Dinret Kadwyn

Dinret Faux'Pash Kadwyn


Dinret Kadwyn is a long-time member of the Anvilites' Guild and a frequent visitor of World Ends Inn, especially during the afternoons.  
— Inhabitants of World Ends Inn.


Dinret became a member sometime around 27 years ago, after having been in Concord proper for about two years. One of the major reasons why he joined was due to the fact that Chimera Valmundi was a Guild Member as well and Aeder Goblins needed to stay close to each other.
While the two old goblins are friends, they sometimes butt heads with each other over seemingly trivial matters. Chimera's seemingly complete lack of fashion sense is one of the major triggers for Dinret.
How he arrived in Concord in the first place, he is not quite sure, though he has come to the conclusion it must have included a Teleportation Door.  
— Inhabitants of World Ends Inn.


When someone mentions Dinret, they will usually say that he is a fun-loving and sociable person, but that he is rather prone to the odd bout of narcissistic boasting, especially when it comes to his so-called adventures and fashion sense and refined nature. Despite what this might make one think, Dinret is more than capable of taking criticism to heart, if after a short argument.
Also, don't you dare speak ill of his close friends or the past achievements of the Aeder Goblins. And do not even think about stealing from him.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.



Impeccable and fashionable goblin. That is what most would use to describe Dinret in short terms. He is told to have an award-winning grin, amplified by his piercing golden-colored eyes and cheekbones so sharp they can cut diamonds.
His skin is of an olive green shade and his short, slicked-back hair is as dark as coal. His nails and teeth are immaculately clean and it even looks like he has the spare time to pluck his brows.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.


Dinret wears a tanned long coat, over a black vest with silver buttons. Under that, he wears a simple white silk shirt. A bright crimson handkerchief is tied around his neck, and he sports knee-high, dark boots with copper buckles. His rings and piercings seem to constantly change and it is fairly rare to see him wearing the same once twice in one week.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.
Listen, I have here three very fine, very sharp daggers o'I bought from the best of Metallurgists in the City. This one, I will use to dispose of you by cutting two of your arteries. And this one here I will use to stab your friend in the heart. This third one? It is just for show. Never heard about the Rule of Three in fashion? Preposterous, I'll tell you! Mercy? Then you should not have stolen my purse, filth! Nobody steals from Dinret!


Dinret is never seen without at least three daggers made from stainless steel along with a cutlass whose polished blade he sometimes uses as a mirror, as well as a double-barrelled pistol he has a bad habit of misplacing or forgetting to load.
From time to time, he carries an old lute around with him and, while by no means a good singer or musician, enjoys offering entertainment in the form of ballads about his adventures and exploits.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.
Listen, you can keep your ‘real’ jobs, just don’t talk my ear off about ‘responsibility’ and ‘financial stability’. The world needs daring pioneers as much as it needs people doing boring work.  
— Dinret Kadwyn.


Glory-Seeking Adventurer | Daring Bounty Hunter.

Dinret's main activity within the Guild is that of a mercenary and bounty hunter. Mostly very deadly and daring jobs that leave his daggers and cutlass bloody and his gun smoking. He would not say no to bruises and cuts either, as that is a sign of good work done up close.
He cares little for the standard jobs where you just patrol a neighborhood unless it is in districts famous for their danger and high amount of filth. Sometimes, people do say that he can be a bit reckless at times, but his heart is in the right place and he has saved many of his friends through quite frankly unbelievable actions.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.

Globetrotting Antiquarian.

If one thing interests Dinret, it is the marvels of Magical Technology. Especially the old and ancient kind. Both something of a hobby and an official activity within the Guild, Dinret researches, collects, and attempts to reverse-engineer old Magical Technology. It has gone rather wonky these last few years, however.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.
"Haven’t got the time for things like that. Who needs it? There’s nothing magic can do that’ll impress me………. probably…… from what I’ve seen…..  
— Dinret Kadwyn.


If there is one thing Dinret enjoys doing, it is gambling. Not that it is often he wins. Despite what he would like to believe he does not have a good poker face, though sometimes he may surprise his opponents.
He also enjoys learning about the advances in Magical Technology, and he usually visits the Concordian Institute of Magical Technological Research and listens to the conferences whenever one is scheduled. Connected to that is the hours he may spend at the Institute's workshop and tinkering with possible magical technology.
Some nights, he also talks about his many misadventures and supposed achievements. Beyond that, anything that has to do with clothes, jewelry, and fashion in general.  
— Inhabitants of the World Ends Inn.
Miand'Més Alteration. Same as Chimera Valmundi.
Globetrotting Antiquarian. | Glory-Seeking Adventurer | Daring Bounty Hunter.
58 years old
Age of membership
27 years.
Age of citizenship
29 years.
Dislikeable locations
The Sewers of Concord.
Current Location
Biological Sex
Golden colored.
Coal black.
Skin Tone
Olive green.
130 centimeters.
48 kilograms.
Aligned Organization


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