The Mark VIII-Legacy T.R.A.C.E.R Suit

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The Technologix Reconnaissance And Calibrated Enhancement Recon Suit or simply known as "The T.R.A.C.E.R. Suit," is a flexible power suit program created together by the seven greatest minds of the seven domains, and their founding leader, led by the head of Technocanist Research of Primordial History, Dr. Nekomasu, the suits are designed as some form of countermeasure against non-dimensional cataclysm level threats like Golb or Argalorg and can withstand the bulk of a large scale solar bombardment without risk of endangering the Suit or its wearer, the Suit is also the pinnacle of its own that even rivals the powers of the Magi-Mother or more. Despite being the only last remaining Suit after its predecessor suits were lost in previous scenarios, the Mk VIII-Legacy is worn by the Nexus being, Eliza, in hopes that the Suit will be used to change the tides in a decisive war for the fate of everyone.

Project Founders and Developers:

  • Nekomasu - The Maiden's Gatekeeper, Head of Technocanist Research of Primordial History, founding head of Project Re: Genesis
  • Pavolia Reine - The Mother's Gatekeeper, Assistant Research Partner, Primordial History on Ages
  • Usada Pekora - The Caretaker's Gatekeeper, Research Directive Alpha, Meta-Hybridization Director
  • Tokino Sora - The Watcher's Gatekeeper, Research Directive Zeta, Organic Bioengineering Director
  • Shishiro Botan - The Guardian's Gatekeeper, Inorganic Meta-Engineering Director
  • Kiryu Coco - The Herald's Gatekeeper, Bio-Tech and Meta-Tech Research Director
  • Moona Hoshinova - The Oathkeeper's Gatekeeper, Atomic and Sub-Atomic Research into MagiX Director
  • Hanaka Tosaki - Former Watcher's Gatekeeper, Gatekeeper Director, and Founding Leader of the Gatekeepers


Ever since the beginning of the Diamond age of ██████████████████████████, and the death of several former Gatekeepers to the Primordial beings, several of the younger Gatekeepers led by Dr. Nekomasu started the Technocanist Research and Primordial Research (T.R.A.P.R.) Organization, in the event an event of equal catastrophic levels could happen again. Nekomasu had initiated this program alongside other Gatekeepers and one of the former Gatekeepers for the Watcher's Domain and the founding leader of the Gatekeepers, Hanaka Tosaki; the Suit has long since undergone several previous iterations before the final Suit, the Mark VII, reached Alpha testing phase, but even with reaching this far already, the Suit seems to consume power 100 times faster or more upon activation only and consumes twice as more when maintaining, since then, the Suit has been left in storage until it is needed in the future.   At the beginning of the 5th Age, the Gatekeepers had arrived within the realm of T'Drassiel using Nekomasu's command ship where the Mark VII was stored; it was then stolen by an unknown stranger only dubbed as "Ms. E" to those who knew their true persona, ever since then, knowledge regarding the Suit was lost until several years later, after Menevelon had erased nearly all forms of existence in all of reality, did the Suit resurfaced within a glass containment inside a constructed spacetime chamber located in the Plane of the Almighty, mysteriously upgraded and improved, having become the new Mark VIII-Legacy, protected by the Tailed Beasts and a Fenghuang Down copy of Elesis Branwen herself, waiting for it's rightful wearer to claim it.

Previous Iterations:

