminicience jungle ruins.jpg

Safe Paths

"You would do best in keeping yourself to the already existing pathways to keep yourself out of harm's way. Most of them lead to some very interesting places, as well as some truly dangerous ones; I cannot choose which path those like you choose to take, thus some might lead to an unpleasant experience. And who knows, you might even find the Gate to Concord; it has a habit of not staying in the same location twice. So finding it purposefully would be difficult.  
— The Great Archivist.
Old reminicience forest path.jpg

Void rifts

"Void rifts are dangerous and not always that easy to spot. They are a phenomenon that appears where the fabric of reality is weakened. They are mostly my fault, since the knitting of reality is not my best quality, and I was not as thorough as I could have been.
You may stumble upon them here and there in Old Reminiscence, so be careful where you walk. The safe passages should be stable enough, so keep yourself to them and you should be fine. But if you are unlucky you will find yourself falling into the Void beneath and slowly be changed by it, turning into something ... ugly. Let's just leave it at that.  
— The Archivist.
Possibly infinite.
Alternative Name(s)
The Mirage of Lost Knowledge, The Voidscape of Desolated Knowledge, Sundown Gardens, The World of Sundown
Dimensional plane
Inhabiting Species

A Gate to Concord

It is difficult to find and it does not always appear in the same place twice. It leads to the City of Concord. I have a few books about it if you are interested.  
— The Great Archivist.
the gate to lost knowledge.jpg

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