A Dangerous Omen

It is a normal night, much like any other for the Garou and fera of Miami. A day filled with the many challenges of both their lives as protectors of Gaea and as regular, ordinary people living ordinary lives.   However, as the sun sets, there is an occurrence which none of them can scarce explain. As each of them prepares to leave their home that evening, the half-spirit, half-human creatures step out of their house only to be met with a pool of blood across their doorstep, too large to leap across and immediately obvious too deep to step gingerly in if they were going to chance such a thing.   It is perfectly still, reflecting the moon with such brilliance that the pool almost seems to have light within itself, casting a light upon each of their faces. Then, as they watch, the pool begins to ripple, and a symbol appears within it, the blood around the symbol draining away to define the shape of the omen.   A sickly, horrid feeling settles in the guts of each of the men and women who see the symbol form in front of them. The feeling that something horrible is about to happen, or that they are witnessing it unfold.   A sickly, horrid feeling settles in the guts of each of the men and women who see the symbol form in front of them. The feeling that something horrible is about to happen, or that they are witnessing it unfold.   Then as soon as it has lingered long enough to burn into their minds, it slips back into the pool of blood.   One would normally think this was strange and suspicious, but move on with their day – and indeed, most who see this strange occurrence have similar thoughts, but suddenly they are racked with the most intense pain they have experienced in a long while, perhaps more than they have in their entire lives. It feels like being tormented with fire, with gold, with silver. They writhe with agony, not even enough wherewithal in their mind to scream.   And then it’s gone… mostly. An itching sensation on their neck makes most put their hand to their neck, and it comes away bloody. Rushing to a mirror, they all see on the left side of their neck is a bloody seal, one that continuously weeps blood and refuses to close or scab over.   Some attempt to cover it with a bandage. Others may be tempted to wear it proudly. Still overs wear high collared shirts or a scarf around their neck. But all are left with the same sickening feeling that something terrible is about to happen.
Deandre scries upon the creator of this omen:
You see a man in a dark room, lit only by candles. There are several human corpses strung from the ceiling, with long incisions that are bleeding slowly into a trough put into place underneath them. The sound of the drip, drip, drip is enough to drive one mad.   As you watch, the man carefully closes the book in front of him, bound in leather and clearly old. Then he takes a brush made of coarse hair and dips it into a cup filled with blood, which you can taste in your tongue as not only iron-y but also has hints of some other plants, and begins to pant. You hear some words said, but they are shallow and indistinct.

The other plants were determined to be mistletoe, monkshood, rye, cloves, and bark from a mountain ash tree; all of which are traditionally poisonous to werewolves.  
The gathered fera and Garou speak to Hummingbird to attempt to determine where the corruption is coming from:  
"Yes yes yes, several places. Several places. The church, yes the Catholic Church. St. John Bosco . Another place, another place, the motel for Vagabonds. Third one, third one, the Dupont  in Downtown. Three places, heavily marked with the Wyrm's taint."   Hummingbird flits around, watching the group that had begin to watch the exchange. Just as many of you are now. Not your fault, no, not your fault. Yet, you must solve this quickly. For as long as you are marked, the weaker you shall become. Social vulnerabilities leading to physical weakness."
  When asked why they were chosen, Hummingbird replied:  
"Weakness can be many things, not only physical, nor are they always bad. Yet weakness they are. [Brinn's] weakness involving [her] child and motherly instincts, the blue one's weakness of not getting along with his community, the new Galliard who currently has no community, the other Get his instability and isolation. Even Revels-in-Battle, fierce a warrior as he is, renowned as he is, suffers from weakness, his protectiveness and desire to be loved. All marked have a weakness, yet not all with a weakness were marked. You are the proverbial outsiders, the ones which can be manipulated by these weaknesses."
The symbol in the blood
The symbol on their necks

Receivers of the Omen

  • Claire Harper
  • Silence
  • Brinn
  • Lou
  • John
  • Adam


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