There have been several previous iterations of the Suit that had undergone development, with most having ended in several catastrophic disasters:  
  • Mark 1 imploded on itself when a piece of Coil from ███████████████'s ████████ was used to power the Suit up; immediately upon activation, the Coil itself reacted very differently and instead imploded the Suit into itself, compressing it down to the size of a grain of sand. While the Suit itself is deemed a failure, it was never destroyed; the Suit itself is amazingly still intact but compressed down to the size of a grain of sand.
  • Mark 2's failure came with heavy consequences; despite it being the strongest Suit, even stronger than that of the Mark 7, a simple wiring mistake caused the Suit to self-destruct and take the entire Domain Test Site: ████████ with it, along with hundreds of other lives, this was eventually dubbed "The Great Suit-out" of ███████████████
  • Mark 3's failure was coined in its own time as "The greatest failure of all time" (Before the Mark 6), a hazard material absorption module was added into the Suit in the case it could harness hazardous energies as a form of suit generator, implementing a form of "Cleaning Suit" that would allow life to flourish in an already hazardous environment; however, the module itself back-fired, and instead of absorbing hazardous properties, the Suit itself became a nuclear sized hazardous generator, turning the Domain Test Site:███████████ into a Radiated H.Q.
  • Mark 4's failure came to be after Mark 3's failure; in an attempt to instead put someone in said Suit, they underwent the proposal of having a Super Advanced Intelligent, their idea worked, and it sparked the creation of the A.I. callsign "G.S.," or what everyone would come to know as "The Original Gulfan," however, she seemed to have gone much smarter than they had anticipated, learning on her own, questioning everything, until she eventually became mad with knowledge and had gone rogue, Hanaka intercepted her and eliminated her with ████████████████████████, G.S. was destroyed, but not before leaving a small piece of her core into an entity which then bore out several other personalities.
  • Mark 5 was a heavily leveled down suit in an attempt to create a more efficient and safer suit; it retained every aspect of the actual Suit's abilities, but it was never as powerful as it was conceived to be, it was eventually damaged beyond repair when Argalorg arrived in the Watcher's Domain, Glob Grod Gob Grob managed to subvert Argalorg and banish him, the Suit was then repurposed into a much, much more weaker suit that is still stored in Domain Test Site███████████ after the site itself was scrubbed of Mark 2's hazardous effects.
  • Mark 6 was considered the most dangerous failure out of the 6 failed Suit experiments. It used Creationite as a power source for activation and Destructinite for the suit maintenance, the Suit itself did activate, but it immediately caused a nova explosion of unprecedented levels, it destroyed Domain Test Site: ███████████ off the face of existence. Despite the loss of the previous 6's Data and the previous surviving suits, no causalities were reported.
  • Mark 7 (Alternate Timeline ███████████) was a suit from Earth-███████████ that was worn by Eliza Branwen upon arrival in our time, despite the Suit drawing on both her life force and a specialized coil that contained a huge amount of 5 Dimensional Energy from ████████, it seemingly proved up to expectations until after Eliza had lost the Suit during her period of being M.I.A., no trace of the Suit has been found nor has been recovered as of the writing of this entry.
  • Mark 7 (Mark 8-Legacy Upgrade) is the current version of the Suit, upgraded and further improved to the specifications of ████; this Suit is now capable of using the abilities of the previous suits all the while not requiring the insane energy consumption that the Mark 7 faced. This Suit is currently worn by Eliza Branwen after it was secured in a specialized constructed spacetime dimension made by a Fenghuang Down clone of Elesis.


Pre-Mark 8, the Suit seems to be that for a Male, but its micro-mesh fabric is capable of shrinking it down to a female body's figure; the Suit also seems to have several energy lines coursing around it, mainly found in the torso, there also seems to be energy lines on the arms and on the legs. The Suit also seems to be extremely flexible and durable; it also has spandex-like properties that allow for full flexibility; despite that, the Suit itself is extremely durable, thanks to Botan and Tokino's respective contributions to make a specialized type of material designed for the Suit itself.   With the release of the Mark 8-Legacy suit, the aforementioned Suit is now made entirely out of different materials, mainly the micro-mesh fabric, which originally was Vibranix (Vibranium infused with Arcanix energy), is now made entirely out of Alchemite, Sauramite and a specialized material that was given by █████████ after her arrival into our world for the first time, dubbed only as "Myridium" due to it somewhat being scan-shielded entirely, making sure no tech is capable of scanning the Suit. The Suit's physical appearance is now completely different from how Mark 7 used to be as well; rather than a full-body suit, it now resembles that of a battlesuit now and has a pair of wings labeled as "Light Wings." Retaining the flexibility and durability of the Mark 7, Mark 8 is considered the Legacy version of the previous Mark 7 worn by Eliza.

Suit Abilities:

