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Avians, or birdfolk, are a species of flightless, bird-likehumanoids which hail from the Perserathak Isles. Though not commonly found in Khair, there are recorded cases of captured Avians being presented to Khairan rulers and nobles as diplomatic gifts. The sapience of Avians is not commonly recognized across all other species, with especially Kasthorn culture and trade heavily relying on the keeping and trading of Avians.
A commonly known myth attributes their flightlessness to a great offense the Avians are said to have committed against the gods. In a western iteration of the tale, they were said to have stolen Yogwen's lyre, and upon finding out she punished them by taking their voices and wings. The Kasthorn version most commonly mentions the Avians as heretics and hysterical doomsayers, whom the Dragon Mother stipped of their flight and intelligence, so that they could not cause any further harm.

Basic Information


Avians have rather lightweight bodies, on average weighing only 20-30 kg at an average height of 1.20 -1.40 meters. Of course these numbers vary by subspecies, with Ciconi being much taller and Sphenis having more mass. Avians all possess beaks and syrinxes, fundamentally diffferentiating their speaking apparatus from many other humanoids. Their extremities end in clawed digits and their bodies are covered in feathers.

Genetics and Reproduction

Avians reproduce sexually via their cloaca. The gestation period usually takes one month. Incubation takes around 2-3 months, depending on subspecies.

Growth Rate & Stages

Upon hatching, an Avian chick will be near featherless and still have its eyes closed. The eyes open and the feathers grow in after few days. A month later, the bird enters its adolescent stage. At the age of 3 chrona, an Avian is considered adult.

Ecology and Habitats

Avians are adaptable and reactive to their environment. Rarely do they stay in one place or rely on only one source of food. They are generally skilled hunters, and few reports claim to have seen rudimentary instances of agricultural sustenance.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Avians are omnivores and opportunists. They occasionally resort to cannibalism, too.
Scientific Name
Bipedes neornithes
30 years
Average Height
1.20 - 1.40 m
Average Weight
20 - 30 kg
Geographic Distribution


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