Berths are PC templates which define the specific role that a PC may have within a ship. Players can adopt one berth at character creation. PCs can have both berths and Archetypes at the same time.

List of Berths

  • Captain makes strategic decisions about the ship's behavior in naval combat and has the deciding vote on what it does.
  • Gunner in charge of the ship's armaments and makes the ship's attacks more effective.
  • Marine effective in hand-to-hand combat and land-based actions; best at boarding other ships to attack them and at defending against enemy boarding actions.
  • Navigator aids in the mobility of a ship and its ability to avoid marine hazards as well as aids in exploration and discovery.
  • Shipwright in charge of the ship's armor and able to improve the integrity of a ship if it's damaged during naval combat or through marine hazards. Also, may improve the speed and maneuverability for ships using mechanical propulsion.
  • Steward responsible for the cargo and the comfort of the crew. Also, may improve the speed and maneuverability for ships using creature or manual based propulsion.
  • Waterborn with an intrinsic affinity for water, they are the best at underwater actions and sensing water-based attributes and hazards.
  • Windborn with an intrinsic affinity for air, they are the best at sensing weather-based or aerial attributes and hazards. Also, may improve sail-based or aerial propulsion.

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