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The Twilight

The Twilight can be reached from almost any point in a Prime Material plane or first layer of any Outer plane by spell, psionic ability, or device. It is described as a barren place of other-dimensional nothingness extending in all directions. What little solid substance that floats in the bright, gray void is typically chunks of matter broken off from their original plane. The Twilight has no gravity but objects do retain their mass so you could throw small items or push off from large objects to move in the weightless environment.
  Time in the Twilight flows at the same rate on a Prime Material plane but the effects of time are slowed almost to a stop―a thousand years in the Astral plane feel like only a day to the traveler. Creatures do not go hungry or age while in the Astral plane. For that reason, its mortal inhabitants would need to return to the Material Plane in order to have children or to reach adulthood.
  Entering the Twilight plane can be accomplished in one of two ways: projecting your astral form into the plane via the astral projection spell, or by physically entering the plane. Astral projection is the safest way to travel but still involved risk because one leaves their physical body behind on the traveler's plane of origin. The astral body would be accompanied by the astral forms of any items and clothing that were magical or radiated a magic aura. While projecting, one's astral self is connected to one's physical body by a silver cord that stretches out behind them for about 10 feet (3 meters), or 1 foot (30 centimeters) depending on the version of the spell, and then becomes invisible and intangible. Very few things can sever this silver cord: a powerful psychic wind or the will of gods. The physical body left behind appears alive but does not require food, water, or air and does not age. It can be moved and was vulnerable to damage and death. If the traveler's physical body is slain, death follows the projection some minutes later. If the astral self is slain, the traveler then returns to their physical body in a coma. Physically entering the Twilight plane requires a spell such as plane shift and brings travelers wholly into the Astral with no silver cord to anchor them to their plane of origin.
  Upon enterin the Twilight, one can see a pool of silver nearby. This portal of swirling mercury liquid always marks the way back to one's home plane of origin.


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