Damion Ravare

The Cyborg

Oneriwien Damion Ravare (a.k.a. Otter)


Damion Ravare is a member of the Anvilites' Guild and a frequent visitor of the World Ends Inn. He also has unusually good relationship with the infamous Phasma Ecto Cult.
A scholar and a Soothsinger, a traumatic incident several years ago left him disabled with cybernetic implants and prosthetics.  
— Inhabitants of World Ends Inn.


Damion originates from an Alteration of Miand'Més, possibly from the same one as Ha'ak Thaal the Isanduran, though so far that is only speculation.
Before he arrived in the City of Concord, Damion has given hints that he was a fairly well-known member of the Oneriwien Society who was invited to several small courts around the western hemisphere, both as a Soothsinger and as a knowledgeable Oneriwien Scholar. It was a most enjoyable time indeed and it went one for quite a few years.
How exactly he ended up in Concord, he does not exactly remember, as he is pretty sure he was flat out drunk when it all occurred. He has acknowledged that it very well could have been through a Teleportation Door, similar to how Apteron Arratay ended up in the City.  
— Inhabitants of World Ends Inn.


Damion is something of an eccentric individual, but nonetheless friendly, especially to those who he considers friends. One common occurrence is that he gets lost in thought to such an extent that he forgets that people are of a similar nature to him, something that might irritate or even anger those he meets. A majority of people, however, give him an understandable glance once they realize his past traumas and how it left him disabled and physically altered.
It is due to the traumatic experiences of his past that he might instinctively lash out towards people who surprises him or touches his prosthetics without his consent. Though, he is quick to forgive those who mean no harm and those who know him know to tread carefully when he is deep in his own thoughts or memories. If they need to get his attention, a simple snap of the fingers in front of his eyes has proven the most harmless way to go.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.



Damion is a tall, slender, and lean-muscled man and is rather handsome by most human standards. His hair is of a chocolate brown tone and his eyes have a light brown shade with sprinkles of ember.
His voice is calm, deep, and for the most part, collected, though often a bit demeaning. It is also quite musical, due to his practice of benevolent Corporialism.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.


However, Damion does stand out in a crowd if he does not wear his usual trenchcoat, and that is due to his advanced cybernetics.
Due to a traumatic experience eight years ago that left him clinically dead for two straight minutes and a portion of his body damaged beyond mere biological and magical repair, Damion Ravare is one of few Miand'Mes Concordians with Advanced Mésvéstellian Cybernetics.
Now, his right arm is completely mechanical and detachable, while his torso and right thigh are made up of both mechanical and biomechanical components. He has realized they are both a curse and a blessing and he has the Phasma Ecto Cult to thank for them.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.


Damion usually dresses in such a way that it hides or at least obscures his cybernetics. The most common apparel he wears is a dark green shirt underneath a light brown vest with copper buttons. Dark pants that are held up with a simple leather belt. Over that he wears a grey trenchcoat. He also wears a simple black glove on his right cyberhand.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.



After Damion became a full-fledged member of the Oneriwien Society, he was given a certain amount of possessions. One was a large tome filled with empty pages. This would be where he would write down his research and his thoughts about his research so that the future generations of the world could understand and take part in his findings.
He always carries it with him in his backpack, ready to take it out and write down research notes. Beyond that, one thing that he sometimes does late at night is writing code phrases in invisible ink on some pages, notes that only members of the Society would know to look for.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.


Ever since he came to Concord, Damion has made it something of a habit of writing about his daily life experiences in his diary before he goes to sleep. It also helped him a lot after he had been given his cybernetics.
Similar to his tome, he has also gone to write some notes in invisible ink, that is for his eyes only, should he lose it to someone of ill intent.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.

Artblock & Paint package

He also owns a simple paint package and an art block which he uses to draw inspirational paintings. Sometimes environmental, and other times portraits.
His most eye-catching ones, however, are the paintings he writes to try and express how he feels emotionally. They are usually rather abstract.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.



Damion is a Corporialist, though he does not speak of it all too often, not unless someone he cares about asks him outright or if it is necessary.
He primarily uses his corporialistic abilities to enhance his own body, and this is something that has become even more important now than before his life-changing event. It is nearly a passive ability of his as it comes into effect whenever he is humming a song or ballad, which he has found himself doing during stressful moments, especially panic attacks.
He also has experience in Soothsinging and Bloodsinging.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.


Antimagical Tech Disorder

Due to Damion's Advanced Mésvéstellian Cybernetics, his magic will sometimes behave oddly, such as having no active effects on neither the physical nor mental.
Other times, though rare, are more severe; his corporialistic abilities will act up and have unintended effects, usually of a deadly offensive sort. This is the reason why he is so careful when it comes to utilizing his magic; anything more complex than humming and he needs to give it most of his concentration. Otherwise, someone's blood veins might rupture.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.



One of Damoin's main activities is to research the ruins of Old Reminiscence, sometimes in the company of Jac Ekkalis, who actually introduced him to the Concordian Scholarly Community. From time to time, he may even accompany Jac on one of his expeditions.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.



One of Damion's favorite past times is to paint paintings in his quarters located in the Basement of World Ends Inn. Some days he will be in such inspirational mood that he won't leave his room except when he needs to eat.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.

Cybernetic Weapons

Even if Damion rarely if ever fights and does his best to stay away from conflicts, his cybernetic arm is equipped with quite the arsenal. He has come to peace with it and would lie if he did not admit that it could have its uses when necessity calls for it.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.

Nano Blade

The Nano Blade is made from an unknown type of synthetic metallic alloy, the blade is rectangle-shaped, with diamond-coated nano-thin edges that can slice through most materials, or at least scratch them. Particularly flesh and bone does not stand a chance against this weapon.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.
robot arm.png
Miand'Més Alteration.
Scholar. | Painter | Soothsinger.
42 years old.
Age of membership
8.5 years.
Age of citizenship
10 years.
Current Location
World Ends Inn
Biological Sex
Hazel colored eyes.
Dark, chocolate brown hair.
Skin Tone
178 centimeters.
Aligned Organization
Anvilites' Guild
Other Affiliations


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