Anvilites' Guild Recruitment Questions

Please leave the answers in a comment or send a dm to my discord or twitter. If you have any questions, I will try to answer them as best as I can there. Also, if you have any thoughts about the questions in general or ideas for improvement, I would love to hear 'em.
Also, if you want examples of what you might get, please check the comments. There, people have given me answers and I have posted their character article there as a response.
"You wish to become a member of the Anvilites' Guild, dear comrade? Our Guild can always use more members. Any particular reason why you would want to join? Maybe because you have heard of our fun adventures? Ah. I see. Quite a few have joined the Guild for similar reasons.   The first thing you need to do to seek membership is to answer the questions on this document. These will help us in the coming interview. Do not worry about it. It is not dangerous. Yes, you can take a table there, and then come back here when you are done. Okey?  
— A member of the Anvilites' Guild.
At the Anvilites' Guild Recruitment Agency.
Guide, Generic
Undertecknare (Organisationer)
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Myndsál Mage | Bard.

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Skadifjorer | Winter Mage.

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Red Witch

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Knapé Witch

Light Witch.jpg

Blood Singer | Corporialist

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19 Jun, 2020 06:15

Origin: The City of Concord, child of a metal-tinkerer and an archivist
Race: Human
Profession: Educator - she mostly works with students who struggle with emotional regulation.
Personality: She would describe herself as quirky and insane, while coworkers who do not work with the same students think she's either insane or a saint. People in the Inn likely note that she never shuts up until she's asleep, and that she's always talking about her job. Or her written world. She finds long silences entertaining, and will lurk around the Inn to make things ... glitter.
Hobbies: She enjoys playing roleplaying games that involve dice, and speculative what-if writing. She also enjoys talking with others about anything and everything as it lets her sit and absorb more knowledge while she's writing or drawing. She's been writing out a fiction world of her own and calls it a very mundane form of magic that doesn't need magic.
Equipment and Apparel: She will be the first person to tell you that her multi-pocket trousers have eleven pockets. Her pockets tend to be filled with pens, pencils, random rocks and flowers her students bring up for her to hold on to before forgetting they wanted her to hold on to it, a communication stone she forgets to leave at work, several notebooks, and a bottle of dark fizzing brown water she swears the Inn serves called "Chief Medic Salt". If she's not wearing her Trousers of Eleven Pockets, she's wearing her Vest of Many Pockets over her usual long sleeve shirt under a shorter sleeved shirt. Around her neck she wears a necklace identifying her as an employee of a nearby education facility. She's always wearing glasses because without them, she can see lovely colorful blurs without details.  
Magic: No magic, she finds writing to be a magic of its own that doesn't use magic.
Companion(s): She doesn't have any small companions who personally follow her around, though she does seem to habitually hide Dragons Who Do Things from her written works who may or may not have been brought into temporary life by another mage.
Disorders: She's not aware of anything more than her own brand of anxiety and depression, and usually treats both by being social or by falling into a long writing streak.
Real Appearance: She's a blond human wearing glasses to aide her steel-blue (or frosty-blue, depending on who's talking) eyes, while standing just under the average height of other human women. She's a right handed writer, who finds her hand covered in pencil graphite when she's drawing. She's often wearing cargo pants or a vest because the number of pockets are very handy for her job.

Lyraine, Consumer of Lore, She/Her, primary project: Corive
19 Jun, 2020 06:17

Favorite place: She tends to lurk around the main gathering halls of the Inn, but can also be found among competitors and event participants.

