Jac Ekkalis

Jac Ekkalis

"What is it that you look for within those ruins? An answer to a question that needs no answer?  


Jac Ekkalis is a member of the Anvilites' Guild, as well as a member of the Concordian Scholar Society. He is a frequent visitor of the World Ends Inn, at least when he is not out on expeditions in Old Reminiscence, or searching through books in the local library.  
— Inhabitants of World Ends Inn.


The origin of Jac Ekkalis is rather ambiguous, as he rarely speaks of his past.
It is not exactly clear if he is a Cordian or from any of the Prime Worlds, such as Mésvéstell or Miand'Més, or an Alteration.
In the end, he leaves it up to those he meets to decide. He does not exactly care what they think, so long as they keep themselves outside his personal bubble.  
— Inhabitants of World Ends Inn.


Scholar & Researcher

Like quite a few of the Anvilites, Jac is one of the Guild's offical scholars and researchers who daily wander towards Old Reminiscence to explore the ruins there. Sometimes he goes out on expeditions that last for months, and his friends within the Guild always worries that he might not return. Old Reminiscence can be a dangerous place after all.
And when he is not out exploring, he might be found within the Concordian Library, looking through old, thick books.
He is mainly attempting to find an answer as to what Old Reminiscence once was and cross-reference his research with many others within the Concordian Scholar Community. He knows that it is unlikely he will ever uncover the answer, but at least he can help bring them all closer to it to the best of his ability.
This also goes hand in hand with his hobbies, which is just general knowledge absorption regarding the whole of Alézun'Teran.
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.



Jac always carries with him a backpack with books, mostly research material, along with notebooks, drawing paper, and pens. He also always carries with him a map, a food pack, dry extra clothes, a multiversal knife, a signal gun, and a compass.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.



Jac wears a simple sun-paled, beige-colored trench coat over a white wool shirt and black vest with silver buttons. Dark pants, and sturdy walking boots from leather with steel toes. On his head, he wears a simple broad-brimmed hat against the sun.
A more relaxed type of apparel he might wear while at the World Ends Inn, are blue pants and baggy, white shirts that are a few numbers to large.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.


Jac is a young, tall man with a slim build. His hair is of a dark blonde color and cropped short. His eyes, hiding behind a pair of fine glasses, are of a dark grey color that shifts into light brown in certain lights. He also has a light scar on the back of his right hand, but he has no real clue where he got it from.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.


Jac has a curious but slightly introvert personality and will usually keep to himself, though, he won't say no to the company of good friends. Except when he is out on expeditions in Old Reminiscence.
He is easily distracted by things, especially if they are ruins or some sort of knowledge about something old.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.
22 years old.
Age of membership
2 years.
Age of citizenship
Officially 4 years.
Favorable locations
Old Reminiscence
Dislikeable locations
The Sewers of Concord
Current Location
World Ends Inn
Biological Sex
Dark grey.
Dark blonde.
Skin Tone
172 cm.
50 kilograms.


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