They will make your blood quivier


Bloodsinger is an umbrella term for Corporialists that specializes in Blood Signing: An art form used to control and manipulate blood, both within and outside bodies.   Bloodsingers are rare and feared: The greater majority of their sort have done terrible, terrible deeds and not always in the name of profit and power. Unfortunately, these individuals are the ones who have made themselves most known to the world and are what a majority assume is the norm. Most of these are known as Blood Boilers, Bloodvein Bursters, Puppeteers and Heartbreakers.  
— Excerpt from Mage Professions.

The quiet singers

For every tenth laud and careless Bloodsinger that captures the spotlight, there exists one who sings quietly and does his best to keep to the shadows. These quiet singers usually go by the nicknames of Enforcers, Crimson Eliminators or Red Interrogators, depending on how they make their livelihood.
Not every society or culture shuns and attempts to kill Blood Singers on sight; a few regard them with high respect and utilize their capabilities, sometimes to find and execute their more unstable brethren.  
— Excerpt from Mage Professions.

Sanguine Chorus

One of THE most infamous and secretive societies of the Blood Singers is known as the Sanguine Chrous. According to rumors, it is also one of the oldest societies in general in Miand'Més. Nobody is sure if they are a Cult who worships one of the Hidden Ones or something of a more pragmatic nature.  
— Excerpt from Mage Professions.

Crimson Eliminator

Crimson Eliminators are believed to be their creation — and this does not include the amateur copycats that takes one the name to instill fear in their enemies and allies — either intently or involuntarily. Some tales speak of a powerful Bloodsinger who attempted to end the Sanguine Chorus but was turned to their cause; someone named the Crimson Eliminator.  
— Excerpt from Mage Professions.
Utilizes Magic
Alternative Names
Sanguine Castigo, Blood Arcanists, Blood Boilers, Bloodvein Bursters, Puppeteers, Heartbreakers.
Sanguine Chorus, Enforcers, Crimson Eliminators, Red Interrogators
Other Associated professions


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Utilization of Blood Singing

  • Inflict great pain.
  • Burst blood veins.
  • Stop or crush hearts.
  • Stop hemorrhaging.
  • Create items out of blood.
  • Manipulate the temperature of blood.
  • Control blood within a person and move them like puppets.

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