Lyraine, Consumer of Lore, She/Her, primary project: Corive
19 Jun, 2020 06:20

Name: Lyraine the Teacher

Lyraine, Consumer of Lore, She/Her, primary project: Corive
19 Jun, 2020 08:37

Here you go, have fun and alter whatever you need to.   Name: Gabriel Tavomia AKA Mooncrow   Origin: Mésvéstell   Wanderer of roads and traveller searching for new tales, his home is usually the roadside, he can currently be found in the Concordian Valley or within the City of Concord itself, exactly where depends upon the day. Since he travels looking for tales and lore, he can be found pretty much anywhere within this area   Race: Male Human   Profession: Storyteller, Seeker of Mysteries   Personality: Calm, Father like in his mannerism, this is the view most people see of him. However underneath the calm exterior he fight constantly with his emotions and he finds it hard to connect with people, hence the reasons he became a wander Storyteller since he feel like he is always on the outside looking in. Hobbies: Will often be found playing a flute quietly to himself away from people or reading one of his many books.   Equipment and Apparel: He dresses in loose fitting leggings and tunic of grey soft fabric, over which he often wears a black waist coat, his coat however is long, and myriad of colours woven in to spiral patterns that shift as he moves. Upon his back he carries a large satchel containing many books, and his own personal book of tales. At his waist hangs a simple rapier that is well made but plain and unembellished. He always walks with his staff that is a twisted old black wood affair it's only decoration is a silver pendant that is tied to its midsection.   Companion: An Albino crow named silver, that perches up on his shoulder, he will often feed it treats and can be found talking to it when he thinks no one is looking, the crow seems to understand him. The creature tends to watch everyone with great interest and is unafraid of people.   Disabilities & Disorders Gabriel is emotionally unbalanced; he has learnt to lock his emotions away behind a wall but sometimes they escape his control and he can then become highly emotional and often aggressive. This seldom happen but when it does it is spectacular in nature.   Appearance: Shaved hair due to most of it having gone missing. Pale violet eyes, wide nose. Bearded that is grey and white in streaks, often braided. Slim build though has put weight on in the middle, he has wrinkles around his eyes, and his face can be very expressional face when he is talking. His skin is slightly tanned but not by much, his fingers are long and slim, some would say he has feminine hands. He stands about 5'10" and weighs about 150 lbs.   Sphere: Originally of the Scholar Sphere he would be considered of the Public Sphere as he often pays his way by telling stories in villages and taverns.   Magical Abilities: Gabriel is a latent red witch, he has no knowledge of his childhood and there are large gaps in his memory, however when his emotions break free from his control red wisps appear from his skin and this is usually his warning sign to leave by the fast means available so he can regain control.

19 Jun, 2020 17:27

Name: Pagos   Origin: Unknown Race: Human   Profession: Gatherer of Intelligence   Personality: Outgoing and friendly, but when he gets a few drinks in him can gets a little too outgoing and friendly. Because he interacts with so many people every day, he can pick up on little quirks about people and remembers them (you never know when a piece of information might be worth something later).   Hobbies: Eavesdropping and people watching   Equipment: Changes clothes and hair style constantly based on what is best suited for gathering intel (i.e. expensive clothes for sneakying into upper class parties or construction clothes for listening in on gossip at construction sites)   Companion: No matter his clothing, he will have a bag of some sort to fit his pet Stranmys Weasel, Perry, which has ice magic   Appearance: A younger man, he has platinum, straight hair which he tends to keep longer so he can quickly change his appearance if needed. He is usually clean-shaven. His skin is pale. He is 5' 8" and weighs around 140 lbs; Sphere: I don't know which one would work best with Intel gathering   Magical Ability: Skadifjorer

21 Aug, 2020 05:43

Origin: A traveling artist that resides within the City of Concord, searching out the exotic and rare corners of the City-Plane.
Race: Human, but he is unsure of from which Alteration after so many years of wandering.
Profession: Collector, Painter, and Tavern-Delver.
Personality: The years of wanderlust have had an obvious affect on the man, giving him a bit of a eccentric but friendly personality. He often gets lost and thought and forgets that people, are well, people.
Hobbies: Basically anything artistic, listening to stories, and exploring the unknown.
Equipment: Having long sworn to never wield a weapon, the only thing found on his person is a large tome for his notes, a few artistic supplies, and comfortable traveling clothes. He can often be seen with a pack of sorts if the knows he will be gone long.
Companions: He rarely has companions for long, but he isn't opposed to letting others follow him on his adventures.
Disorders & Disabilities: Though he has never been diagnosed, he may have strong ADHD or other attention-robbing disorders. Nothing wrong with him physically though.
Appearance: Tall, slender, and rather handsome by Human standards. His voice is calm and collected, though often a bit demeaning. If one were to gather up a bunch of men of his similar height, he would not look out of place. He makes sure to keep himself well-kept but more because it makes people feel comfortable around him rather than a personal need.
Sphere: (Not sure I understand this one) Artistic Sphere.
Magical Capabilities: Corporialism, but mainly focused on enhancing his own abilities.

