Audible Musical Magic

"Sometimes, people underestimate the power one voice can have. Those who do not, fear the musical songs it can bring forth.  
— Fallite Carvé, Audiomancer.


Myndsál is the name of an audible branch magic that utilizes Commands and Tunes that carries forth intense physical and metaphysical power. It is capable of altering the Tapestry of Fate more so than most magical branches, as it can change the nature of both organic and inorganic materials.  
— Excerpt from Magical Arts.

Commands and Tunes


Each Command and Tune must carry meaning from one's very soul and be uttered with emotion in order to have an effect. Some alter the physical nature of something, while others imbue them with natural forces, giving the object the ability to cause burns or frostbite upon contact.  
— Excerpt from Mage Professions.


Commands are verbal subbranch of Myndsál that utilize words to bring forth a magical effect. Most do well with just the utterance of one word at a time, while others work better through Singing.   Commands do not require a specific language in order to function, though it has been noted that Commands spoken in the Practitioner's native tongue makes for a better effect. However, it is believed among most that the First Language spoken by the Primordials is the one which Commands should be spoken in. Unfortunately, the only mortals who know that tongue are the Vessels of Origin.  
— Excerpt from Mage Professions.

Battle Commands

Commands can not only be used for industrial purposes, as it is the case with Metallurgists but also for battles and war. The Command must be focused and directed towards at least one target. Short, single word Commands usually carries the intensity of a bullet or a cannon, while Singing can have the same effect as a heavy artillery bombardment.  
— Excerpt from Mage Professions.


Tunes are an audible subbranch of Myndsál that utilizes musical tunes to bring forth a magical effect. It is more versatile than Commands but also more unpredictable and random. If one is not careful, the effects can either be completely opposite of what one intended or they can be deadly and destructive.  
— Excerpt from Mage Professions.

Healing Tunes

It is believed that cats are some of the natural users of Tunes. This is also why it is encouraging for parents to hum songs for their children when they are at a young age.  
— Excerpt from Mage Professions.
"Of course cats can use Myndsál Tunes... Why I am not even surprised. No, I want to hold him a bit more, besides, he enjoys it.  
Varon Dintham, after hearing about cats' connection to Myndsál,
while holding a purring cat.

Interwoven Song

Myndsál is the most effective and powerful when Commands and Tunes are used simultaneously and interwoven. But it also demands the most focus, emotion, and experience. One wrong syllable or tune and what might stand in your place is a deep smothering crater.   This is utilized most frequently as well, especially by Metallurgists, Enchanters, Audiomancers. As well as by Banshees.  
— Excerpt from Mage Professions.


Myndsál is Illuminated Magic and is visible thanks to its various colors, though it depends if it is materialized via Commands, Tunes or Interwoven Song.   Most of the time, magical energy appear in the form of colorful winds or small sparkling lights around the practitioner.
  • Commands fluctuate generally between barely visible and near blinding.
  • Interwoven songs are the most visible; usually, both magical winds and sparkling lights surround the singer, as well as shimmering vibrations, goes through the air.
  • Tunes are the least visible, which is why cats do not appear any different when they purr. From time to time, a sparkling light might hover around them but nothing else.
  • Alternative name(s)
    Words of Power, Enchanting, Commands, Musical Magic, Bardic Magic
    Associated Professions
    Metallurgists, Corporialists, Bloodsingers
    Users of First Language Commands, Formerly
    Lycania Biest.
    Users of First Language Commands, Presently
    Alyssa Steelsun, Cam Nill
    Users of Tunes, Presently
    The Architect's Cats, The Spectral Cats
    Users of Interwoven Song, Presently
    Sam Nilsson
    Metaphysical, Arcane



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