A PC’s class affects how NPC’s view the PC, what is expected of them in terms of societal roles.

A PC’s Class is the most important choice a player can make in determining how their PC functions in the game. There are ten core Classes.

At level 1, each class grants the PC two Marks of Power and three class features. Marks of Power are attributes that define how the PCs gain their abilities and what types of traits are available to them. The other features are unique to the class.

At level 6, each Class gains a choice of paths. Paths are a class-specific title further specialize a character. A PC can only choose a single path.

Articles under Classes

Profession | Apr 20, 2021

Experimentalist crafters who create and use consumables.

Profession | Apr 17, 2021

Entertainers, ritualists, and lore keepers who use music and movement as their medium.

Profession | Apr 17, 2021

Expert scout who ventures into unexplored or dangerous areas.

Profession | Apr 17, 2021

Nurturing crafter-artisans who grow their creations.

Profession | Apr 17, 2021

Fierce competitors who represent their people.

Profession | Apr 17, 2021

Practical mystic who works with plants, bodies, and spirits to bring health and harmony to individuals and places.

Profession | Apr 17, 2021

Trained initiates who deal with spirits and the symbolic realm.

Profession | May 10, 2021

Humble practitioners of a strict lifestyle who seek personal transcendence

Profession | Apr 17, 2021

Religious clerics who act as a bridge between people and the gods

Profession | Apr 20, 2021

Speaker-singers who spread news, recount events, and entertain audiences.

Profession | Apr 17, 2021

Practical countryfolk who raise and train animals

Profession | Apr 17, 2021

Generous scholars who build the minds and souls of their students.

Profession | Apr 17, 2021

Gifted crafter who creates and modifies mechanisms in new and surprising ways.

Profession | Apr 17, 2021

Vigilant soldier who protects against attack and keeps the peace.

Profession | Apr 17, 2021

Intuitive mystics who seek out the hidden, darker, or disordered magics.