They work with bodies, both dead and alive.


Corporilist is an umbrella term for all individuals who have been trained, and educated, in utilizing Myndsál and it subbranch: Corporialism, the art of manipulating, enhancing and altering organic materials and imbue them with elemental forces. Bodies most often, be they living or dead, bone or flesh. To hurt or to heal.   Among all the subbranches of the Myndsál, Corporilist is among the most feared but simultaneously most sought-after, depending on what type of Corporilist one is talking about. And unfortunately, the malevolent is more common than the benevolent.  
— Excerpt from Mage Professions.

Abstruse Magic

While Myndsál is mainly Illuminated Magic, Corporialism is one of the few subbranches that are more attuned to Abstruse Magic and as such, the Practitioners who utilize it are very difficult to spot with the naked eye unless their magic is highly concentrated and in large amounts.  
— Excerpt from Mage Professions.

Working Materials

Living Bodies

Most Corporialists work with humanoid bodies, with the majority being living specimens. Depending on the individual and their specific profession, different parts of the body might be worked upon.
Bloodsingers focus on lifeblood to make their victims do their bidding, while Flesh Sculptors and Bone Carvers alters the physical properties of their victims. Or perhaps their own bodies, if they have that mindset.
Soothsingers help heal broken bones as well as minds, internal wounds, and stop bleedings, while Healers focus on resealing mortal wounds and curing poisons, and diseases.  
— Excerpt from Mage Professions.

Dead Bodies

And then there are a few who work with corpses and even the most twisted of Flesh Sculptors stay away from these. There is one thing to work with bodies of the living, another one entirely to work on the dead; those who are affiliated with the Great Darkness. These are the Puppetmasters, Corpse Singers and Necromancers.   By utilizing the magic aspect of death, the risk always exists where something that should not exist enters the realm of reality. Some call these forces Demons or Ashyths. Unbeings that might be momentarily dazed by the sweetness of reality to go against the one who attracted it.  
— Excerpt from Mage Professions.
Utilizes Magic
Alternative Names, Negative
Flesh Sculptors, Bone Carvers, Puppetmaster, Necromancer, Blood Singer, Corpse Singer
Alternative Names, Positive
Healer, Soother, Soothsinger, Surgeon, Cat Imitator
Other Associated professions

Interwoven Song

Most Corporialist utilizes Tunes and Interwoven Songs to work with bodies. Commands do work, but they are usually not enough to achieve the desired effect entierly. Tunes are usually used in passive when it is about large groups, while Interwoven Songs are primarily for specific specimens.

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