Mark 8-Legacy possesses a plethora of abilities, dating as back as from the first version of the Suit all the way to the latest version, being Mark 7, whilst also having a unique set of abilities to date as well, the insane energy consumption that Mark 7 has, has been resolved entirely as the Suit now independently runs on a special power unique only to itself. How this achievement was done, only █████████ knows.
Ability Ability Description
Core Overload A special battlesuit ability that exponentially enhances all of the Suit's core abilities at its highest; while there's no limit to being able to use this ability, continuous overuse could result in a destructive explosion of epic proportion.
Aspect and Sigil Recall The Battlesuit comes with the ability to automatically draw in the Sigils and the Aspects altogether without the need to draw them in manually. Although the wearer must have access to the Aspects and the Sigils first before they can be used and the knowledge of using them beforehand.
Zeta Blast A matrix overload ability that disintegrates organic material turns inorganic material into a pile of mesh and zeroes out energy protons and neutrons. This ability can also be recalibrated to Controlled (Only specific targets can be affected by the blast wave) and All-out (Target everything in sight). Although this ability can be used repeatedly, it would need a brief period of time (10 seconds) before another overload can be triggered.
Absorption Effect (Physical) Absorbs the blunt of a physical attack directly, vibrating the shock of the attack from the focal origin across the Battlesuit; the user can then disperse it harmlessly or re-vibrate it back to the focal origin, effectively hitting the attacker with a reflected attack of their own attack.   (Magical) Absorbs a magic attack directly, allowing it to course through the Battlesuit; the user then has two choices how to use the absorbed attack, either utilizing it as energy and storing it using Ground Zero or throwing it back at the attacker.
Deathless Touch V2 The Battlesuit has now been cursed with immortality thanks to █████████, the Battlesuit is now nigh immune to the effects of any form of instant-kill attacks from any non-tier 1 Godkiller blades. (Tier 1 being that of Excalibur and Nietono no Eliza II)
Reversed Absorption Thanks to the combined might of Dark Arcanix and Forbidden Technomancies, the Suit can protect its wearer from absorption attacks. In the case, someone or something attempts such a move to siphon energy out of the wearer or Suit, the Suit engages an isolation protocol that isolates the suit power and wearer power into a specialized storage where a smart-function self tricks the Suit it's lost its energy reserves, it then recommends to siphon from the one siphoning your power; the amount and time your attacker siphons is doubled back.
Strength of Seven Generations A Seven-staged transformation and power-up sequence that fully unlocks the user's full potential:  
  1. The first stage triggers the suit's Resurgence and Light Wings: Radiant Halo's Vestige abilities together.
  2. The second stage triggers the Suit's Light Wings: Spears of Triumph and Light Wings: Pride of the House of Branwen together, causing the Light Wings to merge into Nietono no Eliza II, unleashing the weapon's true form, "Shuhadaku of the Timeless Knight."
  3. The third stage enhances the "Force of Will" ability, further increasing the user's ability to transcend past their limits.
  4. The fourth stage unlocks the user's latent abilities through fighting their targets head-on; during this phase, getting hurt or receiving damage will automatically trigger the fifth stage.
  5. The fifth stage further increases the user's stats until they hit the peak of transcendence.
  6. The sixth stage causes Eliza to transcend to the final stage, the Flamewalker becomes the Timeless Knight."
  7. The seventh stage █████████
Light Wings: Radiant Halo's Vestige The Light Wings on the back of the Battlesuit will shine bright across the battlefield; those wounded under the effect of this ability will instantly recover their stamina and power back to full capacity.
Light Wings: Spears of Triumph The Light Wings on the back of the Battlesuit semi-solidify into hardened light that then stretches out to a particular target; whilst this ability can be dodged initially, the hardened light wings will continue to give chase to the aforementioned target until they are caught, although being impaled with the hardened light wings will deal no damage, it serves mostly as to incapacitate targets from moving.
Light Wings: Pride of the House of Branwen The Light Wings merge together to form a single golden spear sword, the "Pride of the House of Branwen," made from pure Myridium; it is capable of cleaving through even the most durable of materials like Alchemite and even pure Cybermite itself.
Quantonium Acceleration Similar to that of the Quantum Particle Tech and augmented from the Coil from ██████, the Battlesuit can now allow its wearer to shrink down as small as a subatomic particle or as massive as reality itself.
Ground Zero Using technology similar to that of the Residual Collectors, this ability can absorb the energy around the user like a sponge and utilize it as extra energy reserves for the Suit that can be used with certain abilities that require specific energy. Certain energy effects like True Efreet's Remnant Flame and the Honkai's Corruption will be ineffective as the energy itself is isolated in a special space that prevents them from causing harm to the user.
Virtual Intelligence - Eliza Eliza gains a special A.I. assistant linked to her and the Suit that can virtually assist her both in combat and out of combat. The Suit A.I. linked to Eliza is only restricted to listening to Eliza herself entirely, although she can override it so that specific people of her choice can command the Suit in her stead.
Resurgence Upon taking fatal damage, user becomes invincible for 3 seconds and regenerates to full power and stamina. It also releases an energy blast that knocks back enemies and deals significant damage to them.
Force of Will Eliza obtains several key traits: Accelerated Healing and Energy regeneration, Exponentially increased Willpower, and an exponential increase in Attributes.
Phase Disruption If the target phases away to avoid damage, the Suit mimics the targets' phasing intensity, hitting them with the attack mid-phasing.


Mark VIII-Legacy has been pre-programmed to only function with the Nexus being, Eliza Branwen. Those who attempt to claim the Suit for themselves from Eliza will find that they are unable to gain control of the Suit, even if someone were to find a loophole. The Suit has been set to smart-detect Eliza on a daily basis to keep tab of her current status.  
"It's amazing what ██████ and ██████████ can pull off; not only did they manage to steal this Suit, but they also managed to get it up and running too? What did ████ tell them exactly?"

"You tell me, I know for a fact ██████ can do many things, but pull a miracle that not even the Gatekeepers could do? That is really something."
— Elesis' Fenghuang Down Clone to █████████ on the Suit after retrieval
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