Author of Ravare.
21 Aug, 2020 06:06

Hello Leno! I figured, since it's been like two weeks of me slowly perusing the content of your world, it was high time that I leave a comment here of my own. Fair warning, I'm going to have fun with this and leave a lot open for you. Since this is your world and your creation, I want to mix together the skeleton of a character for you to work out. Sounds more fun than me detailing a character in a world I've only just entered.  

Origin Unknown
Since I've only managed to see a few locations and don't know how everything connects quite yet, I figured it would be more fun for you to come up with something. OR you could leave it unknown. It's up to you, a common theme here.
Race Human
The only race I know about and the one that interests me the most.
Profession Unknown
Since I've not got a profession, unless you chose to count my scholar requirements, I figured I should leave this to you. Either leave it unknown, don't give me one, find something interesting, or base it off of my education. In any case, this is the beginning of where I give general answers for you to fill things in.
Hobbies Learning and recording information
This is based off of the information in professions and my enjoyment of world building. I have a lot of worlds as well, so this fits. I also just generally enjoy learning, so that's what I leave you with. Expand upon it if you wish.
Equipment & Apparal Glasses, a backpack, and a small notebook/collection of colorful pens.
I just listed the objects I have most often. Have some fun adding little twists here and tossing it into the coming mess of a personality I'm going to throw upon you.
Companion My favorite animals are owls and dragons
Do with that what you will. Another amusing snippet for you to twist into a character. I want this to be a fun challenge, so this seems like a fun addition.
  I've moved Personality down here for fun  
  • Introver
  • Curious
  • Distractable
  • Constantly Multitasking

A fun mix of reality and concept I came up with. It's both realistic and slightly over-exaggerated given what base-concept ideas I've come up with. Took a while to decided which words to use.
Mental Disorders Depression, Anxiety, and Anorexia
A fun trifecta that serve to exacerbate one another
Physical Disabilities I don't want to make any up as that seems insensitive.
Real Appearance 172 cm and 50 kg, this character is described to have a generally slim appearance. Hair the striking color of .... dirt. The striking color of dirt, his eyes are said to be such a de-saturated grey they can be called clear. In the wonderfully bland world of peoples, he can be found wearing the oddest of skinny jeans and baggy shirts/hoodies.
Backward order this time!!! This includes slightly altered information for fun. I wasn't sure what to include, but this is my current appearance and the important information regarding it.
Important Note I'm still in the middle of my wonderful teenage years, which is important to know for the description. You can age up/down from my real age, but figured that me being so young would be a fun thing to play with as well.   We're getting into new questions, so these answers are a bit more "spur-of-the-moment" answers.  
Sphere Scholar Sphere
Need I explain more?
Magical Capabilites Unknown
I've read most of those articles and am so torn on what to pick. So, I've made the selfish decision to leave it to you. With the additional information that I provide later and everything else, try and find something fun. :)
Naming Conventions Backward again, for explaining purposes. Like everything else, this is a fun combination of suggestion and idea, but this is basically the name stuff.
Name Jac___
Article Subtitle Worldwalker
Honorific Title The Broken
  Wow. That was fun to write :) I left most of it to you, since it's more fun to write something new. If you want me to fill more things in or discuss, I'm usually available from 3pm to 6am GTM on Discord. Have fun, when you get to it ;)

Give me a visit at my current project(s): Aesontis
22 Aug, 2020 09:57

Name: Dinret Kadwyn   Origin: Aeder, Miand’Més. Arriving in Concord via Gate to chase potential fortune, believing that other Gates could lead to undiscovered treasure.   Race: Aeder Goblin   Profession: Glory-Seeking Adventurer and Globetrotting Antiquarian   Personality: While generally a fun-loving, sociable, and gregarious person, he is prone to the odd bout of narcissistic boasting. Despite this, he is more than capable of taking criticism to heart, if after a short argument.   Hobbies: Gambling (and frequently losing), marvelling at and learning about advances in Magi-Tech, writing and performing ballads about his exploits, anything involving expensive clothes/jewellery.   Equipment/Apparel: In addition to the tan longcoat he enjoys swishing about, he wears a bright crimson kerchief around his neck and sports knee-high, dark boots. His rings and piercings seem to constantly change, and it’s rare to see him wearing the same one twice in one week. He is never seen without at least three daggers (one for stabbing, one for cutting, and one for show) and typically carries a cutlass and a double-barrelled flintlock pistol (which he has a terrible habit of misplacing or forgetting to load). On occasion, he carries an old lute around with him to regale others with his tales of adventure (poorly).   Companion: “A pet? Like a smaller, needier mate without apposable thumbs that I also need to feed? I’ll pass.”   Disorders: While unconfirmed, he likely has a degree of megalomania or plutomania, but he either hides it very well or is simply very fond of wealth and luxury.   Appearance: Coming up on 40, with cheekbones that can cut diamonds, an award-winning grin, and piercing eyes like shining peridots, he is naturally gifted with a charming visage (to the right crowd). Little under 4 feet in height with olive green skin and dark, slicked-back hair. Nails and teeth immaculately clean, it even looks like he has the spare time to pluck his brows.   Sphere: “Listen, you can keep your ‘real’ jobs, just don’t talk my ear off about ‘responsibility’ and ‘financial stability’. The world needs daring pioneers as much as it needs people doing the boring work.”   Magical Capability: “Haven’t got the time for things like that. Who needs it? There’s nothing magic can do that’ll impress me………. probably…… from what I’ve seen…..”

