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Metropolitan Elliot

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"If we were shrunk tomorrow, what would we do with us?"   It's a question that has captured the imaginations of philosophers, ethicists, artists, writers, and members of the scientific and technological communities for many an eon. While the question itself may lack a single answer, the inhabitants of the sleepy suburban community of Evergreen Creek are eager to find some sort of an answer.   Among the picturesque, fenced-in backyards of this patch of suburbia, communities flourish, wither, or are brutally stomped out, all at the whim of the creatures they share living spaces with. New household residents are a game of chance for well-established settlements. Some act as benevolent benefactors, eager to exchange skills and materiel and forge relationships with their diminutive neighbors. Others see them as one might see a pest infestation, something to be casually destroyed like one crushes a fly or demolishes an anthill.   The inhabitants of the microverse seek to live their lives much like their larger kin. While their circumstances may be different, they are people, just the same.

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