Ha'ak Thaal the Isanduran


Ha'ak Thaal is a Battlebred from an Alteration of Miand'Més, as well as a member of the Anvilites' Guild since a few years back. Beyond that, he is also a member of the Isanduran, an influential branchoff-society of the Fate Seers.
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.


Ha'ak Thaal is 162 centimeters tall and has lean, powerful muscles like most of his kind. His skin is jade green, which contrasts nicely with his amber eyes that nearly appear to glow slightly in the dark. He is baldheaded and has raven tattoed at the back of his head, just above the neck.
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.


Ha'ak Thaal is usually dressed in formal Isanduran uniform. A light-blue shirt with golden orange embroidery in the sleeves and collar, underneath a rust-colored jacket with bronze buttons.
He also wears a simple light-blue shoulder mantel that can obscure his entire arm; the Isanduran Emblem is embroidered on its with orange-golden thread. It resembles the delicate hand of Isandura holding a thread of fate between its fingers.
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.


Ha'ak Thaal is usually a very calm and solemn person. He cares very much for his fellow Anvilites and studies his Deck of Fate Card once a week on their behalf. He does, however, have something of a short temper which he claims has not always been the case. That it is a byproduct of his failings in his past. Most of his friends accept this excuse and tries their best to not irritate him too much. Questions about his past and Isanduran society can be especially tricky to ask.
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.


Fate Gazing

Once a week, either during dawn or the eleventh hour, Ha'ak Thaal will meditate in his chambers down at the Inn's Basement with his Deck of Fate Cards placed out in front of him. Behind the Fate Cards he places his heated censer, which fills the room with the smell of mint and vanilla. He then gazes upon the Tapestry of Fate while humming on a calm melody from his childhood.
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.

Bounty Hunting

ike quite a few others at the Inn, Ha'ak has taken up jobs such a bounty hunting when he has the time. He has a special interest in the more dangerous jobs that can be taken and for the most time, he goes all out on them. They are a good way to lose steam, he usually says when asked about it.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.


Fate Cards

One of Ha'ak's more prized possessions are his Deck of Fate Cards. A collection of 50 cards handcrafted by his late Isanduran Master after his apprenticeship was completed. Each tells a different aspect of destiny and together they can produce a metaphysical image worth more than a thousand words.
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.

The Censer

Considerd to be one of the standard pieces of equipment for an Isanduran, the Censer is both a ritualistic tool and a weapon. It can be used to heighten the concentration needed to gaze upon the Tapestry of Fate clearly, as well as become a bludgeoning weapon similar to that of a morning star. Crafted by a master Metallurgist. Bearing physical Commands, they can either become superheated or supercooled, to give them an edge in battle.
Ha'ak has trained with the Censer since early childhood and handles it with impressive mastery.
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.


Ha'ak Thaal the Isanduran

Friend (Important)

Towards Leo the Painter




Leo the Painter

Friend (Important)

Towards Ha'ak Thaal the Isanduran




Current Location
World Ends Inn
Biological Sex
Skin Tone
A shade similar to jade green.
162 centimeters.
95 kilograms.


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