25 Aug, 2020 07:58

Olowan, the wandering scholar   Origin: The Concordian Valley, from deep within a boreal forest. Olo spent almost 15 years wandering south from it before stumbling across Concord.   Species: A battlebred unlike any other, Olo came dressed in a thick layer of furs and skin of a deep jade. His right tusk is broken off, lost in a battle with a snow leopard who now walks at his side, a staunch ally and loyal friend he named Igmu. He stands at just over two meters.   Profession: A living bestiary with a knack for lullabies on his five-stringed viola, Olowan studies the various animals that he comes across and often befriends many of them. The leopard curled at his feet is one such example of his expertise with the animals of the world, although many believe that his skill with animals has a more… magical source.   Personal   Hobbies: Olo is proficient with his five-stringed viola, often besting fiddle players with his lower range and louder output. Also an excellent writer, although his passion is growing and tending massive amounts of gardens and assisting injured animals he finds along his routes in the basement.   Equipment: Olo owns a few, large shawls that he wears in place of shirts. They are generally leather, although he has a few lighter ones for hot weather. All are rain-repellent, and when combined with his wide-brimmed hat, he is well protected against weather of all sorts. He has a few pairs of leather trousers to wear with the shawl, creating an interesting fashion style not seen anywhere else. Alongside this, he has his five-string viola that never seems to need tuning, a bedroll, and a cart that he pulls behind him to carry it all in. His leopard, Igmu, often sleeps in the cart as they travel.   Companion: Igmu the snow leopard. A wily and creative leopard from the far north, Igmu is as lazy as she is fierce. Very known to steal the best meat from the kitchens, and creative enough to get away with it… most of the time. She stands at just over a half-meter tall at the shoulder, and nearly three meters long. She’s got bright, stormy grey eyes and a lazy attitude.   Disabilities: While Olo may hear voices, you will never know about it from him. Igmu is clearly aware that something is going on in Olo’s head that she’s not privy to, but even she doesn’t know quite what goes on in his head. Olo has a mild form of schizophrenia, possibly brought on by such a long stretch of isolation before finding Concord. Olo spends much time alone, patrolling the basement for days at a time before coming back with news and more entries in his Bestiary.   Real Appearance: Olo does not know magic to change his appearance. How he appears is how he is.

31 Aug, 2020 08:37


Mesvestell Alteration
Mesvestell Omikron
A world of magic and marvel, bringing creatures of lore to life.  






Bounty Hunter / Monster Hunter
Sister was killed while in Omikron by a Raw vesen (Oni)  


Red Witch (Warlock)  


Using technology and magic/illusion as a Bounty Hunter to catch my prey and spend the rest of my life trying to balance the scales for my sisters death  




calligraphy and symbols of lore  

Equipment & Apparel:

Black Leather Trench-coat with Red flames of trim
daggers, swords, hidden daggers, lots of daggers, hand crossbow
gadgets, tricks, tech for adapting on the hunt  


Some type of tracking animal but with a cool twist ... a blood wolf, spirit hawk, shadow owl, you choose what would be appropriate  


Driven by grief and self-blame
Prone to impulsive behavior much how the fire burns this way and that
Freedom is valued above law  

Disorder & Disabilities:

Prone to go off track with drink or party, drowning my sorrows and past memory  

Real Appearance:

Uses multiple illusion magic to travel in guise making it easier to pass through certain areas or track his prey
arcane tattoos on forearms laced with sister name and family name forever naming me