The Ghost Hunt

"Does the candy inside the Ghost represent the souls of the dead?"
— a child to their exasperated parent

The Ghost Hunt is a favored holiday of children and adults alike, across most cultures of the world. The modern tradition, at least in Mewsberg, is seemingly only related to the ancient Festival of Ghosts because of taking place on the same day of the year. This doesn't stop it from being a time-honored tradition that is among one of the most important ones in the city.


For information regarding the original tradition see: Festival of Ghosts

The first recorded instance of the Festival of Ghosts celebration being anywhere near similar to the modern Ghost Hunt was in the mid years of the Unification Era when Humans from Cavelon realized their Orc neighbors who wished to participate in the festival with them could not see the ghosts of their ancestors as Orc spirits pass through a constant cycle of reincarnation. Those humans created the first ghosts in a shape vaguely resembling Orcs and offered those as a stand-in for the ghosts of their ancestors that they were supposed to "hunt" during the day of the festival.

As the years went on and more and more races and species joined together to seek the future, ghosts became more and more common place during the festival with several places switching entirely to seeking them instead of seeking spirits as with the joining of races it became harder and harder for spirits to show up on that specific day due to the Kalamé tradition of buring incense during festivals, instead they gained the ability to visit their living descendants whenever and wherever it was necessary or wanted.

Costumes were originally added to the festival in the very early Unified Era as a misunderstanding of an earlier tradition of "dressing how you wish your ancestors to view you in order to assure they know who you are and are not fooled by someone seeking to harm spirits." tidbit fact

Dressing to be recognized by the spirits of the past was originally a funeral tradition.


The Ghost Hunt itself begins at midday on the "Cooling Day", the day of the year when Day and Night are of equal length but it's getting colder by the day not warmer.

Components and Tools

The most important items one needs for The Ghost Hunt to be successful are:

  • ghosts
  • candy
  • paint
  • flashlight
  • costumes
  • non candy snack options
  • treats that are not food
  • a positive attitude
  • However, there are also a few things that are forbidden from the hunt as well, mostly for the safety of all participants:

  • fireworks
  • iron, steel, and silver in the costumes or ghosts (copper, gold, chrome, and magnesium are all fine but it's preferred that costumes be made of mostly cloth or cloth and foam or plastic).
  • weapons
  • flashing lights in red/blue, bright yellow, or bright white
  • overly spiky costumes
  • pranks (there are other times and other places, such as The Festival of Fools when they are acceptable, this night is not one of them)
  • guardian spiders
  • The use of most magic is forbidden during the actual hunt as it is considered unfair to nonmagical participants, the only two current exceptions in Mewsberg's Ghost Hunt are:

    # Light for seeing better in extremely dark conditions # Water Resist in case it starts raining and one lacks an umbrella  

    Ghosts must be marked according to their contents, not in a way that would ruin the surprise element, but in a way as to alert particpants to possible allergens. Mewsberg accomplishes this by paiting the eyes various colors: red for certain nuts, blue other nuts, green for gluten, yellow for lactose, brown for soy, orange for egg, purple for dyes and perfumes, and pink for coconut or other tropical ingredients.


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