Astral Teleportation Clocks

Enigmatic Fast Travel

"Yes Visitor? You wish to know more about this teleportation clock I have given you? Understandable. However, I am afraid I do not have much to say about them.  
— The Great Archivist.
"It is unknown exactly when these types of clocks were created, or who should get the credit for their construction. Many point in the direction of Architect, but all to many tend to forget that He disappeared long before these Artifacts showed up. Besides, I have examined a few of them thoroughly myself and the metaphysical fingerprint does not fully match His.
I find it more likely that they are connected to one of the Concealed Divinities, as some documented witness reports mention an apparition appearing before the clock is fully activated. Though, they have a rather unoriginal description: a figure in a night-black cloak, whose face is obscured by shadows, holding a pristine parchment which quickly crumbles into burning ash. That description alone align with several of the Concealed Ones and their Angels. Whoever it is, no apparition has appeared when I have tested them, though that could be because of any number of reasons.  
— The Great Archivist.
"When a clock is activated, orange glowing circles appear beneath it and the one who interacts with it. When the teleportation is ongoing, the circles change color to a light blue shine. Always have the clock I gave you on you when you use it, or else you won't be affected by it. Though there are a few examples of the Astral Teleportation Clock that does not have this hindrance. When the teleportation process is completed, one will find oneself in another location. One or two clocks have also showed the ability to teleport through time. Intriguing yes, but I do not have enough knowledge to speak of it with confidence. And that is a bit worrying if I say so myself.  
— The Great Archivist.


The Astral Teleportation Clock is usually in the appearance of a handheld lantern. The handle and the gears within it are always golden glowing, while the outside shell is pitch black, and made from nearly indestructible metal. The glass is just as indestructible and has a vague bluish tint to it. There is no obvious way to activate it and one hypothesis is that it activates via a mind command or emotion.  
— Excerpt from Divine Relics.
"You can read a bit more about them in this book I have written. It will also contain information about other Artifacts of Divine nature.  
— The Great Archivist.
Extremely Uncommon.

Item type
Mechanical | Etherical.   Function
Teleportation | Fast Travel.   Connected Divinity
Concealed One. | Unknown.


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