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Welcome to Mewsberg!

Mewsberg is one of the best places to be, stranger! Especially around the season of cooling, or as Mewsbergers like to call it, "The Haunting Season". You're sure to fit right in around here so long as you don't mind cobweb, ghost, and batwing decorations all year long. Pumpkins are also a common sight--and food--all year, as the nearby wild pumpkin pasture is tended by the Gentle Ones, and for that reason they stay ripe all year unlike pumpkins in other parts of the world.

Don't worry too much, Mewsberg is a welcoming place, where people of all races and species are accepted. Based on an ancient tradition, though the validity of the 'ancientness' of the tradition is questioned, if you befriend any of the local Wolf Pack you basically become one of the pack. This is an excellent position to be in, so do try to be nice to them, they have the best restaurants in town!

If you need help moving in, don't be afraid to ask. Some of the townsfolk might look a bit intimidating but everyone around here will do their best to help. Hope you enjoy your stay, and don't be a stranger for too long!