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Drongo Team

A group of highly motivated and intelligent radio operators and students of deception, Drongo Team is a collection of individuals from all over Evergreen Creek, as well as communities far beyond the bounds of the neighborhood.



Around 1000+, although the fluid nature of the group means that the number may deviate below or above the original estimate.


Radio and communications gear, flares, as well as a variety of other equipment depending on the needs of the operation. Inflatable vehicles and structures are a known favorite.


Dependent on individual, although Drongo is rarely ever seen directly involved with combat operations.


Often found within communications vehicles- be they trucks or train cars, at a safe distance from the battlespace.


Drongo Team is a hierarchy-free collective, though different groups may organize from the primary collective into specific 'cells' in order to accomplish missions.   Unlike most other groups, Drongo is comprised of both micros and sympathetic macrofauna.


Communications and deception are Drongo's bread and butter. When not acting as a communications unit keeping the friendly side of the battlespace informed at all times, the group's activities are largely based on deceiving the enemy.   Tactics used include
  • Deployment of fake military assets and structures
  • Fake radio communications
  • Recommendations for camouflage
  • Providing recommendations for tactics- feints, terrain analysis, etc


Training dependent on the individual, though a basic training program exists. Training covers radio operation, basic OPSEC, and a historical study of the use of deception in war.


Logistical Support

Each one of Drongo's 'cells' maintains their own logistical infrastructure. Oftentimes this means everything's piled into one truck or two, or, all carried on foot.   Larger radio base stations may be constructed by individuals, groups, or cities.


No specific requirements, though experience with either deception or radio use, setup, or maintenance is a plus.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Used by

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