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Ekhmeni Shirim

The long-standing standard currency for Ekhmenet—once the dominant medium of exchange throughout central Mezia, but has been surpassed by Torithian Federals ever since the Second Ekhmeni-Torithian War—Ekhmeni Shirim are historically and primarily a commodity currency, based on the metals each shirim is minted from.


  Shirim resemble fine rings of silver or elecrum. They are each wide enough in diameter to fit easily over an adult’s thumb, and the edges are printed with the value of the denomination fitted within fine patterning. On new, un-filed shirim, the seam where the original ingot’s ends were sealed together is nigh-imperceptible, but historically it has been not uncommon for that seal to be filed away at, making it more visible without close inspection. This practice is illegal, however, and recent monetary reforms bringing the system closer to a representative currency have made doing so fairly pointless to all but the most desperate. Shirim notes, meanwhile, are a sandy beige in color, but with fine metallic threads woven in the edges. The value each note represents is printed on the right, with the official seal of the Ashurkha Dynasty printed boldly on the left.

Manufacturing process

Shirim are minted in the capital Makhikten. They are first poured into thin, roughly 2-inch-long ingots, then they are pressed into their iconic ring-like shape and stamped by the imperial mark of value.
Shirim notes are printed in Makhikten as well, in similar facilities and using similar processes as Torithian Federals.
Item type
Currency & Deeds
Owning Organization
Silvers: at most 2g; Electrums: at most 1g
1in diameter and 0.25 to 0.5 inches tall, depending on metal and value; notes: 5 x 1.75 in
Raw materials & Components
There are two separate types of shirim—the lower denominations are made of silver, and the higher denominations are made of electrum. Shirim notes, meanwhile, are made primarily of Ekhmeni reed paper and fine linen.

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